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Saturn: The planet with Ears

1 Jan, 2017
On December 22, 2016 we entered into the sign of Capricorn, the tenth sign of the zodiac, which is ruled by Saturn. The associated element is Earth and those born under this sign are ambitious, determined, and practical. Hard work, tradition, structure and stability are much-valued traits.
Saturn: The planet with Ears

On December 22, 2016 we entered into the sign of Capricorn, the tenth sign of the zodiac, which is ruled by Saturn. The associated element is Earth and those born under this sign are ambitious, determined, and practical. Hard work, tradition, structure and stability are much-valued traits. The planet Saturn takes its name from the Roman god, the supreme ruler, known to the Greeks as Cronus. Cronus was the youngest of the twelve Titans, the son of Gaea and Uranus, known primarily for his role in the overthrow of his father and for siring Zeus.

Like Jupiter, Saturn is a gas giant and one of the loveliest objects in our solar system. It is bright enough to be visible from Earth and easily viewed through a telescope. In addition to its groups of rings, Saturn has more than 100 moon-like objects, from which 62 moons have been identified, and 53 of those have been named. The approximate musical note for the Saturn tuning fork is D. The Ohm/Saturn interval creates a minor 2nd that is somewhat dissonant. It facilitates access to the wisdom gained through life experiences and supports the formulation of new boundaries and structures.

Cronus’s earliest roots are as an ancient agricultural god, often depicted carrying a sickle to gather in the harvest. This seemingly benign tool is also described as the one used to emasculate his father and ultimately assume his own reign of the universe. Cronus represents structure, strict authority, boldness, judgment, and work. Whether we view Cronus as the wise old father who provides council, the devouring father who eats his young, or the raging tyrant or benign leader, there is a pervasive image of a dark, cunning god, quick to do his mother’s bidding, that is represented in the early creation myths and in much of the literature written about Saturn, his Roman counterpart.

In pre-Hellenic Greece the planetary power of Saturn was identified with peace. This is more in alignment with Cronus of the golden age, representing good fortune and justice, and living at a time without cares, never growing old, feasting on fruits, nuts, and honey that dripped from the trees, lighthearted, laughing and dancing. It is also likely that as the slowest-moving planet observable from Earth that Saturn came to be identified with the passage of time, and traits such as depression, patience and endurance. Chiron also has a connection to healing, which is drawn from the myth of his transforming into a horse to mate with Philyra, from this union Chiron was born.

There are many archetypes associated with Saturn, including the strict or devouring father, and the aggression-depression dynamic explored extensively in depth psychology. Although all of the planetary archetypes demonstrate polarity, a case can be made that Saturn has the greatest polarity. Does it represent the castrating tyrannical father, who swallows his children in one gulp but gifts us with a second life when he regurgitates? When we misbehave does he confine us to our room, teaching us that our actions always have consequences and we must learn the difference between right and wrong? Does he teach us about proper boundaries and appropriate structures, but also show us that through the course of our life and the trials he sets before us we will grow stronger, clearer, and more powerful, and that with the passage of time comes the wisdom of experience? Jung believed that regardless of the qualities or characteristics of the father, he plays a crucial psychological role in the destiny of the individual as a transmitter of cultural values and order.

Saturn provides powerful seeds of wisdom that encourage us to break out of our limiting patterns, to take personal responsibility for the negative aspects of our life that keep us in isolation or lead us to blame others for our troubles. It becomes possible to shift the energy to identify with the Saturn who was ruler of the golden age. This sort of shift is not easy. It requires hard work and a long-term commitment to slow change. When we are willing to look at our fears, guilt, and inherent humiliation and stop blaming our friends, family, coworkers, or Saturn himself, then we can truly cast off the lead that holds us back and harvest the rich nuggets of gold that can be found when we take the time to go inward, to harvest, reflect, and act on what we’ve learned.

Key Words Associated with Saturn: Father, boundaries, limitations, structure and stability, contraction and constriction, durability, hard work, perseverance, safety, security, discipline, responsibility, authority, wisdom, time, maturity.

Anatomical Correspondences: Skeletal system, bones, joints, knees, anterior lobe of the pituitary gland, endocrine system, skin, the connective tissue.

Physiological Actions: Binding, cooling, obstructing, suppressing, retaining, condensing, consolidating, astringent, antipyretic or cooling, anti-inflammatory

Specific Disharmonies: Tendency to bone fractures and dislocations, deformity of bones, osteoporosis, arthritis, weak ligaments, chronic subluxations, eczema, psoriasis, skin rashes, endocrine imbalances, chronic disease, geriatric disorders, issues related to self-discipline and boundaries.

Working with Saturn: The Ohm/Saturn 2nd is excellent for the treatment of a wide range of disorders that are associated with the skeletal system including osteoporosis, structural weakness, joint issues, chronic subluxations, arthritis, and bone spurs.

To treat osteoporosis, use the Du Mai and Yin Qiao Mai Extraordinary Vessels. The Du Mai has direct influence on the spine and the Yin Qiao Mai is an offshoot of the kidney channel and in Chinese medicine the kidney governs bone.

Du Mai: SI 3, Back Ravine, Opening Point and UB 62, Extending Vessel, Balance Point. Progression: Low New Moon 5th, Low New Moon on SI 3 to open and gain access to the channel, Low Ohm on UB 62. Ohm/Venus 6th, Venus on SI 3 and Ohm on UB 62 to direct energy to the kidney to influence the bone, follow with Ohm/Saturn 2nd, Saturn on SI 3 and Ohm on UB 62 to direct Saturn’s consolidating and retaining actions since osteoporosis is a decrease in bone density and the ability of bone to retain calcium. Saturn rules calcium in the body.

Yin Qiao Mai: KID 6, Shining Sea, Opening Point; LU 7, Broken Sequence, Balance Point.  Progression: Low New Moon 5th to gain access to the channel, Low New Moon on KID 6, and Low Ohm on LU 7, follow with Ohm/Venus 6th, Venus on KID 6 and Ohm on LU 7, and Ohm/Saturn 2nd, Saturn on KID 6 and Ohm on LU 7 to direct strengthening energy to the kidneys and bring strength to the bones.

Additional applications to strengthen the skeletal system: Ohm/Saturn 2nd on the Huato Jiaji points. Ohm/Saturn 2nd may also be used along with Ohm/Venus 6th on KID 3, Great Ravine to consolidate Venus’s influence on the kidney and its bone-strengthening capability.

The Yin Qiao Mai is also used to treat arthritis and bone spurs, because of its relationship to the kidney and the kidney’s influence on the integrity of the bones. Use a progression of the New Moon 5th to open the Yin Qiao Mai, direct energy to the kidneys by using Ohm/Venus 6th (Venus on KID 6 and Ohm on LU 7), followed by Ohm/Saturn 2nd to create the right relationship to bone and structure (Saturn on KID 6 and Ohm on LU 7). Additionally, apply the Ohm/Saturn 2nd to specific affected joints and to bone spurs. This can be followed by Zodiac 3rd Interval to disperse stagnation.

Psycho-Spiritual Issues: Saturn is also a great tool for addressing issues relating to self-discipline and sense of self.

The Ohm/Saturn 2nd Interval can be applied to the third chakra (associated with personal power, assertiveness, and will).  Saturn also relates to family structure, particularly dysfunctional relationship with the father. Use the Ohm/Saturn 2nd Interval as part of a progression of intervals on the Chong Mai Extraordinary Vessel to take advantage of the effect of SP 4, Grandparent’s Grandchild on intergenerational issues. KID 10, Yin Valley can also be treated with the Ohm/Saturn 2nd to influence intergenerational patterns. Saturn also is very helpful to both establish boundaries and to overcome boundaries that have become too restrictive. Apply the Ohm/Saturn Interval to P 6, Inner Gate) and SJ 5, Outer Gate. These two points help to define inner and outer boundaries and, therefore, balance our need for structure with our need for openness.

Archetypally, Saturn relates to the lessons learned through time and karma. We can use the Ohm/Saturn 2nd Interval to gain access to those lessons. Particularly during those times when we are taking a long hard look at our life and major changes that affect career, relationships, relocations, and schooling, among other things.

Apply the Ohm/Saturn 2nd Interval to the Mountain of Balance points: KID 23, Spirit Seal, KID 24, Spirit Ruins, and KID 25, Spirit Storehouse. These points have a strong transformational effect and connect us with deeper teachings.

To learn more about working with the Acutonics planetary tuning forks refer to Acutonics from Galaxies to Cells: Planetary Science, Harmony and Medicine, and if you haven’t taken Acutonics Level III: Harmonic Attunement®, we encourage you to find a teacher in your area.