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Retuning the Field

29 Mar, 2021
Retuning the Field

Jude Ponton, DC, LAc, Senior Licensed Acutonics® Faculty, Certified Acutonics® Practitioner

On the 3D level we have been given advice about actions to take such as social distancing, wearing masks and staying at home to protect ourselves and others. There are foods and nutritional supplements that help to enhance immune function. Exercise and breathing techniques build our energy. All of these actions have proved to be useful. Recently, vaccines and some therapeutic interventions have become available for those of us wishing to avail ourselves of these opportunities.

Practitioners and recipients of energetic medicine have provided and received the benefits of Acutonics, acupuncture, Reiki, chiropractic, massage and other therapies once we were permitted to access them. As practitioners many of us have also worked from a distance to connect with the energy fields of our clients to affect changes in physical manifestations.

All of the interventions we have been employing are connecting mostly at the physical particle level. Even the energetic work has been focused primarily on the client’s personal energy field. I have come to believe that the virus has become embedded in the Unified Field and that this contributes to its virulence, to the mutations that continue to impact its progression and to the persistence that it has exhibited for so many of us. In discussions with colleagues I am finding that many others have also arrived at this belief.

Covid 19 has an extraordinarily strong morphic field. This field has been strengthened and reinforced by every person that has contracted the virus, every practitioner that has treated patients, every family member or friend of a victim of the virus, all of the news reports, all of the fear and anxiety, frustration and divisiveness, all of the focus that the virus has been given at multiple levels of consciousness and in multiple dimensions.

Einstein said that the Field is the “sole governing agency” of the particle. Everything exists in the Field before it manifests in physical reality. This means that to change the physical reality we must alter the Field. In this frequency-based universe, that means we must shift the balance and intensity of the frequencies being expressed in the Field so that it no longer resonates with the frequencies of the morphic field of Covid. In effect we would create dissonance with the field that supports the virus. As practitioners of work that transforms the expression of cosmic frequencies, we are uniquely qualified to meet this challenge.

I propose that we take this on as a community. My suggestion is that we choose a day and time to open a portal in time-space and that we use our forks, chimes and gongs to shift the frequencies in the Unified Field. In the dimension of time-space, time is not linear. It is more spherical. We could choose a time, for example noon on Mondays, and open a nodal point that connects to the intersection in the sphere of time that corresponds to that time everywhere Then we sound our frequencies, and it would not matter the 3D time because we would all be touching the same nodal point in limitless time. We could drop into limitless heart space and use the frequencies that we are inspired to access to shift the resonance. Some combinations that show up for me are Chiron/Pluto, Chiron/Nibiru, Hygeia/Chiron, Hygiea Octaves, Hygeia/Nibiru, Hygiea/Mercury. There are lots of possibilities depending on the aspect or expression of the morphic field you are tracking, but if we are all tracking and shifting the field in the same nodal point simultaneously we have great power. If we are consistent I believe that we can meet this virus in the dimension that holds its pattern in place, and we will be able to change the resonance.