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Everywhere (Fulfillment), From Dreaming with Elk

18 Dec, 2022
Everywhere (Fulfillment), From Dreaming with Elk

Donna Carey

Each journey
Each day
Each rock
Each way

*The holy land is everywhere
Every little thing is sent for something

Each seed climbing
Suns luminosity
Each heart receptive
Mountains generosity

Rising waves lilting
Distant shores
Pelicans performing
Daily chores

Behold this day it is yours to make

San Diego twitters
“been good to see ya”
Venice cries
“Holy Shit Mamma Mia!”

Inuits float on melting ice
Indochines flooding
No more rice
Whales broadcasting in open seas
Flies are marrying bumblebees
Monks defrocked from crystal meth
Ecologists discover arithmetic

For I was seeing in a sacred manner
The shapes of all things in the spirit

Draught is haunting everywhere
Jet streams fill the ocean air
Food supplies are running low
DOW is making its biggest show

The shape of shapes as they must live together as one

Each seed clamors for suns luminosity
Each soul hungers for moons

There is no power in a square

Each journey
Each day
Each rock
Each way

The holy land is everywhere

*Words in italic come from the writings of Black Elk