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The Season of the Water Element - Cycling into the Deep Nourishing Yin

15 Nov, 2022
The Season of the Water Element - Cycling into the Deep Nourishing Yin

By Carmen Cicotti, LMT, CAcP, Senior Licensed Acutonics Faculty

This quiet Yin time, where everything slows down, is a time for restoration and a time to nourish our roots; the roots of our mind, with wisdom teachings; the roots of our body, with warming and grounding foods; and the roots of our soul, with the deep remembrance of who we are and to see this reflection in the spirit and nature of all things.

This is the season of the Water Element and we can observe this grounding, nourishing nature in water, as it continually seeks the lowest ground, returning to the source to be still. This is the essence of being present, where life is generated deep in the dark DNA of a seed. Therein lies the potential and Jing essence for Life.

And as we, in this northern hemisphere, sink into these depths, approaching the longest night of the Winter Solstice, our Acutonics community of teachers, students and practitioners in the southern hemisphere are entering the exulted, spirited days of summer and their Summer Solstice. With these two simultaneous solstices embracing our Earth home, we collectively experience the polarities of Water and Fire, also known in Qi Gong practices and Taoist Alchemy as the Kan and Li. Kan is the cooling still water and Li is the spirited fire. Together they create a powerful dance that births the immortal spirit and unites with the Tao. We also see this interplay with the Ren (Yin) and the Du (Yang) as they unite in the microcosmic orbit.

When we are at the apex of one of these polarities, we naturally seek the other in creating balance and integration. When we work with the frequencies of the seasonal elements, we can look toward the frequencies in the home of our solar system and our celestial family, which link us innately to our roots.

Restorative Frequencies for the Water Element

As this is the ultimate Yin season and that supporting Yin is key to so many aspects of our health and longevity, there are many frequencies we can choose from to nourish and support the Yin during this time.

  • Ohm: Provides the grounding return to our roots and our home 
  • Full Moon: Ultimate restorer of Yin, particularly when the moon is full
  • Neptune: Watery depths to work in the under currents during this time when Neptune travels through the constellation of Pisces
  • New Moon: Darkness of Yin, gently guides us to the zero point of this season 
  • Saturn: The roots, structure, and stability of Yin, supports and gives strength to the seed of potential
  • Pluto: The dark underground home of the Yin where the gems are birthed
  • Venus: The creative Yin of feminine passion and beauty
  • Hygeia: Supports the cleanse, restoration, and wholeness of this season with generosity and gratitude
  • Nibiru: Remembrance of our cosmic roots and origins as we restore our seed of potential throughout these winter months
  • Sun: As our guide through the dark, warms the Yin and calls for the light to return 

The use of these frequencies on the microcosmic orbit with the Ren Mai and the Du Mai along with our home tone, Ohm or in various combinations that you have learned about in the Acutonics Advanced Level Classes, are an effective way to support the restoration and nourishment this season offers.

If you would like to dive deeper in this topic with the exploration and use of these frequencies during this Yin season, please join me in the upcoming

 January Study Group, The Water Element and the Restoration of Yin This is an awesome way to deepen your practice, learn protocols to use on yourself and in your practice, earn clinical hours and to meet other students and practitioners.

Sending you all much love and harmony and light! 

Carmen Cicotti 
LMT, CAcP, Senior Faculty 
Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine 

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