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Autumn Inspiration

1 Aug, 2016
Autumn Inspiration

By Jude Ponton, DC, LAc, and Paul D. Ponton, LAc. Senior Acutonics Instructors

It is also a time when conditions associated with the dryness of the autumn season may appear. The lungs, associated with the Metal element, may be compromised due to inhibition of the normal descending and dispersing actions of the Lung energy. Fall allergies and easy susceptibility to colds, cough, asthma, and other lung imbalances may increase in the general population. Because the emotional correspondence to the lung is grief, it may be useful to use this time of the year to address deeply seated grief issues. The transition from Summer to Autumn is more difficult for some people than for others. Preparing the Metal-associated energies for this shift can help ease this transition. Addressing Metal-associated disorders once the season is in full swing can also relieve imbalances that have manifested.

In Western alchemy, the Lungs have a correspondence to Mercury’s energy. In Acutonics we commonly use Mercury in treatment plans for lung-related imbalances. If we look at the Chinese 5 Element system we also find that Venus is associated with the Metal element. It gives strength to the yin energy that is beginning to emerge as Autumn turns toward more yin fullness in winter. We think it is useful to incorporate the Venus tuning forks as part of treatment strategies. Acutonics' common use of Venus for its alchemical correspondence to the Kidneys helps to support a Chinese medicine treatment approach utilizing the power of the Kidneys to root the Lung energy. Venus’s correspondence to copper allows us to employ the broad anti-inflammatory properties of copper, especially for lung-related inflammatory conditions. Ohm/Venus has strong anti-inflammatory capacity.

Following Are Some Suggestions Of Treatments Utilizing These And Other Tuning Fork Combinations For Treating Lung Imbalances.

Cough Associated With “Lung Dryness”:
New Moon fork on LU 1 (Central Treasury), with Mercury on LU 9 (Great Abyss) to open the lungs. Follow with Mercury and Full Moon switching them back and forth on the same points to moisten dryness. Further support can be achieved by using the same sets of forks on the UB 13 (Lung Shu) points, again switching them back and forth from side to side.

If dryness has progressed to create heat in the respiratory system (burning in lungs, sore throat, strong thirst), you can add the Venus fork to decrease inflammation. Ohm/Venus and Ohm/Full Moon can be applied to Ren 22 (Celestial Chimney) and LU 9 (Great Abyss).

Chest Congestion Associated With A Cold:
Ren 17 (Chest Center) with Mercury/New to open the chest and LU 7 (Broken Sequence) also with Mercury/New Moon to facilitate the dispersing and descending functions of the Lungs.

For Asthma:
The Ren Extraordinary Vessel travels through the upper chest and lungs. Place the Mercury fork on its opening point, LU 7 (Broken Sequence), and Venus fork on its balance point, KID 6 (Shining Sea). This will help to root the Lung energy.

Another Extraordinary Vessel may be used along with the Ren depending on what other imbalances are manifesting.

For Deep-Seated Grief:
Mercury/New Moon followed by Mercury Full Moon can be used on LU 3 (Heavenly Residence) to open and express grief stuck in the Lung system. Use these same intervals on LI 18 (Support the Prominence) for its action in releasing past emotions that are no longer serving us.

For Overall Strengthening Of The Lungs:
For general support of the lungs and strengthening the defensive energy against external influences, apply Mercury/Venus and Mercury/Earth Day on LU 1 (Central Treasury) and UB 13 (Lung Shu).