Health Consciousness: Giving Knowledge Life

Health Consciousness: Giving Knowledge Life

I am pleased to announce that I am an invited presenter at this year’s Building Bridges of Integration for Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference, October 11-14, 2018, in Reston, VA. On Thursday evening, October 11, Maren Good and I will present an evening meditation with sound. We hope you will join us for a meditative journey through the Universe accompanied by Sun, Moon, and Earth gongs.

On Saturday May 13th from 3 to 5 PM I will present a program entitled Good Vibrations: Sound Therapy and Self-Care, in which we explore how sound vibration used with conscious intent can heal deep wounds, shift consciousness, and reunite us with the harmonies and rhythms of the Universe. We will examine the use of planetary tuning forks and musical intervals along with how sound works on three aspects of the meridians—organic, emotional, and psychospiritual. Taoist concepts of the Three Treasures, as well as the use of related acupuncture points that serve as powerful gateways for deep healing work with sound, will be discussed and demonstrated. Participants will also be introduced to self-care approaches designed to reduce stress, anxiety, and compassion fatigue. In addition to these two events we will have an exhibit booth at the conference. If you are interested in working in the booth, please contact Ellen.

The Building Bridges for Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference is an exceptional opportunity to explore wellness and health care. The values, teachings and goals of this conference are in direct alignment with Acutonics® as they are rooted in Chinese Medicine and a depth of understanding of the body’s self-care systems and natural healing intelligence.

I’ve attended many conferences over the years but this one is very special, and it brings me great joy to be returning to it. A unique consciousness and energy field that extends well beyond the conference is created. Every aspect of the weekend is designed to help you discover, experience, and explore ways to use consciousness for health, to gain both heightening self-awareness, and acquire knowledge and tools to promote optimal health, true unification of body, mind and spirit. Inspirational talks, intimate workshops, exploration of integrative modalities, opportunities to network and Qigong healing practices combine to create a dynamic learning environment. Speakers share knowledge and techniques from their diverse experience and personal journeys, and they remain engaged with conference attendees throughout the weekend.

Through a series of programs participants are invited to examine their beliefs, thoughts, memories and relationships, and the ways that emotions can support or undermine health. Seminars are also designed to help practitioners discover how to gain optimal health and enhance daily life—for their patients and themselves. Effective self-care tools will also be offered. Major societal concerns, including food allergies and risks posed by genetically modified food, will also be examined.
The Mission of the Building Bridges of Integration for TCM is to offer innovative, effective ways to expand health options and improve healthcare outcomes in the United States. Ancient philosophical principles and theories underlying TCM are presented clearly to build an understanding of how anyone can apply this holistic medical system to create health and wellness. Theories, such as Five Element Consciousness, are offered as a framework to understand how emotions, lifestyle, beliefs, and environment can maintain internal balance to sustain health or create imbalances leading to illness. The ultimate mission is to broaden contemporary understanding that everything is energy, all energy has a consciousness, and all consciousness has a purpose. The conference provides opportunities to view all health issues as internal energetic frequencies that can transform into physical issues. By understanding how this can happen, the true relationship of body, mind, and spirit for health can be known.
Celebrating 15 years, Dr. Nan Lu and the TCM World Foundation welcome professionals and health-seekers to experience Health Consciousness in action. 28 CMEs available, PDAs are Pending.
As a presenter, I am able to extend a $50.00 discount off Early Registration until July 8. Use coupon code Loyalty when registering. Visit to register and for complete details. I hope to see you in October at this exceptional conference.


"I have experienced both immediate physical and continued, profound deep changes with Acutonics. Immediate, obvious physical changes include ongoing relief from arthritis in my hands that had literally bent a few of my fingers to the side, release of continual, deeply held stress in my body, lightening of my worries, relief from long-standing sciatica pain, lowering of my blood pressure, and TMJ release. The more subtle … change is a deep, sustained, slow building inner calm."

- Barbara Galbraith, Nashville, TN