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Elemental Harmony: Springtime and the Wood Element

1 May, 2019
The first day of Spring made its grand entrance on March 20th with a fertile full moon on the Vernal Equinox. This was followed by the New Moon in Aries on April 5th which started with a one/two push out of the deep eternal rest of winter. We were soon joined by a powerhouse line up of Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Aires. With both planets in each other’s sign, we have experienced swift-moving-intensity times two.
Elemental Harmony: Springtime and the Wood Element

By Carmen Cicotti, LMT, Senior Licensed Acutonics Faculty, Certified Acutonic Practitione

Venus, Moon, Mercury and Sun all in Aries in the same month, adds to this high dose of concentrated intensity. The energetics of Aires ruled by the planet Mars are wild, unabandoned, initiatory and sometimes abrupt and violent, supporting the yang rising action of Springtime which corresponds to the Wood element in Chinese medicine. As we ride this wave into the month of May, we will continue breaking out of what no longer serves us and opening into a new story; a new pattern, filled with creative potential.


The wood element corresponds to this rising energy of spring: a time of opening when the world begins to grow, send out new shoots and blossoms. It is a time when the stillness of the Qi stored in the wintertime comes to the surface and into existence to give birth and to come alive. During this time of year there is a lot of movement and clearing, thus this element is paired with the Liver and Gallbladder meridians. The Liver meridian is in charge of the free and easy movement of Qi throughout the body and is often called “The Free and Easy Wanderer”. When in harmony, it shows up as kindness, vision and growth.


When the Liver is out of balance there is often stagnation of Qi which can show up as stiffness in the joints, frustration or being easily prone to anger. Along with the usual Springtime challenges of Liver Stagnation, we may see symptoms of allergies, stress and tension. The planetary alignment we have been moving through may also stir up complaints of stress on all levels (emotional, physical, spiritual) which may be reflected in the body as conditions relating to present or sudden injuries and illnesses as well as in personal relationships both internal (cellular) and external (in the home or workplace).

Due to this grand movement and rising of Qi, this is a great time to take a chronic illness or pattern and turn the corner, ride the wave of breaking through into a new chapter of transformation, regeneration and growth that Springtime and the Wood Element have to offer.

Influential Points, Vessels and Intervals for Spring:

Four Gates of Heaven: Large Intestine 4 (Union Valley) and Liver 3 (Great Surge) to open, move and release Qi in the body.

LIV 3 (Great Surge): This is probably the most important point for stagnation of the internal body. It is used for menstrual cramps, PMS headaches, vision problems, pain, shortness of breath, low back pain, insomnia and many other symptoms. All these symptoms can easily become stronger or more out of balance during the Wood Element time of year.

LIV 14 (Cycles Gate) and LU 1 (Central Treasury): These are excellent points to break old cycles, ideas and patterns and to begin new ones

Dai Mai (Belt Vessel): This vessel governs the Liver and Gallbladder and the circulation of Qi throughout the body.

Yang Wei Mai (Yang Motility Vessel): This vessel pushes us out of the safety nest of winter and any places where decisions are being held back or are at a standstill from fear of or holding onto the past.

Ren Mai (Conception Vessel): This vessel helps us step into new beginnings, birth and growth and for building the yin during the rising yang of the Spring.

Ohm/Zodiac 3rd: Use to disperse and clear out any Liver stagnation or that which is obstructing the path so that the Qi can flow and bring in the new growth, vision, inspiration and life. The Zodiac 3rd and the Liver sing the same song and share a natural resonance with each other.

Ohm/New Moon 5th: Use to gently open and release stagnation and any left-over winter residue.

Ohm/Jupiter 4th: Use for expansion on all levels with support and stability. This interval understands the expansion of Springtime’s rising movement yet communicates a sense of stability that everything is going to be just fine. “Expand and be here now.”  Have your clients listen to this interval to ease the tension of this season.

Mars/Venus 5th: Use this fertile combination that opens the door asking us to take steps forward on a new and exciting path with harmony and celebration. This combination is both opening and nourishing to the Liver and Gallbladder energies as well as the Ren Mai.

Ohm/Earth Day 5th: Use to complement and encourage new growth that is initiated by the Wood Element that we see in Spring.

Low Ohm/Full Moon: Use to deeply nourish and water the wood element and the yin of the Liver meridian

Level IV students and Advanced Applications: Use the parallel 5th’s that are presented in the Level IV class to open up the flow of Qi.  Choose the parallel 5th intervals that are appropriate for what is presenting in the condition you are treating or working with.

Lifestyle, Personal Practice, Qi Gong

Body: Shake out the old and bring in the new. This can be done sitting of standing. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, shake in a rhythmic motion up and down 3 times then rest. Repeat up to eight times for 5 -10 minutes or the length of your favorite song. With clients, you can gently rock their body or limbs at the beginning of the session to loosen up and get the Qi flowing.

Spring is a good time for a gentle détox with lemons, vinegar drinks (shrubs), and green juices. eat cleansing foods, drink lemon water, and detox teas (dandelion, turmeric, milk thistle, burdock, etc).

Mind: Get rid of stuff. Clean out a drawer or closet or clean off your desk. Take a walk in the woods or near the water in the early hours of the morning when the new fresh yang is rising into the day.

Spirit: Practice Generosity or a random act of kindness. Pay for somebody’s drink in line at a drive through coffee stand or put money in somebody’s parking meter or leave a stack of quarters at the laundry mat.

Space: Ring your singing bowls or other sound healing instruments to clear out any old or stagnant Qi. Sound is a powerful tool to move and enliven the Qi in your home, office and treatment rooms.


Carmen Cicotti practices and teaches Acutonics® on Lopez Island, WA she can be reached at 360-928-6498,,