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Astronomical Concepts of Autumn & Our Heavenly Connection: Combine the Alchemy of Acutonics Archetype and Intervals, Astrology, Acupoints, and TCM Elemental Theory

19 Sep, 2022
In Five Element Theory, Fall represents the Element of Metal, associated with the organs of LU and LI which involve the process of respiration, inspiration, purification, and elimination.
Astronomical Concepts of Autumn & Our Heavenly Connection: Combine the Alchemy of Acutonics Archetype and Intervals, Astrology, Acupoints, and TCM Elemental Theory

Lynn Wedekind, MEd

Element: Metal (LU/LI)
Season: Autumn (Northern Hemisphere)
Emotions: of Grief/Righteousness
Virgo (August 23 – September 22): Planet Rulership (Vesta/Mercury)
Libra (September 23 – October 22): Planet Rulership (Venus)
Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): Planet Rulership (Mars/Pluto)
Colors: Silver (Yin) and White (Yang)
White Tiger

Ancient Taoists, as well as other ancient cosmologies, believed we come from the stars. Even Inuit shaman share that their Polar Bear ancestors come from Ursa Major, The Big Dipper. Along the theme of coming from the stars, science has demonstrated that metals fall from the heavens in the form of meteorites, (either from comets or asteroids), and provide a cosmic blueprint of life and essence, (Level IV teaching). One type of meteorite carries a rare form of iron, for over 50 years, scientific research has shown us that certain meteorites contain vital amino acids, which are the precursors of proteins. Proteins are necessary for cellular structure, function and regulation of our body’s tissues and organs and are derived from amino acids, which are absorbed and synthesized by the colon.

Here is a link to a research article that explores the significance of protein amino acids in carbonaceous meteorites,

There are several systems in Astrology that overlay the 12 houses of the astrology wheel with the 12 TCM meridians, and for this article, regarding the theme of Fall and Metal, I was intuitively drawn to focus on both the 11th and 6th Houses in the chart, which in one system, represent the Lung and Large Intestine Meridians respectively.

I wanted to share a treatment strategy based upon the idea of the 11th House (LUNG) ruled by Uranus and the 6th House (Large Intestine), ruled by Mercury and Vesta, with both houses representing Metal, while utilizing archetype and intervals of our Acutonics planetary frequencies.

With consideration to the 11th House, we combine the visionary quality of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, with the theme of carrying inspiration from the heavens to Earth, through the lungs with descending intervals.

11th House - Lung (Aquarius) Uranus (3am – 5 am)
HF Uranus/HF Zodiac 6th (Inspiration from the heavens)
Mid Uranus/Mid Nibiru 5th (Integration potentiality portal)
Low Uranus/Low Mercury 4th (Synthesis on Earth)

Consider using one or several Lung points with the above archetypes and intervals.
This example uses High Frequency to Mid to Lows, feel free to use whatever forks regarding High, Middle, or Low you are guided to use.  (Example: all middle frequency)

LU 1, Zong Fu, Middle Palace, the Front Mu point of the Lung.
This point brings us to the center of the palace riches where we can meet with our heavenly ancestors who deeply listen to who we are with great respect, while giving us heavenly inspiration.

LU 8, Jing Qu, Channel Gutter, the Metal, and home point of the Meridian that helps clean the gutters, allowing inspiration of heaven to flow clearly like vibrant rain, giving us access to our own inner gifts. “When using Lung 8, the Metal point in Autumn, it brings the vitality of the season to the meridian giving it freshness and profound healing and rebalancing.” —Debra Kaatz, Characters of Wisdom.

Working with the Metal Meridian, a Metal Point on the Meridian with Metal Forks is a power-filled metal trinity.

LU 9, Tian Yuan, Supreme Abyss, Earth Point, Source Point, a supremely profound pool, for regaining balance, harmony, nourishment and stability to our energy and spirit. From the Eight extras consider the Chong, Ren and Du, Yin Qiao Mai or Yin Wei Mai.

With regards to the 6th House, here we combine the earthy quality of Virgo, ruled by Vesta and/or Mercury, with the theme of carrying the cosmic information communicated through Mercury from the heavens to earth, and assimilating through the large intestine. This discernment on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level, from Virgo through Mercury, allows powerful purification and elimination, so that a new clearer vision of purpose and service may emerge.                                              

In the following example, consider the archetypes with descending intervals from the 5th to the 3rd, for release and flow with ease.

6th House - Large Intestine (Virgo) Vesta, Mercury (5am – 7 am)
HF Mercury/HF Uranus 5th (synthesis of cosmic information)
Mid Mercury/Mid Earth Day 4th (bringing celestial info from heavens to earth)
Low Mercury/Low Hygiea m3rd (releasing, integrating & flowing with new info)
Low Mercury/Low Zodiac m3rd

The intention here is for Integration, Elimination and Assimilation of new information on the earthly plane. (Metal Meridian, Earth Point on Merdian, Metal and Earth Forks)

When using Metal points in Autumn, the metal point can give the meridian what it needs at a profound level. We can let go of what we no longer need and find the respect and qualities of goodness within”. — Debra Kaatz

Consider using one or several Large Intestine points, or a point of your choice, with the above archetypes and intervals;

LI 6 , Pian Li, Veering Passage, the Luo connecting point with the Lung.
Here we can let go of a cycle and complete it so a new energy can emerge for vitality and forward movement.

LI 11, Qu Chi, Pool at the Crook, the He-Sea and Earth Point, a pool of accumulated Qi.
Brings nourishment, care, and stability, while eliminating excess heat and/or wind.

LI 18, Fu Tu, Support the Prominence (Window to the Sky Point), part of the celestial necklace with ST 9 and SI 16. Use for letting go of what no longer serves regarding grief, attitudes and or consciousness that interferes with manifesting a true authentic vision of self.

Consider using these 8 extras for releasing
Yang Wei, Yang Qiao Mai or Dai Mai

Just as there is yin and yang in everything, Autumn is not about just letting go of what we no longer need on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level. It is also about gathering in that which nourishes and strengthens us.

After releasing or creating flow with the interval of the 3rd, consider bringing the divine spark of Vesta into the protocol. Use High Frequency Mercury with Asteroid Vesta to create a compound interval of a diminished 16th which carries the simple interval of the minor2nd (a mover) within it.  Mercury is carrying the message from Vesta’s internal Flame that never dies, back through the Large Intestine for reintegration, redefining and refueling our spiritual spark multi-dimensionally.

Mid Earth Day/HF Mercury 5th
HF Mercury/Vesta d16th
HF Mercury/Asteroid Hygiea m16th (simple interval a 2nd) a mover
2 octaves and a minor second (diminished 16th)
Yin Wei or Yin Qiao Mai, or Chong, Ren and Du for regeneration

In addition, the element of Metal has long been associated with alchemy and this is a time of unity consciousness and the transformational process of becoming gold. 

A treatment strategy to consider for this season of Metal is the Cosmic Capstone with Mercury/Nibiru 2nd or Pluto/Nibiru 2nd for moving towards integration of the alchemical and transformational process of becoming gold and owning our God/Goddess selves. Follow with Sedna/Nibiru 3rd and Sedna/Jupiter Tritone, for integrating, opening and expanding to unity consciousness.

From late September through early November, there are a plethora of interesting astrological alignments including the Fall Equinox, both Solar and Lunar Eclipses, a New and Full moon with Libra. To add to the celestial party, 2 inner planets: Mercury & Saturn along with our transformational outer planet Pluto all stationing direct. There’s more with fiery Mars turning retrograde till January 2023 and last but not least, benevolent, and expansive Jupiter enters Pisces, to help the collective grasp hold of their spiritual compass during these compelling and challenging times.

This September 22nd signifies the commencement of the Season of Fall (in the Northern Hemisphere) with the Autumn Equinox.  Also on this day, the Sun moves from the last day of the cycle of Virgo into Libra.

With Autumn upon us, as we draw closer to the end of 2022, may we remember we are still in the year of the Water Tiger, encouraging us to build our confidence, courage and passion while remaining flexible and resilient to change. May the element of Metal allow us the inspiration from the heavens we are needing to help influence and purify the choices we make, as we journey through an ever changing relationship with everything. 

When challenges occur beyond our control that affect our circumstances, I’m reminded and inspired by Joni Mitchell’s ability to turn lemons into lemonade when she was unable to attend Woodstock in 1969. She took her deep sadness from missing the opportunity to be there in person and transformed the moment into the composition of the ever-remembered lyrics and music of the song “Woodstock”, for Crosby, Stills & Nash to perform live at the event.

May these above treatment strategies, during this Season of Autumn allow us to gather in that which nourishes us, while breathing in the World we are choosing to co-create through faith, joy, harmony, peace, LOVE and GRATITUDE and Acutonics! Lest we not forget that every day is an opportunity to stay grounded, be in the present moment, find continued inspiration and creativity, shine our light from the inside out, to share our Numinous through Vesta during these unprecedented times of change for ourselves, our humanity, and our cosmos. 

Significant Dates:

9/22   Autumn Equinox (Libra)
9/25   New Moon Libra
9/26   Mercury conjunct Venus (Virgo), Sun opposite Jupiter (Libra/Aries)

10/2   Mercury D+ (Direct)Virgo
10/8   Pluto D+ (Capricorn)
10/9   Full Moon (Aries/Libra) Harvest Moon
10/22 Saturn D+ (Aquarius)
10/25 Solar Eclipse (Scorpio)
10/27 Jupiter enters Pisces
10/30 Mars Rx (Retrograde) Gemini

11/2-6 Venus, Sun & Mercury conjunct South Node (Scorpio)
11/2–5 Venus opposite Uranus square Saturn (Scorpio/Taurus/Aquarius)
11/8   Lunar Eclipse (Taurus/Scorpio), Sun conjunct Mercury (Scorpio)

We are stardust
Billion year old carbon
We are golden
Caught in the devil’s bargain
And we’ve got to get ourselves
Back to the garden

We are stardust
We are golden
And we’ve got to get ourselves
Back to the garden
© October 22, 1969: Siquomb Publishing Corp – Joni Mitchell

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