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Cultivating Love, Joy, Compassion, Expanded Consciousness and the Numinous with Planetary Archetypes and Intervals

5 Jun, 2022
Cultivating Love, Joy, Compassion, Expanded Consciousness and the Numinous with Planetary Archetypes and Intervals

Lynn Wedekind, MEd, Acutonics Senior Faculty

Light up the fire of love inside and blaze the thoughts away.” – Rumi

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.” – Buddha

*The text Chief Arvol’s plea to join in Worldwide Prayer and Ceremony on June 21st, 2022, is provide below. 

Last year at this time, Donna requested a protocol to aid in squelching the out-of-control fires. I developed one that involves planetary archetypes and intervals, and it is provided below. I propose we focus on this (or a protocol of your choice) daily, to assist in eliminating the current Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon fire, which is affecting the Mothership. Focus on elimination of this fire as well as any fires that are devastating our world.

Interplanetary Intervals to address excess yang from fires

  1. Mid Sun/Mid Mars (Major 2nd), addresses the moving fires
  2. Low Full Moon/Mid Sedna (minor 2nd), waters, moves, and pulls the fire down
  3. Low Sedna/Low Chiron (minor 3rd), heal the water and Earth
  4. Low Full Moon/Mid Chiron (Perfect 4th) to water and nurture our wounded Earth. All 3 levels of FM/Chiron 4th
  5. Low Chiron/Low Venus (Perfect 5th), to heal our hearts and choose love over fear. All 3 levels of Chiron Venus 5th.
  6. Sedna/Full Moon (minor 7th), to pull and expand the waters to suppress the yang.
  7. Chiron Octaves (octave) healing Heaven, Earth & Humanity
    Low Chiron to Mid Chiron, Mid Chiron to High Frequency Chiron
  8. Low Sedna/Mid Hygiea (Major 10th) or Mid Sedna/ High Frequency Hygiea 1, High Frequency Sedna/High Frequency Hygiea 2. Hygiea brings the highest calling of Sedna forward. The interval of the 10th represents a return to unity, an expression of infinite and multidimensional potential. The experience of feeling Human Divinity; being merged with God and the Cosmos; the Numinous.

With a lack of fire, there is a lack of drive, ambition, inability to access and express joy, or to feel and/or express feelings. Some describe this as a closed heart and in Buddhist tradition; when one’s heart is shut down, there is suffering.

When the element of fire is in balance, we experience the radiance, warmth, effervescence, expansive and yang nature, allowing for the growth and full potential of life. The power of fire comes from the capacity to liberate heat and light and realize joy and fulfillment. In the body, this delicate balance dance occurs between the heart (fire), lungs (metal), and kidneys (water), with proper kidney functioning providing restraint of fire. 

The ancients revered fire as a gift from the Sun god and many indigenous honored Grandfather fire, Tatewari, (Wichol Nation of Mexico), confessing their taboos to the fire for purification and redemption of their souls. This is a common cosmology among various native tribal cultures.

In Astrology the heart is ruled by the Sun. Those born under the fiery sign of Leo, July 23rd – August 22nd, are on a life path to understand the ego, desolation of it and keep it in check, making the choice to lead from the love of the heart. Just as the light of the Sun shines light on our day, Leo’s shine the light of love through their passionate presence in all that they do. They reflect their love and light unto us and the world we know and remind us to stay the course of love through these changing and challenging times.

What lies ahead over the Summer with regards to the Planetary bodies above? Pluto the planet of transformative powers went retrograde April 29th, for its yearly 5-month phase till October 8th. With Pluto, the choice to do our inner work offers the reward of our soul’s evolution. During the next 3 months, while we enjoy the Summer’s Sun, the beauty and bounty of fruits and flowers in bloom, we have the opportunity to cultivate our inner garden and reflect upon 5 planetary bodies stationing retrograde; Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus and Neptune.

Retrograde planets in general allow us the opportunity to re-examine, rethink, and revise any archetypal quality that the planet may represent to us individually and especially how this retrograde period is presenting itself within our transit chart.

From Five Element Theory, whereas the element of Summer is fire, the sound of the element of fire is laughter (light-heartedness), with the color of fire red (for love, passion, rising from the red flames of transformation as the phoenix).

In her book “Character’s of Wisdom” Debra Katz describes the Chinese character for the emotion of fire as joy or Le. The character is drawn as a drum over a wooden music stand that has beautiful bells on either side. It represents joyful music that gladdens our hearts. The drum is ceremonial used in various sacred rites and observances. The sounds of these large instruments are used to invite spirits to come and join in the ceremony. In this way all the ancestors and gods are invited to come to earth for a brief while. In their presence everyone could be influenced by the greatness and form a brief relationship with that wisdom. 

This relationship of being in the blessed presence of the ancient ones produces a deep harmony within each person and provides a feeling of great joy. It is the joy of deep understanding that brings enlightenment when we can touch those things that are beyond ourselves. It is where we are given a glimpse of the infinite beauty of the world and life. The Chinese believe that the heart must remain open to receive such wisdom. 

An open heart allows us to connect with the numinous. Defined by Wikipedia as a term derived from the Latin numen, meaning "arousing spiritual or religious emotion; mysterious or awe-inspiring." The term was given its present sense by the German theologian and philosopher Rudolf Otto in his influential 1917 German book The Idea of the Holy.

In his analytic work, Carl Jung witnessed every day the power and impact the numinous had in his own life, and in the lives of his patients and colleagues. An experience of the numinous is what allowed his patients feelings of liberation and relief. In Jung’s words, “powerful feelings are always involved in any encounter of the numinous”. From this powerful feeling experience, one can feed “the hunger of the soul”.

For cultivating expanded consciousness and the numinous consider the following points and progressions.
BL 10, Celestial Pillar
BL 60, Kun Lun Mountain

  • Low Sedna/ Low Hygiea (M3); feel the triumph of the sound of Sedna and Hygiea, in the human body on the earth plane (Steiner).
  • Low Hygiea/ Mid Sun (P5); Planetary 5th Portal allows expanded consciousness through Hygiea and Sun.
  • Mid Sedna/ Hygiea HF1 (10th) followed by HF Sedna/Hygiea HF2 (10th); feel our Human Divinity, the Numinous experience of awe from feeling the love of God & the Cosmos.

Summer is the season to focus our hearts on healing any parts of ourselves that keep our heart from remaining open to receive the blessings bestowed upon us from our ever-expanding consciousness as a human species.

This is a good time to build nourish and water the kidneys, consider the following points and intervals.

KID 25, 24 & 23, Mountain of Balance Points
UB 23, to build Lung Qi
LU 9 and UB 13

  • Open with New Moon P5th (Ohm/New Moon)
  • Sedna/New Moon M6 (Major 6th)
  • Sedna/Full Moon m7 (minor 7th) – our most Yin Interval
  • Sedna Octave
  • Consider any part of this sequence with Ren 17After watering at Ren 17, follow with mid Sun fork on Ren 17 and High Frequency Venus circling around the head.
  • Mid Sun/ HF Venus m14th (minor 14th; the seventh above the octave is reaching beyond our cosmos to multidimensionality allowing multi-dimensional love.
  • Follow with HF Venus/ Hygiea HF2 & Hygiea HF3 Asteroid (M12th), the second overtone in the Law of Harmony Series an example of multi-dimensional love!

Chief Arvol Looking Horse is asking humanity to pray for healing Grandmother Earth on June 21st, 2022. He requests that the 2-legged go to our sacred sites and perform ceremony; go within our hearts and feel the Numinous, our sacred union with the divine. From this day forward, may we all, with open hearts, kindle and ignite our numinous and keep our inner light shining from the inside out, during these changing and challenging times.

Lynn Wedekind teaches the entire Acutonics curriculum in Baja Mexico at the beautiful Tierra Canta Baja Sound Healing Retreat Sanctuary; a refuge to rest, relax, rejuvenate, breathe, expand, & transform. She also developed and teaches the innovative elective, Interplanetary Intervals: Foundational Concepts. The next offering of this online 8-week elective, begins July 9th and runs to August 27th. This course will expand your knowledge of Cosmic Music and Intervals, from a historical, alchemical, and mathematical perspective, the Law of the Octave and the Overtone Series and how they apply to the Acutonics Healing System.

Full details for all of Lynn's upcoming classes can be found at this link. You can contact Lynn directly at; Web:; Call: (360) 353-4488

Here is his urgent message for June 21, 2022:

We warned that one day you would not be able to control what you have created, that day is here. Now we must unite once again to create an energy shift upon Grandmother Earth. She cannot take any more impact from all the selfish decisions being made.

We have come to that place in this time upon Earth, to now make a stand together. To unite – each in our own sacred life ways we have chosen to walk, whatever religion or belief, go to your sacred spaces and join us in these special prayers for the Earth on June 21st. It has been proven we can create miracles when we unite spiritually.

Many white animals have shown their sacred color throughout the world now, and they continue to communicate that we are at the crossroads. We have walked through two years of losing many relatives through a terrible disease, and so have the animal and plant life also continue to suffer. The imbalance of Mni wic’oni (water of life) causing droughts and fires to severe flooding is everywhere, and I feel more suffering is to come from all these poor choices being made.

I humbly request a time from each of the two legged in this world to send a prayer to heal our precious Earth and the balance of Mni wic’oni to be restored. Begin to prepare in your homelands to unite – All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer – for the sake of Grandmother Earth, our source of life not a resource”.

In a sacred hoop of life where there is no ending in no beginning,

Chief Arvol Looking Horse
19th Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe