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Protocol for Courage and Compassion

1 Mar, 2017
Protocol for Courage and Compassion

By Katie Mink West Coast Acutonics®

Do you feel upset by the news? Feel impotent and fearful? Perhaps you feel like Kali or Jupiter – wrathful and prone to flinging thunderbolts? It is inspiring to see so many Americans awake and active in defending our Constitution. My favorite bumper sticker from years ago was, “If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention”. Whether you are feeling empowered and ready to become an activist or feeling like you would rather stay home, lock the doors and pull the covers up, this protocol is for you. We are all one…really. The adage “Divide and Conquer” is very important here. It has worked as a way to govern and conquer throughout history. To avoid this: Stay connected to one another and remember our common humanity, rather than our many differences. We are stronger than that.

Ohm Unison – Listening at the ears, connecting us to Source at our own human level. Use the Ohm Unison to ground each chakra, working from top to bottom:

  • Crown
  • 3rd Eye
  • Throat
  • Heart (can also add High Heart located at the thymus)
  • Solar Plexus
  • 2nd/Sacral Chakra
  • Root
  • Knees (Move the Ohm forks around the knees as a figure 8, helping the body move forward)
  • KID 1

Breathe and be here in this present moment.

Ohm/Zodiac 3rd - Ohm on KID 1, Gushing Spring and Zodiac on LIV 3, Great Ravine helps to release and recycle the energy of frustration and anger or confusion stored in the liver. The liver is the general. Right now, we need strategic planning and the liver is associated with planning.

(Check to see if 4 Gates LIV 3, Great Surge and LI 4, Union Valley is needed before tonification – if so, do that here with Zodiac 3rd, followed by Chiron/NM.)

New Moon 5th at 3rd eye to open to see what is happening inside of you, to help you to know what your next steps are.

New Moon/Mercury to help you make sense of the external world’s chaos, or to more fully to receive a bigger perspective, use DU 23 Upper Star.

Ohm/Chiron 2nd take the time to listen (or let your client really hear) these intervals. What are we here to do? What kind of contribution or difference can we make? Sweep over throat to open the Windows of the Sky, to free your voice for whomever you need to speak to.

Chiron/New Moon then Chiron/Full Moon use to open up to possibilities or opportunities - to serve, to be a light, a safe place.

New Moon 5th at Heart chakra to deeply integrate this information

Solar 7th followed by Low Earth Day/Sun use at 2nd chakra to ignite the Hara, to give courage and stamina. Low Earth Day acts as a fertilizer to one’s sense of purpose

Earth Day 5th, New Moon 5th, Full Moon 6th, Solar 7th
Apply these intervals in sequence on KID 3, Great Ravine to nourish Kidney Qi, Kidney Yin and Kidney Yang.

Ohm Unison KID 1, Gushing Spring to ground and conclude your treatment.