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Astrological Insights for August, 2019

Acutonics® in August, Astrological Perspectives

1 Aug, 2019
Did you ever know that you’re my hero? You’re on a Healer’s Journey and Hero’s Quest at the same time. Most of us have had incredible experiences in our lives that have brought us to walk on this path. And I just wanted to say that I see you, honor you and love you. This August as we move deeper into the season of fire, let us live in love and let us create and nourish lasting connections that kindle our passions and support our soul’s purpose. This is a time to honor the unseen forces that hold us together and to give each other high fives and hugs for being so awesome. With our solar consciousness moving through Leo and into Virgo, the energetic of collaboration and bringing our best to the table is very present. So finding ways to help each other feel supported and connected are a priority as we are being energetically called to show up, act with authority and to succeed.