Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Astrological Insights for October, 2017

Falling Back into the Light of Love through the Path of the Heart

1 Oct, 2017
In October, we are in the astrological time of Libra (September 23 – October 22), ruled by the planet Venus. During this cycle, we are influenced by the change of season from Late Summer into Fall, when the seeds of change we have planted in the Spring come to full harvest. As daylight shortens in the Northern Hemisphere we prepare for less light and it's a time to go inward. We also celebrate our luminous Harvest Moon and the planet Venus rising in the wee hours as our Morning Star of beauty and elegance.

Venus: Harmony, Balance, Justice and Proportion

1 Oct, 2017
Venus residing in the sign of Libra is concerned with issues of self-worth, the interplay of opposites, and the desire for balance, justice, and uniting oppositional forces to promote true harmony and love. She also has roots to war and agriculture and of course there is her long-standing relationship with Mars the god of War, which brings an element of chaos to this dynamic, creative and highly generative relationship. Yet, it is often from darkest chaos that true creative inspiration emerges into conscious light. The creative process itself often involves darkness, turmoil, struggle, pain, fear, and risk, and yet the end result often emerges in a moment of golden splendor, not unlike Venus.