News: August 2018.

The Wu Project Goes to Bolivia

Truly embodying the belief of returning art and spirit to medicine, Alicia Villamarin, Senior Acutonics Faculty and Certified Acutonics Practitioner, and Maria Romero, Acutonics Practitioner and co-founder of the WU Project, announced recently The Wu Project’s next mission to Bolivia.
Auspicious Astrological Moments in August 2018

We begin August 2018 with some fairly intense and complex arrangements. With six major planetary influences (Saturn, Pluto, Mars, Neptune, Chiron, Mercury) in retrograde, and a seventh on the way as Uranus goes retro a week later, an important goal for all will be focus and centering. I really enjoy using Sun/Jupiter tri-tone as a centering and self-empowering frequency on the 3-Treasures (REN 4, REN 17 & DU 20) or just REN 17 as needed.
Practitioner Profile: Patrice Repar, DMA

Patrice teaches music composition and the healing arts at UNM. In 2002 she founded the university’s “Arts-in-Medicine: Healing and the Humanities” program (AIM) which she continues to direct.
Calm and Centered Self-Care Tips

August comes in ruled by the Sun. Many places are hotter than ever before and as this fiery energy builds, feelings of confusion, anxiety and restlessness may be popping up for many people. The end of July brought us the longest eclipse in the 21st century, lasting 1 hour and 43 minutes over Africa, parts of Asia and the Middle East.
Acutonics®: Art and Spirit

From the one came the two, the Yin and the Yang. From the two came the many. This is the Taoist story of creation. The “many” encompasses all the things of the Universe. From the one source, the physical, material reality that we experience through our senses came into being as well as the vibrational, unseen reality that surrounds and infuses us. Source energy is at the core of all things. It is the “things” and what exists in the spaces between the things.
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"I could find nothing to relieve my chronic back pain until I received Acutonics. The sessions give me immediate relief and are long lasting. Recently my Acutonics practitioner began addressing my circulation problem and I am experiencing great improvements. My hands were cold all the time and now are rarely cold. My high blood pressure also went down significantly from this work. The Acutonics sessions for stress relief and grounding are incredibly beneficial. I feel Acutonics can help with a great ma"

- André Cloutier, Santa Fe