News: October 2019.

Finding Balance and Love through the Path of the Heart in Uncertain Times

On the day of our Fall Equinox, in the Northern Hemisphere, September 23, our Sun moved from Earthly Virgo to Airy Libra, the astrological sign signified by the balancing of scales. With our Sun in Libra, ruled by the planet Venus, we shift our focus to creating balance in our relationships and our need for healthy connection to self and others. When we think of Venus, may we be reminded of Love, Beauty and Harmony, expanding our hearts to explore deeper levels of self-love, romantic love and divine love. With the Sun in Libra, treatment strategies throughout the month include balancing and grounding! Think Venus/Mars 5th for balancing the Chakras, the appropriate Extraordinary Vessels, the Three Treasures as well as the Huato Jiaji and Baliao.
October Self-Care Affirmations Embrace Fall and the Metal Element

Trees are showing their displays of color in gratitude for the wonderful year. Soon they will release their leaves and go inward. This is one aspect of the energy of Fall, the season of the Metal Element. Just like the trees, the Metal Element is here to encourage us to receive inspiration and release what no longer serves us. Take time every day to acknowledge with appreciation what inspires you and let go of what you no longer need. Create a practice of gratitude and self-care. Be thankful for all you have and filling yourself up will allow you to be in flow with the season of Fall.
Holly Wilson Greene, PhD, Certified Acutonics® Practitioner

Holly Wilson Greene is a force of nature, generous and kind, with a passion to make a difference in the world and a genuine appreciation for Acutonics. I first met Holly at Acutonics Camp several years ago, a student of Katie Mink and Laurie Herron, and an Athletic Trainer for over fifty years, she was demonstrating techniques for taping injuries – I still have and use the tape that she gifted to me.
The Shen and the Zhi—Nurturing the Heart and Kidney Spirits

In our clinical practice we see, in our patients, the results of a pervasive atmosphere of fear, uncertainty, upheaval and negativity, in their daily lives. This inhibits their ability to trust and allow the flow of the universe to provide inspiration for movement beyond the experience of this outer reality.

"I have been an Acutonics Practitioner for 12 years and teacher of this system for ten. Every session, every class is testimony to the profound nature of this work. Over the years, in addition to sound healing sessions, I have incorporated Acutonics into my massage and reflexology practice. I have had the honor to participate in and bear witness to the deep shifts that clients and students experience with these planetary tunings forks, as well as other sound tools. Healing moves on all levels, and the prime "

- Maren Good, MA, LMT, Certified Acutonics Practitioner, Senior Faculty