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Astrological Insights for May, 2017

Astrological Considerations for May

1 May, 2017
Aloha! It is my honor to present some thoughts on the astrology of the month of May. This article is meant to be as much a conversation piece as it is insightful into the inner and outer relationships of the planets and the physio-energetic systems of our bodies. I encourage you to reach out and start a dialog beyond this article if you are interested in this study or have any insight you think I may find useful! It is our community that makes us so much more effective as healers and students. There will probably be themes that you will start to notice as your clients come in expressing similar needs through their own unique lens of experience. So I would love to hear about any of these patterns that start to come up for you and your practice during the month. For those who are not as versed in astrology, but the desire to be utilizing some of the energetics of the month exists, the following suggestions focus on an early May reading and a late May reading; with a little bit of retrograding here and there!

Celebrating Venus: Archetypes, Myths and Healing Themes

1 May, 2017
On April 20 we entered the sign of Taurus ruled by Venus the goddess of love. Venus the brightest planet in our sky is similar in size to the Earth. Billions of years ago Venus may well have more closely resembled Earth supporting water and oceans. However, today it is a hotbed of volcanic activity, covered with sulfuric clouds and a surface temperatures around 425 degrees centigrade.