News: September 2018.

The Latest on Theresa Lee Morris, Senior Faculty

It’s not as though Theresa Lee’s life has changed dramatically since meeting (and then marrying) Will Morris several years ago. But it has changed.
Welcome to September: Tools for Healing the World

Welcome to September! Word of this mostly Virgo month is ingress, which is the movement of a planet from one sign into the next. Ingress derives of the Latin ingressus, to 'go in' or 'enter'. A chart is calculated for the moment of entry into a new sign. There are four taking place in September; they are Chiron, Venus, Mars and the Sun. We look at the ingress as a moment of ritual, contemplation, and possibilities.
William Morris, PhD, DAOM, MSEd, LAc, RH

Will Morris comes to Acutonics from his work at the intersection of medicine, astrology, and music. He has a history of using the astrological chart to select sound frequencies for the healing process, so the Acutonics approach was a perfect fit.
Self-Care for September Embracing the Earth and Metal Elements

We are in Late Summer the Earth Element and moving into Fall the Metal Element. To me, September has always felt like a great time for new beginnings. We have the harvest from late summer, the letting go energies of the Large Intestine and the inspiration of the Lungs. It is time to let go of what no longer serves us and get inspired to create something different in our lives and on Earth. Our bodies are the microcosm of the Earth and how we treat ourselves is how we treat the Earth.
The Greatness of Sedna

Sedna, discovered in November of 2003, is a planetary body whose energy and archetypal qualities have been embraced by astrologers, as a unique entity and by Acutonics as an integral part of our applied methodology.

"With every session we participate in and every class we teach, we access new levels of awareness of the infinite compassion, generosity and expansiveness that is available to us and we increase our capacity to engage in joyful creation of portals to new realities for ourselves and those we serve. "

- Jude and Paul Ponton, Senior Acutonics Faculty