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A Conversation with Jill Keene Certified Acutonics® Practitioner

25 Jun, 2020
Jill Keene our most recently Certified Acutonics® Practitioner began her Acutonics studies with Katie Mink and Laurie Herron in June of 2014, and throughout that year she quickly followed with Level II, III and IV, completing all course work and electives in 2019. I had the pleasure of meeting Jill many years ago at Acutonics Camp in Mt. Shasta and her passion for this work and desire to serve the greater community in any way she could was remarkable. Laurie Herron beautifully articulates my experience of Jill with these words: “I have found Jill to be a deep well that others may draw upon. She shares herself freely with us and our community. Her passion for learning and healing is only surpassed by her desire to be of service. To me she is “Golden”.
A Conversation with Jill Keene Certified Acutonics® Practitioner

Jill was born in Alameda California and spent 12 years in Catholic school which she states taught her the value of teamwork and getting away with things as much as possible. She spent summers and winters in western Montana with her Mom’s family. Jill reflects, “This time taught me about nature and life in general; I come from a highly intuitive family”.

Jill played three HS sports and attended UC San Diego for 5 glorious years where she played two college sports and double majored in English Lit and Writing/Journalism, minoring in a couple other things. “I Played fast pitch softball at Majors level out of college on traveling teams until I ran full speed into a fence. After rehab for back surgery I realized that I could still swing a golf club (and get out of a chair by myself) and have spent my sports life since in love with golf – and grateful I can still play it”.

With professional sports left behind her work life progresses from being a paralegal to doing risk management, and medical malpractice, to working for Visa doing risk management, to managing export operations for Cisco systems where still works today. “Balancing Corporate life and then Acutonics taught me how to balance opposites (almost killed me at first, but that is a much longer story)”.

Jill Blames Katie Mink For Getting Her Into Acutonics

 “Katie Mink forced me to take level One Acutonics and the first time I had forks in my hand it both terrified and elated me. Terrified because I had never touched another body like this before – no bodyworker skills. Elated because here came a philosophy and a system that just made so much sense and it gave my intuitive skills a chance to develop – not where they were just nice to have, but a necessity. I also fell in love with Chinese Medicine. I had never pursued anything in my life that let me use every tool in my box from an emotional intellectual and spiritual aspect simultaneously and I was hooked, am hooked – and like golf – there is always more to learn more ways to get better, it is different every day.”

When asked how the study of Acutonics shifted her life and work, Jill states: “Acutonics, working with Katie and Laurie has pretty much changed the way I think about everything. This has been reinforced by everyone I have met or been taught by in the community. I feel differently about the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of everyday life; it is a tangible connection to the divine. Being in this practice as they trained me at West Coast Acutonics has made me a better human being. As I wind out of corporate life and wind up whatever my practice will become over the next few years – I am not retiring just moving to where I am supposed to be”.

Katie Mink wrote this about Jill. “Jill Keene, a truly Gemini woman- ideas, ideas, ideas! Jill is a person I would want on a team of any kind: Advisory, strategic planning, emotional support, athletic . . . . she embodies the concept of team player, yet she will always rise to become team leader because of her integrity and vision. She has the ability to bring out the best in people with her keen insight (pun intended!) and her highly refined perceptions of energetic patterns in people, places and things. She calls me “Boss, a title I feel honored to have”.

When asked about her specific approach to Acutonics, Jill states: “I am approaching it as an intuitive without prior disciplines – so Acutonics is the foundation of my energy practice and the rest I am learning is layered upon that. I am a Katie Mink/Laurie Herron hybrid – and have had the privilege to TA at many of their classes”.

In addition to Acutonics Jill incorporates other integrative modalities and approaches such as Reiki, Korean Hand Therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, TAGA Stipers, stones, PEMFs, Chakras, other healing maps besides the meridians. She finds people to be curious about her work and generally surprised by the experience as it is often the first time that they have experienced the therapeutic use of sound. In addition to tuning forks Jill incorporates the use of singing bowls and bells and has begun to work with gem tips.

“I have been using the clear quartz tips, and the blue topaz on forks and looking at more tips. I have also used meridian oils. I find that opening and closing with bells and bowls is a beautiful thing. I use forks in bowls quite often to combine the treating properties of forks with the bowls, I feel that bells seal treatments especially off body and with the 8 extraordinariness. For physical pain I often layer the forks into stipers for clients to wear home.”

When asked about her life beyond Acutonics, and what’s next for her, Jill said: “I am married to my partner of soon 20 years and hanging with her whenever possible is still fun. I am a golf nut; I also read and write when I can. I am working through the last years of corporate life – building in more time over the next few years to increase practice and learning time.

When asked if there is anything else she would like us to know about her Jill reflects: “I have worked in the corporate world at various levels with many responsibilities and a lot of pressure for global projects for 30 years. In all that time, the best accomplishment I have ever had is being a damn good boss – taking care of my people.

Now I get to move to really helping people – everyday – without the interdimensional beings that tend to fuel corporations. How fun is that???

Acutonics is the first thing I have ever done in my life where there is nothing but what is true. What a joy this all is. I am so blessed.”

We are blessed to have Jill as an integral member of the Acutonics Community. Please join with Katie, Laurie, Donna and I as we congratulate Jill on her well-earned Acutonics Certification. Jill can be reached at: