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Mountain of Balance Points: Connecting Spirit and Divine Will

1 Nov, 2019
Mountain of Balance Points: Connecting Spirit and Divine Will

By Jude Ponton, DC, MAc, LAc & Paul Ponton, MAc, LAc, Senior Certified Acutonics® Practitioners and Licensed Acutonics® Teachers

The Mountain of Balance Points also known as the Kidney Spirit Points are portals for accessing this alchemical process. These points use the strength of the Heart to overcome fear. They help us to raise our frequencies and to open our Hearts to spirit and they aid in accessing the higher vibrations of the Heart to overcome the lower vibrations of fear and anxiety. The Spirit of the Heart is the Shen and the Spirit of the Kidneys is the Zhi. So, these are powerful points to help integrate Spirit with Divine Will.

In an article about The Three Treasures written by Donna and Ellen they tell us that the Kidneys hold a remembrance of Earth. The Kidneys help us remember both our cosmic identity and our earth identity and essence. Kidney energy stores both cosmic and terrestrial Jing (yang and yin). This is where our divine nature and our human nature meet and find unique expression in the Shen —the Heart. The Heart is the cauldron that combines the heavenly spirit with the earthly will and brings it to unique expression.

The Kidney Spirit Points, KID 23, 24 and 25 are located on the chest near the heart.

KID 23, Shen Feng, Spirit Seal

Located in the 4th intercostal space 2 cun lateral to the midline at the boarder of the heart. A seal represents a signature or a mark of personal identity. At KID 23 we can touch our inner essence — who we can become. This point can be used to anchor our self in our own identity, especially after a period of despair or self-negation, this is a pivotal point for rediscovering our true identity. KID 23 activates the Yang of the Heart Spirit and gives us courage to speak our truth and access our destiny. It opens our hearts to the awareness of our special gifts. Apply the Mars/Venus 5th interval to activate the Yang Spirit and provide energy to express one’s true identity. Use Chiron/Jupiter to help realize special gifts as Jupiter provides expansion of awareness.

KID 24 – Ling Xu/Spirit Ruins

This point is located in the 3rd intercostal space 2 cun lateral to the midline; it helps resurrect spirit into light and leaves behind the parts of darkness. Ling Xu resurrects the Yin aspects of Spirit and allows us to experience the riches of life, joy, enthusiasm and meaning while helping to return our spirit to life. It reestablishes contact with our inner wisdom and strength, provides deep connections to our soul, offers a great lift to vitality, and helps us to connect to wonder and inner wisdom. Use Venus to access the joy, enthusiasm and riches of life along with the Full Moon to shine light and bring the Yin to fullness.

KID 25, Shen Cang/Spirit Storehouse

This point is located in the 2nd intercostal space 2 cun lateral to the midline. This point stores ancestral Jing and helps us stay present and aware that everything around us has spirit and will reveal what we are searching for, including providing our spirit the dreams and visions needed at every point in time. We also find the gifts of the Spirit here, including the Spirits of the 5 Yin Organs that gather here and are transformed by Heart Fire into Shen, which is stored in the Heart. KID 25 can be used to build spiritual reserves. Use Neptune, to nurture our dreams, combine with Jupiter to expand vision. Saturn’s holding power can be combined with Jupiter (the Guru) to build spirit.

As a method of harmonizing the Water and Fire energies, treat these points as a set and use the Ohm Unison for balance.

On a more mundane level these points can be activated with Mercury/Venus 6th, to engage the holding power of the Kidneys for asthma that presents as difficulty on inhalation, to anchor the energy of the Lung.