Acutonics®: Art and Spirit

Acutonics®: Art and Spirit

By Jude Ponton, DC, MAc, LAc & Paul Ponton, MAc, LAc, Senior Licensed Acutonics Teachers and Certified Acutonics® Practitioners

From the one came the two, the Yin and the Yang. From the two came the many. This is the Taoist story of creation. The “many” encompasses all the things of the Universe.  From the one source, the physical, material reality that we experience through our senses came into being as well as the vibrational, unseen reality that surrounds and infuses us. Source energy is at the core of all things. It is the “things” and what exists in the spaces between the things.

Everything is a unique manifestation of Source energy. Everything in the Universe has within it a connection to the original energy of Source and to everything else that emanated from Source. This describes the holographic nature of the Universe, in which everything is part of the shared frequencies of the cosmos. In Acutonics, we recognize that this interconnectedness, when coherent and harmonious, provides access to health, joy and wellbeing. The cosmic frequencies used in Acutonics are frequencies manifested physically in the planetary bodies. Just as importantly they are the background frequencies found everywhere in this unified field. A central focus in Acutonics is that the heavens, earth and humanity are reflections of and are reflected in one another (as above, so below).

As practitioners of the art of Acutonics, we weave together the musical/mathematical science of intervals, and the potentiality found in the spaces between the note, with the energies of myth and archetype and the alchemy of planetary correspondences. The integration and synthesis of these energies with the unified field helps to create physical, emotional and spiritual balance and harmony.

Emphasis is placed on awareness of the merging of energies of the practitioner, the client and the unified field. This is a powerful co-creative spiritual process that yields healing energy greater than the sum of its parts. We move beyond linear constraints and limitations to higher aspects of intuition, inspiration and oneness of mind, body and spirit.

New science is continuously discovering modern ways of talking about ancient wisdom recognizing that energy and vibration are the essence of existence. The art and spirit celebrated by Acutonics continues to expand these discoveries. The importance of creating altered states of consciousness through sound are being universally acknowledged. Sound is a carrier wave for higher brainwave states that facilitate release of old programs, limitations and conditioning. These higher vibratory states provide stimulation for creating new neural pathways for expanded awareness.

The emphasis placed on the Eight Extraordinary Vessels in Acutonics recognizes the importance of these vessels as our first emanation from Source and combines potent focus and vibration to reunite us with our origins, connect us with the field of infinite possibilities and bring us into resonance with our spiritual destiny.

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"This is a great course with materials not only totally related to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) but also with lots of great information and material which will broaden and further expand the effectiveness of acupuncture"

- Susanna