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Mary Burke-Kelly

1 Feb, 2019
Mary Burke-Kelly may have come to Acutonics a little later in life than most Acutonics teachers (and practitioners), but only five years into her certification, she exudes a kind of “old soul” quality—giving one the feeling that she’s been doing this for decades. A practicing astrologer since 1993, and well versed in sacred geometry and holographic sound, until finding Acutonics she’d never considered herself a healer. But a healer she is. And entirely forthcoming. “I’m a Sagittarius rising,” says Mary, who practices and teaches at Dallas/Fort Worth Acutonics. “If anything, I’m too open.”
Mary Burke-Kelly

As a kid my mom gave us astrological forecast books for Christmas. Later on, Mary practiced and taught professional astrology for 25 years.

A Is For: I joke with my students that everything I’ve ever done starts with an A. Acting, academics, advertising, astrology, Acutonics.

I was born and raised in Easton, Pennsylvania. Went to Penn State University. But I’d gotten into acting and the theater in junior high and high school. That was my hobby and my outlet. I was academically oriented, and a valedictorian of my senior class.

Acting, Thank You: Acting also came into play later in life with my daughters. I knew that the performing arts would be good for them based on their natal 5th house horoscope conditions. They were in theater from age 5. And I’ve also served on the board of various theaters. My oldest daughter is now a middle school theater teacher. Acting, the live theater, gives people a feeling of self-worth. Through theater, and the arts children develop self-worth and self-confidence.

Aquarius: I’m the youngest of four and an Aquarius, which I believe makes me more progressive and just a bit eccentric. Even though my dad was a blue-collar electrician for Bethlehem Steel, he also practiced yoga and read yoga books and he knew about the benefits of Vitamin E long before it appeared in popular literature. He also read the Talmud and he was very interested in other religions and philosophies.

So, my interest in the unique and different partially comes from him as well as my thirst for knowledge. We were all very supported in being unique. My dad also wanted us to all to go to college. My sister is a veterinarian in Pennsylvania. My brother is a teacher in California. And my other sister is in nursing education in Texas.

My mom was a housewife for a long time, but she was also a role model for being different and independent. She was the first in our neighborhood to get a job outside the home. She wasn’t afraid to be a pioneer. She worked as the secretary in our school district administration for Title I, which provides assistance to poor children and their families.

Advertising: I majored in advertising at Penn State. And I met my husband there — we got married at the university chapel. After graduation we moved to Washington, D.C. where I worked in nonprofit advertising and PR for two years. At that time the East was very economically depressed, so my husband and I traveled and settled in Dallas/Fort Worth in 1980 right when they were going through a boom. Dallas was growing exponentially and had a young population,

I worked for Bozell & Jacobs the advertising agency that had accounts like American Airlines, Armour Foods and Mary Kay Cosmetics. I was there for five years as a media planner and media supervisor— planning the media mix for ads on TV, radio and in print. But what I really did was coach others that the agency was on the verge of firing. Even then I was a teacher and mentor. Once I’d mentored them, the agency would have them work on other accounts and I would get a new “endangered’ group.  I left that job at age 29. My Saturn return had arrived and I was feeling the need to make a lifestyle change and start a family.

Astrology: When my oldest daughter was a baby, I took a series of correspondence courses in astrology, with the Wright Institute of Astrological Studies. I also studied with local astrologer, Donna Henson, and served on the board for the North Texas Astrological Society.  It took four years and by this time I had two toddler daughters, but by 1992 I was certified by Professional Astrologers Incorporated in California and Level I Certification by the National Counsel for Geocosmic Research. Over 25 years, I taught Basic Western Natal Astrology at a metaphysical store and our Tarrant County Community College in Fort Worth. I have lectured about career cycles, relocation astrology and pre-natal eclipses in the D/FW area.  Except for an occasional workshop for students, currently I use astrology to help my Acutonics clients understand life challenges. If I explain the impact of a current planetary transit life cycle they are in, it can provide prospective and choice of Acutonics tools for sympathetic resonance.

Allergies: It was in 1999 during my first healing crisis that I was exposed to integrative medicine. I’d been experiencing dizziness and vertigo and the doctors had no idea why or how to treat it. My family DO allergist referred me to NAET—Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique, which applies pressure to your acupuncture sites. That not only worked for allergies for twelve years, for our whole family, but became instrumental in advancing our consciousness when emotions were added to the NAET.  When the practitioner suddenly passed away, the women who took over the business substituted Acutonics tuning forks for the pressure. When I first saw the tuning forks, I thought it was weird, even for me, an Aquarian. But I was just blown away. That was my first experience with Acutonics. And I walked out with such great results.

Acutonics II: In 2011, with a Progressed Moon return, I had a second big healing crisis. I was losing weight, unable to digest food and wasting away. I went to Baylor University Medical Center and they were unable to diagnose my condition…it was idiopathic. This occurred two years after my daughters left home, and I was experiencing an empty nest as well as the death of my father who had been in my care for eight years due to dementia. Because I was losing so much weight and muscle mass my DO family practitioner put me on an IV drip full of nutrients for four days a week to sustain life until we could find a solution.  It was very scary.

The Acutonics practitioner I’d worked with in the past offered to help. A group of three healers worked on me with a combination of Akashic records readings, Reiki, crystals, and Acutonics. Two extraordinary vessels were treated with Acutonics at each session and the crystal chakra work was programmed with new sounds of the forks at each session based on information from records. Reiki was added.

In two weeks I was off the IV drip. During that crisis I came to understand how emotions can cause illness. I’d been a nurturing person—but to other people, not myself. Once I started with Acutonics and these other modalities, I began to release one emotional layer after another. After six months I was almost whole again. But I didn’t know who I was. I had lost my identity and my sense of purpose in life. That’s when someone suggested that I take an Acutonics class.

(Self) Actualization: I took Level I here in Texas. As soon as I was done, I was urged to take Level II with Donna and Ellen. Before I left for the class I received a Mikio Sankey designed Esoteric Acupuncture sacred geometry pattern called “Discern the Whisper.” Four days later I am in New Mexico and Donna introduces this high frequency fork interval—the Ohm with Sun, high frequency Solar 7th. It’s super pushy—it pushes you forward to the next octave. I become overwhelmed, as feelings bubbled up I hide out in the bathroom at Golden Flower where we are taking the class. And I told Donna and Ellen, “I’m not really like this. I’m usually in control!”

Later in practicum, I receive the high frequency tuning fork pattern called Celestial Tuning Fork, where you become a tuning fork to receive and ground messages.

Typically I’m not someone who sees things. But on that table I saw and heard myself facilitating medicine over the years. For my father, for my daughters, for my own crises. The whisper was, “You’ve always been a healer, but now you’ll be a hands-on healer.” I come from a business background. I’d never thought of myself as a healer. I’d never even touched anyone before.

It was a major breakthrough. Don’t ask me how, but even then Donna and Ellen saw that I had teaching ability. Even while I was falling apart. Acutonics helped me in my self-actualization.

AcuFX: Acutonics helps you find your direction in life. It can do that on the physical and the emotional plane. It shifts you and changes the paradigm.

Accessibility: Hurst, where I live and work, is a suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth and the hub for American Airlines. Since I’m near the airport. I get students from Alaska, St. Louis, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Tennessee. Students also come from the large Texas cities of Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and the D/FW metroplex as well as the small towns of Munster, Bonham and Wills Point, spreading Acutonics into the nooks and crannies of our State. It’s easy for people to come here. My vision as a teacher was to be able to offer all levels of Acutonics classes here in Texas. So people could get certified here and not have to travel as far as I had to.

Ambit(ion): In my clinical practice I feel enthusiastic when people leave after their session. They’re shifting things they thought would never change, which makes this work very rewarding. As a teacher, I feel that I am able to facilitate exponential changes, because through our students we reach that many more people, its quantum.

All Or One?: For me, the full harmonic treatment includes the gongs. I’ll open with them. Then I incorporate the tuning forks and hand chimes—I have chimes hanging from my ceiling. And sometimes I’ll use the bowls and if its appropriate I might even use a drum as it helps to break up stagnant patterns and supports grounding.

Addition = Acceleration: I’ve also studied with Paul Hubbard in holographic sound healing, which is an energetic modality. In class I might use the chimes to fill the hologram. It accelerates and makes the holograms more powerful.

I also work with sacred geometry, which I studied with Mikio Sankey. He teaches how to work in a certain order to create sacred geometry in the body. This is another dimension to my work. I use different geometric patterns with the forks — which makes an Extraordinary Vessel treatment even stronger.

Astronomical: Recently I’ve been engaging in nonlinear energetic work where I use sound — to cut energetic chords that bind us — using high frequency tuning forks to cauterize wounds and patterns. It’s been very effective, particulary in the grieving process where it can help you to let go of a deceased relative. This is very new work for me and I feel that its efficacy has a lot to do with the influx of Sedna energy. Sedna was discovered in 2003 and is a very nonlinear energy.

Able, Willing . . .: People are so much more ready for this work then they were in 2014 when I began. When I taught the Sedna class in 2018, people said things like, “This is the energy I’ve been waiting for my whole life”. Sedna represents people who’ve been victimized. But it helps people to shift from feeling like a victim to becoming their own heroes. This whole shift began at the same time as the #MeToo movement.

I have six gongs—and I made sure to have Sedna. People really respond to her energy, it’s an energy that is so needed at this time.

Amusements As Lfe: I love jigsaw puzzles. When I want to escape, I stay up late when it’s Yin time and work on a big puzzle, 1,500 to 2,000 pieces. Working on a puzzle is similar to what I do for clients. I look for their original fracture — Acutonics taught me this — where do that piece of the puzzle fit into the big picture to facilitate making things whole again. A puzzle is a metaphor for life. You can get bogged down but when you stand back, you’re able to see where a piece of the puzzle fits into the whole picture.

Acutonics: Since I started as a student in 2012, there’s been a significant shift in people’s interest and understanding of the therapeutic power of sound vibration. People hadn’t even heard of sound healing. But now so many of my new clients and students find me just by googling sound healing or Acutonics. They are aware of the thereapeutic use of sound and are looking for it. And they know the Acutonics name. Another Sedna influence . . . she corresponds to sound healing, the ear and the kidney.

Mary teaches all levels of Acutonics as Senior Faculty. Her upcoming classes are: Acutonics Level II: March 8-10, 2019, One Day Acutonics Intro for Personal and Family Care: April 13, 2019, and Acutonics Level I: April 26-28, 2019.  Website/contact for details and registration.; email: or call 817-918-3939