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New Year of 2024: Astrology Themes for the Winter to Spring Transition

17 Feb, 2024
The significance of Aquarian themes are STRONG, so fasten your Cosmic seatbelts! As we transition from Winter to Spring and throughout 2024, with our Year of the Dragon and our seasonal Wood Dragon, may we harness the strength, power, and transformational energies the dragon represents.
New Year of 2024: Astrology Themes for the Winter to Spring Transition

Lynn Wedekind, MEd, Senior Acutonics® Licensed Faculty

Mercury & Uranus are now upon US
Changes and Shifts and Breakthroughs are thus,

With Equinox, Total Solar Eclipse and Rare Conjunction                         
Our Planetary Tools assist with purpose and function

We began 2024 with our planet Mercury in Sagittarius, stationed Direct on New Year’s Day, signifying moving forward with the need to explore and expand the horizons of our minds and the world – what a ride!  Mercury remains Direct, (D+) until April Fool’s Day (April 1st, 2024). This period is best for following our intuitions, networking, and moving forward – while synthesizing our heads with our hearts, and following what our heart and inner voice are calling for.

The significance of Aquarian themes are STRONG, so fasten your Cosmic seatbelts!  Our evolutionary planet Pluto moved from the Earth sign of Capricorn, into the air sign of Aquarius on January 20th. Further following the Aquarian ride, on January 26th, our revolutionary planet of Uranus stationed Direct, D+, began allowing our lives to take an accelerated leap forward.

We are reminded that Mercury rules Gemini, representing communication in all forms, travel, and mail. Physically this corresponds to our nervous system, mental faculties, cerebral-spinal system, breathing, bronchial tubes, pulmonary circulation, thyroid gland, hands, touch, organs of speech, hearing, and synthesis.  Are we on information overload? – spinning in our heads, in all directions? Or are we listening to the higher call from our heart? What inspires us?

Moving forward – Happy Chinese New Year (February 10th)!  It is our Year of the Green Yang Wood Dragon – signifying a year of prosperity, innovation, greater power, and authenticity. We will be allowed the confidence to create new beginnings that include solid foundations, allowing us the stability for our work to flow directly from our hearts.

The Aquarius Super New Moon was the precursor to the Chinese New Year (February 9th – just one day before). New Moons and New Years are of course opportunities for new beginnings. The Aquarian Water-Bearer symbolizes the flow of ideas, inspiration, and the higher knowledge available to everyone. The Aquarian energy emphasizes the power of individual ideas co-joined with the exponential power of group consciousness. These gifts are easily accessed during this period. 

What makes this Aquarius New Moon even more potent? This New Moon squares the planet Uranus (which rules Aquarius). This further highlights that humanity is coming to an important turning point which requires us to shift our mindset and direction. Where might we be needing to think out-of-the-box and connect with like-minded and like-hearted souls?

In retrospect, Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is the higher octave of Mercury, and likewise relates to communication and synthesis, with relation between spirit and matter.  This physically acts on the vibrational level of matter in the body via rhythmic pulsations, coordination of bodily activities, and the pituitary gland. In the outer world, it awakens us to the possibility of the unexpected, to electrifying situations, shocking encounters, or the possibility of explosive emotion. Overall, Uranus is working to awaken us to our own inner genius. 

The Mercury and Uranus themes come with a few key actions. We need to stay grounded while utilizing information and electrifying energy, enabling us to make the necessary changes. Our individual self and the collective may need attention at this juncture. If we strive to create change within ourselves, our families, our communities, and the world at large, then we have the power to make purposeful change.

Consider using Mercury/Hygiea minor 3rd, or Full Moon/Mercury M 3rd and Uranus/Sedna M 3rd, or Hygiea/Uranus M 3rd to assist with an easier and gentler flow(if), with selected points and eight extras.  If you seek to harness the powerful energetics of Mercury and Uranus, use them together as Mercury/Uranus 5th, followed by Uranus/Hygiea minor 6th and Hygiea/Mercury M 6th, or followed by Mercury Octave followed by Uranus Octave.  There are many possibilities here.

With Mercury leading the way with forward motion for 2024, all planets are Direct, D+, January 27th to April 1st & April 25th to May 3rd – a planetary tailwind blowing behind our backs, allowing for accelerated manifestation, creativity, and opportunities.

Aquarian themes for February persist with continued tailwinds of transformations and breakthroughs, and six planets and others that are in Aquarius. Sun, Mercury, and Pluto are in Aquarius, following in stride with the February 9th New Moon in Aquarius squaring Uranus, followed by Mars on February 12th, and lastly, Venus on February 16th.

Additional February planetary alignments to reflect on are Mercury squaring Uranus (February 16th) which continues our Mercury and Uranus theme. Consider grounding these energies through the Celestial Tuning moving downwards with Mercury/Uranus 5th at Du 23, Upper Star, Earthday 5th at ST 25, Middle Star and Ohm Unison at SP 8, Middle Star, and grounding with Ohm Octave or Low Ohm Unison to fully ground in these electrifying energies.

Shortly after these planetary alignments, Chiron in Aries was in conjunction with the North Node (February 16th). Chiron gives us access to aid in healing our deepest wounds and/or initiating us into our soul’s purpose. The Nodal Moon represents what the focus of our growth is currently, on a personal and collective level.

Consider reflecting on this by using the Celestial Tuning downward, this time with Chiron/Full Moon 5th at Du 23 (Upper Star), followed by Mars/Venus 5th or Earthday 5th at ST 25 (Middle Star), and Ohm Unison at SP 8 (Lower Star), and grounding at KID 1 with Chiron Unison (for healing our connection to the earth and stepping into our soul’s purpose).  Another consideration is using the Chiron/Full Moon 5th on BL 10 (Celestial Pillar) and BL 60 (Kun Lun Mountain) for divine assistance in healing our deepest wounds and stepping into our soul’s purpose.

During the month of March, we will experience another Super New Moon (March 10th) but this time in watery Pisces: another opportunity for a New Beginning. Consider using Cycle Gate with New Moon 5th followed by Neptune 5th on Lung 1 and Liv 14, with the New Moon and Neptune on Lung 1 (allowing for a new start of the Merdian Cycle), and Ohm on Liv 14 (for balancing the energetic of the new cycle).

March is a great time to continue to catalyze our intentions, as all planets are direct throughout the month/ This will pull us in a forward motion. Use the time of the Vernal Equinox on March 19th in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall Equinox in the Southern, to solidify intentions, heal old wounds, enter dreamtime, meditate, be in nature, and grow inwardly. Consider using pairs of eight extras for balancing yin and yang along with using the Full Moon/Sun 2nd to move the energy within the vessel. Consider this sequence: New Moon 5th to open vessel, Full Moon/Sun 2nd to clear, Full Moon 6th to bridge with Yin and Solar 7th to balance the Yin with bringing in the Yang.

April 8th marks the highly anticipated Total Solar Eclipse, which happens when the moon crosses the path of the sun, blocking its view and creating a corona. This year, the corona of the eclipse will be more visible than in 2017 due to the sun’s heightened solar activity at the time of the eclipse. This eclipse will also be longer (by a few minutes) than that of 2017. It will be viewable here in Baja and Mexico first, before making its way across the United States, and crossing through Newfoundland.

Eclipses were considered by the Mayan Culture as a catalyst for accelerated planetary & consciousness shifts and changes. Other cultures see it as a mark of completion of something and a harbinger of a grand new transformational beginning.

The grand finale for this Spring is the rare conjunction of Jupiter with Uranus in Taurus, perhaps considered the most significant conjunction for 2024.  On April 20, Jupiter, the planet of expansion conjuncts Uranus, the planet of change and breakthroughs, in Taurus. This is a rare conjunction that has only happened three times previously in 1100; 1181, 1858 and 1941. This combination will bring interesting changes to ourselves and our world, especially in areas related to Taurus, the first Earth sign of the Zodiac. Will this transit bring changes to our Mother Earth?  Wherever this transit sits in your natal chart, be ready for exciting new opportunities and potential to occur relating to that specific house. For our planetary tools, Jupiter and Uranus together create a minor 2nd. They are big movers, so use them together wisely whenever you need to release stuck energy.  Consider inverting the interval with Uranus/Jupiter M 7th with the Cosmic Capstone, DU 20, P 8, and Ren 17, to integrate these energies and allowing breakthroughs with the unknown and expanding imagination. Consider using both intervals of the 2nd and the 7th with the Yin Qiao Mai expanding our inner visioning as well as with other selected planetary archetypes and intervals.

As we transition from Winter to Spring and throughout 2024, with our Year of the Dragon and our seasonal Wood Dragon, may we harness the strength, power, and transformational energies the dragon represents – soaring high above situations with ease, adaptability, flexibility, and grace, with growth and expansion for the highest and best good for humanity, amongst the winds of unpredictable change.

“Because one of the basic tenet’s of Buddhism, is that our existence is in a constant state of flux and we all must strive to work within the change.  Ideally, we should be able to adjust quickly and successfully change our approaches and practices. Not change for change’s sake.  We should make purposeful change.  Change is never painful, only resistance to change is painful”. - Buddha

Winter Element of Water (KID/BL)(Water nourishes Wood)
(Water extinguishes Fire)
Planet Rulership of Water:
Venus, New Moon, Full Moon, Neptune, Pluto, Sedna
Black Tiger
Spring Element of Wood (GB/LIV)
(Wood fuel’s Fire)
(Wood controls Earth)
Planet Rulership of Wood:
Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron
Bluegreen Dragon
2024 Chinese New Year Green Yang Wood Dragon

Significant Astrological Dates:
1/1 Mercury D+

1/11 New Moon Capricorn
*1/20 New Moon, Pluto enters Aquarius
1/25 Full Moon (Leo/Aquarius)
1/26 Uranus D+
*2/9 Super New Moon Aquarius squaring Uranus
*2/10 Chines LUNAR NEW YEAR (Year of the Green Yang Wood Dragon)
2/16 Mercury squares Uranus
*2/19 Chiron conjunct North Node
2/24 Full Moon (Virgo/Pisces)
3/10 Super New Moon Pisces
*3/19 Spring Equinox Northern Hemisphere, Fall Equinox Southern Hemisphere
3/25 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Libra/Aries)
4/1 Mercury Rx
*4/8 Total Solar Eclipse, Super New Moon (Aries)
*4/20 Jupiter conjunct Uranus
4/23 Full Moon (Scorpio Taurus)

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