News: December 2017.

Elle MacLaren, Certified Acutonics® Practitioner, Santa Fe, NM

Elle MacLaren, as many an Acutonics practitioner before her, originally sought out acupuncture to help her with her issues. Issues in her case being hormonal. Then one day Sylvia Pelcz-Larsen, whom she’d been seeing in Boulder (where Elle had been living at the time), pulled out the tuning forks. “I said, Wait a minute, I’m here for acupuncture,” recalls Elle. “What’re these? What’re you talking about? She ended up using the forks more than the needles.”

On November 22, 2017, we entered the sign of Sagittarius the ninth sign of the zodiac, ruled by Jupiter. The planet is named for the Roman Jupiter or Jove the chief god of the Roman Pantheon, who to the Greeks was known as Zeus. Although there are many names and cross-cultural myths associated with this planetary deity including thunderer, wielder of lightning and supreme commander.
The Stillness of Winter: The Nurturance of Potential

As we approach Winter Solstice it is a time for consolidation of energy. This is a season for rest, reverting to the root, and pulling in and grounding to Earth. Days are shorter and we are called indoors. We can use this time for self-nurturance so that the seed of these activities will sprout upward and outward in the spring.
Ancestral Songlines and Celestial Harmonies by Carmen Cicotti

As we near the end of a yearly cycle, death resounds into birth through the experience of completion and in communion with the World Soul. This time of communion calls for translucent receptivity to the subtle so the light can pass through. Receptive, to be touched and met by the subtle essence of the Axis Mundi; the delicate and exquisite place of intangible substance.

"Every cell in our body is a sound resonator. Every cell lives in a dynamic rhythmic pattern. Each organ has its own cycle and its own pulse. Each and every system has a cycle, rhythm, pattern, and pulse that exist in resonant harmony and sympathy to the cycles of the earth and the heavens. These body systems respond to sound vibration, as do our spiritual, mental, and emotional states of consciousness. "

- Donna Carey, LAc