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Astrological Insights for August, 2017

August 2017 Astrological Overview

1 Aug, 2017
Aloha! It is a joy to return for another astrological overview for the month of August 2017. I am very eager to discuss treatment ideas regarding the solar eclipse, key lunar activation dates, and some of the middle and longer-term astrological arrangements we are experiencing as a collective. However, one of the main reasons I asked to write for our May and August newsletters this year is because of the relationship these months have with the phi ratio. This year, with respect to the Earth’s orbit around the Sun*, August 4th, 2017 is Phi Day! (Hey there’s a national Pi Day, why not a Phi Day?) To me Phi Day is all about letting go of outdated or obsolete structures and re-centering on following our highest and best path as individuals and as a collective. And as we will discuss further down the page, there are some awesome astrological implications and opportunities this month that can be applied towards our preventative and critical care for clients, our planet and ourselves!