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Late Summer: Time to Renew Core Energy

2 Sep, 2021
Late Summer: Time to Renew Core Energy

Taoists mark the transition of the yang energy of Summer toward the yin energy of Autumn as the season of Late Summer. At this point in the seasonal cycle energy begins to consolidate and move into less activity and greater nurturance.

This year especially many clients in my practice are describing a deeper, more noticeable feeling of fatigue. Current energetic conditions that are ripples emanating from the pandemic and its energetic repercussions have created greater than usual demands on our collective and individual energy reserves. The cauldron of yin nurturance is, for many of us, more depleted than usual in the cycle of seasonal energy flow. We may have found that we seem to have less stamina or feel less connected to our aspirations. As energy shifts toward the deepest yin of winter we are provided a nodal point for the infusion of supportive, regenerative energy.

What follows are a few ideas to aid in restoring and revitalizing core energy:

Treat the Ren and Du Extraordinary Vessels to support and balance the primordial yin and yang energy and to activate the Microcosmic Orbit for blending heavenly and earthly energies in the body.

For the Ren, apply the low octaves of the NM 5th, FM/Venus and Hygiea/Venus to nourish the yin and its multidimensional expression. (Substitute low Sedna/Venus for deeply tonifying yin if you don’t have Hygiea).

For the Du, apply the low NM 5th, Mars/Venus, and Ohm/Hygiea for energy support and balance of yin and yang on all levels. (Substitute low Ohm Octave for deep harmonizing if you don’t have Hygiea).

UB 23, Kidney Shu, apply low Sedna/Venus to nourish and support the yin.

KID 3, Great Ravine, apply Mars/Venus to balance and support kidney yin and yang.

REN 4, Origin Pass, apply low FM/Venus for deep yin nourishing, followed by low Hygiea/Venus to connect to the origin or Source in all dimensions. (Substitute low Sedna/Venus if you don’t have Hygiea).

Huato Jiaji points, apply Hygiea/Venus to connect to the multidimensional grid of yin-essence.

3 Treasures, (Ren 4, Ren 17, DU 20), apply Mars/Venus to balance heavenly, earthly, and human energies.

Subtle Fields: Use the highest Hygiea frequencies (4&5) to radiate the highest expression of benefit of the session into all dimensions. (Substitute high Mars/Venus or high Sedna/Venus if you don’t have Hygiea).