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Acutonics® Profile - Kenneth Glowacki, DACM, LAc

17 Dec, 2022
In November of 2005, Ken Glowacki and Sande McDaniel were neighbors in Chicago. They both attended an Acutonics Level I Class taught by Frances Dachlet and Biz Huiris. Now 17 years later they are both still very much involved with Acutonics. Ken, as a teacher and practitioner and Sande as an integral member of our team. A recent email from Ken, expressing his gratitude for Acutonics, prompted me to think about the many ways that people come to Acutonics and the significant impact it has on people’s lives and work. Below I share Ken’s message of gratitude and more about his life and work.
Acutonics® Profile - Kenneth Glowacki, DACM, LAc

I have been teaching students at the National University of Natural Medicine and previously at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Over the years, I have shared my love of using Acutonics tuning forks. Currently, I teach a sound resonance class each year at NUNM. I always have students who are inspired by sound therapy and want to use it in their practice when they graduate. We also have a set of Acutonics tuning forks for use in our campus clinic. I as well as several other supervisors make regular use of them with patients. I am grateful for having learned to use these magnificent tools and for sharing them with students.

I am grateful for our planet, Earth. I love how we begin with using our Ohm, our home signal, to begin our work. I am grateful for the energizing quality of the Earth Day. I call the Zodiac our chisel or jackhammer depending on whether I am using the mid or lower octave fork. I am grateful for our moon, the Full Moon and the New Moon, which gently nudges us onwards and nourishes us. I am so grateful for the Sun that shines into my heart and illuminates my brain. I am grateful for our companion planets, which provide ways for healing each of our organs.  I am grateful for Chiron which helps us to renew into new paths of service. I am grateful for Sedna who teaches us that our planet needs our help and attention. She may have come to an unjust outcome, but she is renewed and gives life. I practice shamanic healing with patients and Sedna can help with dismemberment which really is a way for the spiritual world to help us reassemble in a more peaceful and supportive manner. I am grateful for Hygiea who helps to fill in all the cracks and smooth out our life journey. I have been intrigued and delighted by Hygiea and have been using it with Sedna in practice. I am grateful for the Fibonacci forks and how I can weave back a patient’s matrix. I am grateful for our other etheric asteroids, Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres. They delight with their auric cleansing and protection. I am grateful for Nibiru as I investigate this mysterious planet along the spine.

I use all of the Acutonics tuning forks with my gongs, singing bowls, tank drums, drums and rattles with patients. From my spirit guides, they clearly belong in my practice particularly in shamanic healing. Students are grateful and excited to use tuning forks in clinic along with acupuncture treatments and to see how they can seamlessly be integrated into treatment.

I am grateful for you, Donna, Ellen, and Sande, for the work you have done and what you have shared with us all.

Abundant blessings to you!
Ken Glowacki

Born in New York, Ken spent his teenage years in San Diego, studied abroad in Belgium and France, lived in Chicago, and is now living in Portland, Oregon with his husband Javier. They have been together for 25 years, and have a dog named Roman.

As a young adult Ken was very interested in the natural world and spirituality. “Looking back, I see that I could enter into the experience of multidimensionality. I did not understand it at the time, but I could enter into that magical “space in-between. I feel like I am ‘outing’ myself, but this has always been true”, reflects Ken. 

Ken’s diverse educational background includes, Education, Chinese Medicine, foreign languages, French and German and Economics. He graduated from Pacific College in San Diego, with a DACM degree. He also has a Master of Education, from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. He has been an instructor at community colleges, where he taught English as a Second Language.

Ken states, “I started studying Chinese medicine to get out of teaching. And I am still teaching. Why?  Because that is where my heart is.”

And his heart has been fully engaged in teaching since 2002. He taught acupuncture and Chinese herbology at Pacific College in Chicago and has been an Instructor at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, and full-time faculty at the National University of Natural Medicine, Portland, OR. In addition to teaching, he has been working as an Acupuncturist since 2002

His interest in Acutonics comes from a love of sound and sound therapy.

I found out about Acutonics while I was in Chicago, first introduced by an acupuncturist. However, I was Sande’s neighbor. We both lived on the third floor. When we started talking, we found out that we both had a love for Acutonics and Chinese medicine.

I feel so connected to each frequency, what each one represents in our solar system and how this is reflected in our lives. Patients are so receptive to this work.

Ken states that his clinical integration of sound therapy began with Acutonics and expanded to include gongs and singing bowls. “I attended my first sound bath and fell in love with the Paiste Earth Ohm gong. Since then, sound therapy is a major part of my clinical practice. Today, I use both the Paiste Earth Ohm and Chiron gongs in my sound baths and in clinical practice.”

Ken has been a long-time student of Jeffrey Yuen and is also associated with the Alma Buti School of Sound Therapy in Boulder, CO. “I have traveled with them to Nepal to experience the culture and spiritual aspects of their approach to sound therapy. Suren Shrestha is the founder and lead teacher at this school. Currently, I teach sound resonance classes to students at the National University of Natural Medicine. Students bring in various sound therapy instruments into the campus clinic.”

I find that all of the sound therapy instruments I use work seamlessly together. I produce a sound bath for patients along with acupuncture and bodywork.

Writing about his work with sound, Ken states: “I use Acutonics with my shamanic practice. I find that I receive clear instructions of which frequencies to use while connecting to their representative planetary bodies. The universal themes translate into healing for the 3 Treasures, Shen, Qi, Jing.

A curious, continuous learner, Ken continues to challenge himself. “I am training with Facial Counterstrain. The central principle is working lymphatic drainage and interstitial inflammatory stasis. I find some very interesting correspondences with acupuncture and Acutonics. This approach uses a technique that decompresses fascial tissue and drains interstitial inflammation. I can observe how Acutonics can work also in this system. I am always curious about everything and in all directions.”

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