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Eeka King’s Journey with Acutonics®: Faculty Profile

1 Sep, 2019
Eeka King is an experienced acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner, nationally licensed (in Australia) with AHPRA and a member of AACMA. She has completed extensive training in astrology and has been a seeker of spiritual and esoteric wisdom since her teens. In clinical practice for more than fifteen years, she sees clients at Bayside Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Clinic, Brunswick Heads (near Byron Bay), Australia and also offers Acutonics sessions from her private studio space. As a senior licensed Acutonics faculty member for the past six years, Eeka offers the full Acutonics curriculum. Many of her students are near completion of the full certification program, and she will be starting new groups through certification this fall. Her upcoming classes can be found below.
Eeka King’s Journey with Acutonics®: Faculty Profile

"From the moment I first experienced the healing sound vibrations from the Acutonics® tuning forks, I instantly fell in love and experienced an innate knowing that Acutonics was going to become a major part of my life. This healing system combines and integrates all the sacred sciences and all the healing modality's I have worked with into One. The clinical results and powerful effects I have witnessed are profound and I really do believe that Sound and its integration with Eastern healing philosophies will be the medicine of the future. Since becoming a licensed teacher of this incredible modality, I am on an inspired mission to awaken many souls to the gifts of this harmonic medicine.” – Eeka King

Eeka provided this update about her experiences with Acutonics.

It has been 6 years since I taught my first Acutonics class, what a journey it has been! Acutonics has greatly changed my life while at the same time becoming a central guiding force, around which everything now rotates, as my path continues to unfold.

As I reflect back in this moment at the original inception of Acutonics into my life I feel deep awe at how my original visions birthed, flowered and continues to take shape. In my very first experience of the planetary tuning forks on my body I saw myself teaching Acutonics. Up until that point I was not even aware that it existed. As a healer, it had also never entered my consciousness that I would become a teacher. However, the universe definitely had other plans for me. From this initial experience with Acutonics the world seemed to light up and I had no choice but to follow the synchronicities.

Acutonics for me was like stepping into a pot of Gold at the end of a rainbow. All of the colours represent my areas of passion in life; Chinese Medicine, Astrology, Sound etc and then all of a sudden as I walked along the rainbow, they all merge their individual sounds, signatures and colours into One golden high frequency blend! Ah bless this golden light that now weaves into everything I do; it is a part of me.

The calling to spread and teach this medicine was strong. Embarking in new territory in vestal terrain, my teaching career and Acutonics Australia began. The gift of this medicine has really helped me along the way. As often is the case when beginning anything new or previously unchartered, fears or obstacles can emerge from deep within. The universe responds with challenges along the path, only to lovingly encourage our greater growth. How good is it that we can use our tuning forks to dispel fear, break old patterns, remove blockages, build energy and connect with source! Over the years I transitioned from being quite nervous at the thought of public speaking to actually falling in love with teaching just as much as I have with Acutonics. I believe it’s because the two are blended together.

As well as teaching handfuls of classes every year, I birthed my 3rd child (Kaelum) 2 years ago. I call him my Acutonics baby. My older two children (11 & 9) love the tuning forks (they never want needles), but Kaelum has a special affinity for the medicine as he received the vibrations in the womb regularly and attended sound baths and Acutonics classes with me up until 6 months pregnant! He is nearly proficient now at performing a gong and Tibetan bowl session J. It is so exciting to think about these younger children growing up with sound medicine. My oldest boy Jeshua (11) knows what planet each fork is and has a fascination with all the Planetary myths (especially Greek Gods).

It has been so great that I have been able to stay stationary for my family and teach. I am very lucky to live near Byron Bay, Australia, a significantly beautiful place in nature that very much resonates with this work. I hire gorgeous holiday houses close to the beach for the trainings, creating a destination training experience so that people travelling from afar have somewhere affordable and convenient to stay. So far, I have taught students from New Zealand, Japan and Hawaii as well as people from all over Australia.

It is so exciting to be at a point now to see the Acutonics community in Australia really growing and flourishing. Last year I had my first group finish the program (besides thesis) and at the end of this year I will be taking another group through to the end levels. There are many people at all different stages in the program from varied backgrounds such as massage therapists, acupuncturists, music therapists, counsellors, astrologers, energy healers and sound healers who now integrate Acutonics into their practice or offer it as their sole modality. Many have also come to learn some basics so that they can treat themselves, family or their pets. As Acutonics continues to thrive and spread in Australia, I hope you will consider joining me at a future Acutonics training.

Eeka King can be contacted at,
Phone: 61 0439382114