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Nurturing The Spirit of The Liver

1 May, 2018
Nurturing The Spirit of The Liver

by Jude Ponton, DC, LAc and Paul Ponton, LAc, Senior Licensed Acutonics Teachers, Certified Acutonics® Practitioners

Discussions of the Liver from a Chinese medicine perspective often focus on pathologies. That is, what happens when there is an imbalance in the Liver energy causing qi stagnation, overacting of the Liver on other energy systems in the body, Liver blood deficiency patterns and, over the past few years the involvement of Liver heat in creating chronic inflammatory conditions in the body.

When there is no discrete pathological Liver condition, it can also be useful to focus on enhancement of the nurturing qualities of the Liver to foster wellbeing. The Liver is responsible for creation and maintenance of smooth flow, not only of the qi of the body, but of our ability to flow smoothly in our lives. The Liver also enhances vision, not just the ability of our eyes to process light efficiently, but also its effect on allowing us to clearly see our destiny. These are attributes related to the Hun, the spirit of the Liver. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) says the Hun is the Ethereal Soul and is said to transport our image of our physical form to our place of origins in the stars.

During our lifetime the Hun aids in our ability to move forward in life and join the universal flow. Proper function of the Liver energy allows us to expand into the truest expression of who we are. This energy helps to manifest plans and dreams by allowing us to find the flow of the most useful decisions and actions. It helps us set a course forward. The Hun spirit aids in acting in a coherent manner with our destiny.

In its most balanced state, Liver energy and spirit promote clarity and direction. It helps us to move forward, visualize possibilities and actualize our desires. Free flowing Liver qi allows us to release resistance and shift into alignment with our clearest manifestation of Source connection. This flow and connection with Source is reflected, not only in our sense of physical wellbeing, but also in the flow of our daily activities and interactions with people and our environment. For example, the right person shows up at just the right time to offer assistance with a project, or money flows to us just in time to meet some obligation. This free flow in our lives helps bring all the right pieces into place. Movement forward seems almost effortless.

Here are some suggestions to inspire your sessions to amplify the beneficial effects enhancing balanced Liver energy:

The Four Gates - (LI 4, Union Valley and LIV 3, Great Surge) helps to provide the surge of energy that creates the action to manifest our desires and inspirations – open with the New Moon 5th and then expand movement beyond the gates with New Moon/Jupiter combination.

LIV 3, Great Surge is the source point of the Liver channel. It connects to the primordial energy of Source expressed in the spirit of the liver. Ohm/Jupiter 4th expands beyond the restrictions developed through conditioning. It engenders confidence and optimism and a willingness to extend our selves. Jupiter/Neptune can provide energy for expansion and flow. Jupiter/Full Moon brings our potential to full expression. Jupiter/New Moon to open vision to see our path.

LIV 14, Cycle Gate – Debra Katz describes this as a point that opens us to hope and expectation. Use New Moon/Jupiter here to opens and expand connection with our hopes and to amplify our expectations.

UB 47, Hun Gate – Located 3 inches lateral to T 9, connects to Source through the Ethereal Soul, to allow flow of inner vision and promote well-being, calmness and joy. Neptune/Jupiter on this point will enhance flow and expansion of inner vision and Source connection. Add the high octave of this combination to facilitate expansion at a higher level.