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Astrological Insights for June, 2020

“A Fascination with Fate”: My Approach to Astrological Interpretation

25 Jun, 2020
One of the most challenging aspects of unabashedly embracing the astrological worldview, as I have for at least the past 25 years, is that it requires one to abandon a perspective that has been firmly embedded within Western culture for at least a century or more – that of the scientific paradigm, which posits that human beings inhabit a universe in which our existence as a species has no particular significance, and that our individual destinies, as members of that selective group of highly-evolved mammals, are dependent upon the concatenation of purely random factors – and likewise without meaning or purpose. It is an extraordinarily bleak lens through which to regard the nature of reality, and one which provides cold comfort where we are confronted with the harsh vicissitudes of survival on this small verdant globe which we call home, such as the majority of the population is now subject to in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.