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Carol Kerley-Rimmer - Acutonics® Profile

27 Oct, 2023
Carol Kerley-Rimmer, in a synchronistic pairing, learned about Acutonics® playing golf in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico with Donna and Ellen. Already interested in sound-based therapeutics Carol was surprised to learn of the work we do and engaged enough to commit to travel to New Mexico to take a Level I & II In May of 2019, here at the Mothership. She went on to complete all of her studies with Theresa Lee Morris and Will Morris in Canada. Theresa recommended Carol for Acutonics teacher training, which she completed in May of 2023.
Carol Kerley-Rimmer - Acutonics® Profile

Theresa Lee Morris commented, “I noticed Carol's passion for Acutonics and her commitment to working with the tuning forks immediately. She pays attention to detail and creates thoughtful intelligent approaches to treatment planning. I really enjoyed having Carol in our classes and I am excited about her journey ahead as an Acutonics teacher”.

Carol was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario Canada. She went to university in Alberta where she studied foods and nutrition. After completing her studies, she worked as a dietitian here for some years before moving back to Ontario. Carol and her husband Dane currently live in Bobcaygeon a small community just north of Toronto in what is considered cottage country. There are numerous lakes here and it is a popular tourist area in the summer. Carol has one daughter and two granddaughters.

Carol is a force of nature, creative, passionate an active. “I’m an avid golfer, a textile artist working with leaves of plants to create eco printed cloth. I also enjoy art quilting, sewing, and I do my best to keep active”.

Growing up she was always interested in athletics and reflects that she had some great opportunities. “I was an only child so that gave me some privileges. I went to many NHL hockey games and learned to play golf at my parent’s club. I played there throughout my high school years before I went away to university”.

Carol’s educational path led her to receive a Bachelor of Science in foods and nutrition and she completed a dietetic internship and became a professional dietician. “I worked in this field for many years in both administrative and therapeutic areas in an auxiliary hospital, and as a regional consulting dietitian as well.

I moved on to work in the provincial and federal government in food industry consulting and international trade work. At the later end of my professional career, I did work for major food companies in regulatory affairs and nutrition and went on to have my own consulting business”.

Drawn to look for something new in her work life balance, she began to take classes and completed the exams for reflexology, aromatherapy, Swedish and hot stone massage, while still working full time. I did this type of work on the side from my home. I then studied the full esthetics program at a community college and trained to do facials, nails etc. Once I completed my studies, I retired from full time work and did some consulting to food companies and some spa work as well”.

Carol’s interest in sound-based therapeutics and eventually Acutonics evolved from her desire to continually learn new modalities of healing. She reflects that the initial prompt to learn more was from a lecture.

“I listened to a lecture on healing is voltage and then had a session with biofield tuning. I purchased a set of tuning forks for this method and read the book. Shortly after, we went on vacation to Mexico and played golf with two ladies at the resort near where we were staying. It was this experience that led me to Acutonics. Golf is generally played in foursomes. At the end of our round the women we were playing with suggested we schedule more tee times. Ellen gave me her business card, with the Acutonics logo. I immediately noted the tuning fork. I told them I had just bought tuning forks. This was such an unusual occurrence to play golf with someone who knew about tuning fork treatments.

My husband was scheduled for shoulder replacement surgery on our return to Canada, so I inquired about Acutonics forks, how to use them etc. After talking with Donna and Ellen, I asked them to send me what I needed, along with the book marked with notes on the forks and points to use to help my husband, which they did.

After several rounds of golf, they also suggested I come to the Mothership in New Mexico and take Acutonics Level I & II. We drove all that way and I learned how to use the forks and what Acutonics was all about. I was genuinely drawn to learn this work and it rekindled my interest in treatments for my family and clients”.

Carol goes on to state that her initial interest was spurred by the non-invasive nature of Acutonics. “This modality delivers a gentle yet powerful, non-invasive sound treatment. In learning this method, which took me 4 years to complete, I was very drawn to use sound tools to assist people to create balance and harmony in their life. It also integrates beautifully into the other modalities I practices such as aromatherapy, facials, reflexology, and massage”.

Carol currently has a home-based business, Healing with Resonance, and also presents at women’s retreats offering relaxation treatments with Acutonics, a few times per year.

“I have a gong and many other sound tools that I add to my Acutonics treatments, this sound layering is so appreciated by clients and aids them in relaxing. Living in a small town it can be challenging to gain acceptance to new things, but once I get the forks on people there is a very positive response”.

Carol has completed her training to become an Acutonics Level I & II Teacher and she will be offering classes this Spring. You can learn more about her upcoming schedule at here new website, accepted as a certified teacher for Acutonics and am looking forward to sharing this knowledge. I created a website for this business called Ontario Acutonics School of Sound Therapies, or for more information about upcoming events and classes email Carol at