News: June 2017.

Mercury: The Swiftest Planet

On May 20 we entered into the sign of Gemini ruled by the planet Mercury. The associated element is air and the planet is mutable. Mercury the planet closest to the Sun is a planet of extremes. This small, rocky, innermost planet has a wildly elliptical and eccentric orbit that may well contribute to the planet being associated with the fleet footed messenger of the gods, Hermes or Mercury. The energetic associated with Mercury is one of activation of mind and reason, communication and freedom of choice. The approximate musical note for the silver colored Mercury tuning fork is C Sharp and when combined with Ohm a microtone is created. The Ohm/Mercury Microtone is excellent for getting in between the cracks. This interval definitely creates movement and dissonance; a little goes a long way.
Susan Goldstone and Her Ah-Ha Moments at All Levels of Acutonics®

There is a thread that can be followed in the fabric of one’s life, reflects Susan Goldstone, “As I look back on all of the experiences that have brought me to the place I am today, I see patterns woven into the texture of my life, a life many would consider to be non-traditional.”
Connecting With Our Heart Field

With the approach of summer, the time of the fire element, the energy of our hearts is at its highest potential. What better time to enhance our understanding of and connection to the spirit and field of the heart. It is said that the heart spirit, the shen, is a spark of the fire of heaven that is bestowed on us by the stars when we are born. In the Chinese, Vedic and Hebrew traditions it is known that this spirit resides in the center of the heart. The shen guides the heavenly spark into expression of our purist potential. It is the seat of inspiration, insight, awareness and compassion.
Student Profile: Kay L. Broyles:  Acutonics® Student Intern

Kay L. Broyles has always been interested in healing. As a young child, she was awed by the testimonies of medical missionaries who changed the lives of others in foreign countries. As a young adult, she was fascinated by faith healings of spiritual healers such as Kathryn Kuhlman, Olga Worrall, and Edgar Casey. Kay reflects that her mother always wanted her to be a nurse. However, Kay could not stand the sight of blood and did not pursue nursing. However, her mother’s encouragement to become a nurse did inspire Kay to examine many aspects of health and healing. Kay graduated from college with a degree in psychology which expanded her interest in mind/body medicine.
June Astrological Forecast

Roll on interesting times! Throughout 2017 the opposition of Jupiter and Uranus resonate with sudden or surprising events. For this article, we also look at ‘Mercury in the Heart of the Sun’, a condition called Cazimi which creates a Super-Mercury. Summer solstice takes place on June 21st at 12:31AM. We provide an Acutonics strategy for that day. We then use tuning forks, chimes and gongs to invoke the power of Mercury in a process we call ‘resonant theurgy’, which is the performance of ritual at potent astrological moments. Here, we call upon Mercury the great psychopomp and communicator of the Gods to empower healing, astrological wisdom and business success.

"I have been an Acutonics Practitioner for 12 years and teacher of this system for ten. Every session, every class is testimony to the profound nature of this work. Over the years, in addition to sound healing sessions, I have incorporated Acutonics into my massage and reflexology practice. I have had the honor to participate in and bear witness to the deep shifts that clients and students experience with these planetary tunings forks, as well as other sound tools. Healing moves on all levels, and the prime "

- Maren Good, MA, LMT, Certified Acutonics Practitioner, Senior Faculty