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Pluto’s New Spacesuite: Aquarius

27 Feb, 2023
A Short Acutonics Play
Pluto’s New Spacesuite: Aquarius

Mary Burke-Kelly,
Acutonics Teacher, Senior Faculty
Astrologer & Youth Theater Education Advocate

Scene: Dressing room for Outer Planets in Tropical Zodiac

Main Characters:
Pluto at 29 degrees Capricorn,

Saturn at 29 degrees Aquarius,
Jupiter at 29 degrees Aries

Special appearances by Uranus in Taurus, Chiron, & Hygiea

(Conversing in dressing room):
Pluto: I guess it’s time to change my style again for the human race by March 24th, 2023.

Saturn: Me too (as he starts to try on Pisces aqua clothes for March 8th, 2023 – May 26th, 2026)

Jupiter: And me as well (as he puts on Taurus bull clothing for May 17th, 2023 – May 24th, 2024)

PLUTO: No, this is about me…I am controlling this major transformation on a global scale, for all the masses, and I haven’t had a change of clothes since I donned Capricorn, an earth element, since 2008. You two get to change your style more often and I am controlling this major change into a brand-new era, you just assist.

Since 2008, I have manipulated and controlled in a Capricorn goat cloak, so humans had to focus on their structures and boundaries, destroying what is not working and transforming them in: the human financial/ manufacturing/logistical structures, infrastructures, borders of their countries, governmental structures, authoritarian figures/organizations. There was a criminal element exposed in government, corporations, and top authorities. With the help of my brother, Neptune, dressed in his original birth clothes of Pisces, we even had humans focus on their immune system boundaries and how many feet away they could stand from each other! (laughing)

SATURN: Hey, I did my part! I’ve been wearing Aquarius since December 18th, 2020, so I structured science and innovation in a practical way and pushed open boundaries for a more virtual workplace and global interconnections. Even Acutonics teaches classes on Zoom now across the world and shares documents on Google Classroom. Humans have structured careers for more personal freedom because of me! I’m taking partial credit for the workplace mass exodus. I work really well with Pluto in Capricorn, my birth sign.

SATURN: (Sighing and with depressed tone) But now on March 8th, 2023, I have to find a new style in Pisces that I’m not comfortable with. Putting boundaries and structures into areas that JUST DON’T LIKE structure or boundaries will be difficult. Water, oceans, the human subconscious (psychiatry), private counseling/consulting behind closed doors, large institutions of confinement like hospitals or prisons, the illusion industries: film, music, photography and all the new ones like virtual reality. But I have until 2025/26 to get it done. I am such a hard worker and task master, 2 and ½ years is plenty. I can even structure and provide boundaries in spirituality, meditation, dreams, and the metaphysical in that time…maybe even throw in large animals…but I am considering if I can structure and bind viruses, immune systems and mystery illnesses.

JUPITER: (with a booming voice) Lay off the heavy depression stuff, Saturn. You are so negative and can create such burdens for them.

SATURN: But they never forget a lesson I teach them in all their lifetimes….so lay off, sonny!

PLUTO: Yes, we do all work together, but remember who’s in control. Notice how I created power struggles in all the Capricorn areas as they slowly resisted reform?

JUPITER: (laughs with a grandiose chuckle) I especially liked the Brexit thing and the United States Congress riot. But I also enjoyed that blockade at the Canadian border. We all need to work on that southern border in the USA….I will go into Taurus on May 17th, 2023 for a year and expand money and values so maybe they understand there is enough for everyone, while you transform global economies, Pluto, to get to the root source of immigration

(They are unexpectedly interrupted as Uranus bolts into the dressing room with a spacesuit in his hands.)

URANUS: Your kind of change isn’t fast enough! Here, put on this Aquarius Air element spacesuit for March 24th-June 12th, 2023. It’s my birthday spacesuit. (Uranus is so excited, he starts to studder) Combine…combine my unexpected, un-un-unusual, innovative, humanitarian, sudden- ch-ch-change style with your own. That’s the only way to get humans to change.

Then go back to your Capricorn style during June 13th, 2023-January 21st, 2024 . Wear the Aquarian spacesuit for most of 2024, (January 22nd, 2024-September 1st, 2024) but plan one final showing of the Capricorn skin September 2nd, 2024-November 19th, 2024. By that time, you are more used to this Aquarian spacesuit and wear it for 20 years from November 20, 2024-April 2043-2044. You know, instability and eccentricity has ALWAYS worked for me…”

PLUTO: (Pluto tugs on the Aquarian air element spacesuit...) Wow! Look at these balloons and unusual objects I can put in the air over Canada and USA…humans are already looking for the underlying hidden or secret cause behind them!

Mass earthquake deaths in Turkey and Syria….as God of the Underworld, I use mass physical death as transformation. The Aquarius spacesuit can be mass deaths via unexpected, sudden events, airline/air related, unusual events, or even via science/technology. How about something from their science falling from the sky or a meteorite…Oh, I feel so creative! I remember when I used mass death connected with religion when I wore Sagittarius 1996-2008. I used sexual transmitted diseases in Scorpio from 1984-1996. But this can be so innovative and unusual….and AIRY!

SATURN: What else can you do when you wear the Aquarian spacesuit?

PLUTO: (putting a finger to his head to indicate thinking) Well, if I use my areas of expertise in transformation, uncovering underlying or hidden sources, globally held finances/assets, recycling, destroying waste or non-functional, power, control and criminals….and wear the Aquarius spacesuit of sudden events, high technology, innovation, science, groups of people….. well, the possibilities for change are exponential. Look at the permutations I can do if I keep this spacesuit on for 20 years!

Let’s transform with space exploration. There could be more criminal activity or politics in sciences, computer and high-tech industry or I can make major transformations in them. There could be waste destroyed in humanitarian finances such as Medicare or social services followed by major transformation for the better. But filled with power struggles…hee hee hee (he snickers).

JUPITER: But what about the humans who have a hard time with change?

PLUTO: Of course, more power and control issues between groups (tribes) may get intense. Aquarius can be a distant, cold style that has more loyalty to the tribe or political group than to single individuals. Some may create transformation through revolutionary tactics rather than progressive reform. Aquarius is about personal freedom so control issues can center on that. If evolved, there can be transformation to a more community or group consciousness. Humans may have some anxiety or other nervous system electrical reactions as this new energy transitions.

I think I can transform science, innovation, aviation, electricity and the electrical system of humans with this Aquarian spacesuit. There can be a purging or destruction of what is not working in computer technology, internet, social media, unusual or unstable financial markets (crypto-currency or Non Fungible Tokens). The ideal, with Neptune’s help, is to transform to a more humanitarian, horizontal human system, just like Uranus likes to roll on his side, (laughing) with an emphasis on personal freedoms and independence. But you know, they will fight about control and power on the way. Because I love manipulating them and the politics….out of the clash comes change. (Pluto murmurs under his breath) I am so obsessed with transforming air travel…..”

Chiron clip clops into the dressing room:

CHIRON: Hey guys, humans can use March 24th-June 12th, 2023 to see how they react to this new Pluto in Aquarius style on a personal basis. It will be a preview of how they may respond to the Aquarian spacesuit Pluto wears for 20 years to 2043. Almost like a bridge to the new style of energy…and a preview of what they need to work on personally. There is always a jolt when a major slow planet like Pluto dons a new style. Humans will get more used to the spacesuit as Pluto enters the mid degrees of Aquarius and time passes.

Hygiea (calls from outside the dressing room in a sing song voice as she enters from stage left)

HYGIEA: Ohhh, boys! I heard your schemes! Did you forget I integrate, upgrade and elevate human responses to your style plans? I can elevate humans right out of all that control/power stuff and the need to break down before transforming during any transition you can dish out (Pluto/Hygiea gongs and chimes sound). I can help humans respond with positive innovations for transformation (Hygiea/Uranus gongs and chimes sound). I will integrate all your positive efforts and downplay negative responses to help humans reach a path to wholeness. And we women (looking into audience and breaking the 3rd wall) always get the last word! (The Hygiea tritone sounds-Low Hyg chime, mid Hyg chime, asteroid Hyg fork)

(All the planets join hands and bow from the waist, looking at their feet long enough to say in their head, “Did I tie my shoes?” They bend back up from the waist, still holding hands, they raise hands over their heads and smile. They hold upraised hands & smiles long enough to say in their heads, “Yes, I tied my shoes!”)

Mary Burke-Kelly is a Senior Licensed Acutonics Faculty who offers 20 Acutonics classes annually on zoom with multiple camera angles. Introducing distance Acutonics practicums using holographic sound techniques in 2020 zoom classes, those practicums have become a staple in her classes alongside self-care. She has developed and taught a 4-week clinic hour class for those seeking clinical certification hours, which repeats June 2023. Mary will offer a newly developed Pre-Natal Eclipse Acutonics class using astrology & the extraordinary vessels on September 23rd-24th, 2023.

 She has converted her practice, which specializes in emotional fractures, to focus on Distance Acutonics, recognizing that all geographical boundaries are gone. Mary was a western astrologer and advertising executive before she worked in community youth theater education on the elementary, middle, and high school levels. She has her Sun and Venus in Aquarius but her Mercury is 29 degrees Capricorn…..right where Pluto currently is trying on his new clothes., email: