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Aligning With Our New Center

14 Jun, 2021
Aligning With Our New Center

By Jude Ponton, DC, LAc, MAc Senior Licensed Acutonics Teacher and Practitioner

I have just recently returned to my practice after months of my own journey of recovery. As I began seeing clients I noticed that in most of the people I was treating there was a common signature in their fields. What I noticed was a sense of “off centeredness” or misalignment with the central core of their field. Usually when something like this shows up consistently the first thing I do is check to see if I am projecting the pattern. Although I am still working through my own alignment issues, this felt like something more. So, I checked with a few of my friends and colleagues who are practitioners of Acutonics and other kinds of energy-based practices to find out if they had noticed anything similar in their clients. Several said that they had sensed a similar signature in a number of their sessions.

My sense of this pattern is that it is a consequence of the period of chaos, polarity and discord that we have all been experiencing over the past year. We hear people say that they just want to see things get back to “normal.” What seems true is that the normal that we were experiencing is neither possible nor desirable to return to and so we move to a “new normal” which at this point is kind of nebulous. Our center feels a little like a moving target because we are focused on the shifts that are going on outside. I believe that we can assist our clients in locating their true center by introducing frequencies that help to ground and harmonize our central core and connect to our inner being. This allows us to line up with our truest expression of Source.

Balancing the chakras would be very useful to create connection to center. Focus on the Root chakra for stability using Low Ohm Unison. Use Mars and Venus on the Solar Plexus chakra will help our clients reconnect with their sense of self and their personal power. Venus and Jupiter on the Heart chakra expands the heart’s capacity to express love. The energy of Hygiea is especially appropriate because she helps to realize all dimensions of balance for the chakras.

Treating the REN and DU extraordinary vessels activates the Microcosmic Orbit to create coherence of the heavenly and earthly energies in our 3D bodies. This combination will also activate and harmonizes all the chakras. Apply the New Moon 5th interval to open both vessels. On the Ren Mai follow with Sedna/Venus and Low Ohm Octave to expand and root the Yin matrix. On the Du, follow the NM5th with Sedna/Mars and Low Ohm Octave to enhance and ground the Yang matrix. Another approach for treating the Microcosmic Orbit is to follow the NM5th with the Low Hygiea Octave to expand the multidimensional energy of the orbit.

The subtle fields are extremely important in aligning with a new matrix because the field is the “governing agency” of particle reality. Some suggestions for working in the field would include High Mars/Venus, Chiron/Nibiru, Nibiru/Hygiea, Hygiea 4 & 5 (the two highest frequency forks) followed by Ohm/Saturn to stabilize.

As practitioners of frequency transformation, we are in a unique position to aid our clients in the process of aligning to their new center.

Jude Ponton is Senior Licensed Acutonics® faculty member and Certified Acutonics® Practitioner, she is a co-author of Acutonics from Galaxies to Cells, Galaxies to Cells Case Study Companion Guide, and Acutonics for Small Animals. She is in clinical practice at Whispering Dragon in Seattle, WA, she will be opening her teaching schedule and is exploring ways to offer student mentorship, stay tuned for more information or contact her at, 206-706-2836,