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A Big Celebration Down Under!

26 May, 2023
A Big Celebration Down Under!

Eeka King, Senior Licensed Acutonics® Faculty, Certified Acutonics® Practitioner

Sixteen students came from all over Australia and congregated in Byron Bay for a 3-day weekend. They didn’t get off easy though, as they had to study all course materials rigorously in the lead up. On Friday they sat for a 2-hour theory exam (not open book). They also had to demonstrate their knowledge and analytical skills through case study analysis, which required them to break down cases and come up with treatment plans. Additionally, students participated in a hands-on point location practical exam to demonstrate their knowledge of points. Saturday the students engaged in a clinic treatment day putting their extensive wisdom and skills into practice with the very fortunate local community. And then the Party began!

On Sunday afternoon we met at a stunning iconic venue in Byron that has a large open outside space underneath massive fig trees and a very cute church hall. We began with a smudge and didge ceremony taking a moment to connect to country and reflect on their personal journey through the Acutonics program. Then they each received their certificates and had the opportunity to share with the group, which included fellow students as well as loved ones who were able to be present for this celebration. After the formal presentation we all shared in a super fun connective experience, a group drumming workshop from a local African percussive teacher. The final celebration included a catered dinner and entertainment from a great African dance music band, Happy Africa. And dance we did!

There was a very special sand rich sense of completion for everyone, and it was especially wonderful for students from all over Australia to have an opportunity fto connect with one another. 

Please join me in congratulating the newly Certified Acutonics® Practitioners in Australia:  Yanina Benavidez, Caitlyn Brightmon, Rebecca Dini, Sara Do, Ruth Donnelly, Amanda Hustler, Candice Lambert, Megumi Matsumura, Meredith Myott, Alissa Nathaniel, Kristina Nott, Jodie Ramona, Jaye Roberts, Tiffany Sassafrass, Tracey Smail, Vanessa Strauss, and Francis Swindells.

An extra special congratulations to Vanessa Strauss for her exceptional work on her Thesis Project. Vanessa completed 6 incredible articles that have been published in the Acutonics Newsletters and on the website over the last couple of years. She put in hundreds of hours, if you haven’t read them already you can find them here,