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Late Summer: Astrological Alignments and Healing Themes

10 Aug, 2023
With August here and late Summer upon us, it seems we are experiencing an astrological cacophony of alignments with 2 Full Moons and 7 planets retrograde this month. This is an exquisite opportune time to go inward to review, rethink, revise and rewrite our mental and emotional scripting, and those patterns that may prevent us from being the highest vibrational beings we are meant to be.
Late Summer: Astrological Alignments and Healing Themes

Lynn Wedekind, MEd, Senior Licensed Acutonics Faculty

What You Think You Become
What You Feel, You Attract
What You Imagine, You Create — Buddha

August begins and terminates with 2 Super Full Moons in the same month, with the Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo, a rare Blue Moon, on August 30th. Consider tempering strong emotions and sensitivities with Full Moon/Hygiea 5th, and nurturing the Mountain of Balance Points, Kid 25, Kid 24, Kid 23, and Ren 17. Also, H 5 or combining SI 11, (Hygiea) and H 5, (Full Moon) allowing Hygiea to assist with cleaning up emotions that may prevent us from moving forwards.

This year our retrograde cycles began with our planet of transformation, Pluto in Capricorn, turning retrograde in May. Saturn and Neptune both in Pisces followed in June.  Then Venus in Leo, along with Chiron in Aries continued the retrograde cycle in July. In August we have two more heavenly bodies stationing retrograde, with quick silver Mercury, our communicator that rules our nervous system, in Virgo (August 23rd – September 14th) and our outer planet of Change, Uranus in Taurus, turning retrograde at month’s end on August 28th - January 26th, 2024.

While we are familiar with Mercury retrogrades that occurs about every four months approximately three or four times a year, we are less familiar with the strength of influence of our outer planet of change, Uranus’s retrograde cycle, of five months of the year, on a once-a-year basis. When Uranus is retrograde, expect the unexpected. Hold onto your Cosmic seatbelts as Taurus encourages us to be resourceful, productive, and stable. All of these issues are up for review and unpredictability. 

With both Mercury and Uranus turning retrograde in the same month, both ruling our nervous systems and involving synthesis, we have a golden opportunity to rewire our thoughts and perceptions allowing more intuition and following our hearts during change and challenging times. Remember that Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. Consider balancing the Huato Jiaji and Baliao with Ohm Unison, a gentle opening with Mercury/New Moon 5th, or a gentle release with Zodiac/Uranus m3rd.

Ellen and Donna’s recent travels to Iceland and Greenland and their suggestion of grounding with Chiron Unison to help assist personal healing of ourselves in relationship with our beloved Mother Earth, I felt compelled to write about our bridge to healing with Chiron, currently in Aries, and retrograde as of July 22nd – December 25th. We have five and a half months to really dive deep into our core wounds and heal so we are able to step into our soul’s purpose as we approach 2024 and beyond, accelerating our birth of our New Golden Era. Chiron in Aries is a truly powerful purification, as the fires of Aries assist in purging all that needs to be released, similar to that of a traditional Native American sacred sweat lodge.

Consider this protocol for working with Chiron in Aries:
BL 10, Celestial Pillar/BL 60, Kun Lun Mountain
Chiron/Venus P 5 (helping to heal our feminine and our relationship with love)
Chiron/Mars M7 (helping to heal our masculine and our relationship with compassion)
Followed by Chiron/Sun M 6th (helping to heal our hearts, consciousness and DNA)

Low Chiron/Low Venus 5 to open
Low Mars/Low Chiron m 2nd to purify the channel.
Low Chiron/Low Mars M7 - (pulling us toward wholeness with Chiron Octave)
Mid Chiron/Mid Mars M7
Low Chiron/Mid Chiron Octave
Ending with Mid Chiron/ HF Chiron Octave

Chiron initially moved into Aries in April of 2018 and now remains there until April of 2027, for an 8 - 9-year cycle. This is an unusually long cycle for Chiron to remain in a sign.  Chiron’s usual cycle in other signs is approximately two to four years. The last time Chiron was in Aries was from 1969 – 1977, an 8-year cycle, around the time of discovery. We will have one more opportunity for deep healing with another Chiron in Aries retrograde cycle September 17th – April 13th, 2024.

The Grand Finale of Planetary Bodies changing signs is that of our watery Sedna! Sedna, our farthest planet from the Sun in our Solar System, has been in Taurus since the 1960s and changed signs this Summer on June 15th, 2023, from Taurus to Gemini. She will remain in Gemini through November 21st until she retrogrades to Taurus again from November 22nd, 2023 – April 26th, 2024. Then she will remain in Gemini for approximately 41 years, until August of 2065.

With about 3 months remaining of Sedna in Gemini, we can look for Sedna to assist us in getting clear with our mental inner chatter to free ourselves from any old stories that no longer serve our evolutionary process. Gemini, The Messenger, is associated with our need to communicate with and learn from others.

Sedna in Gemini can be interpreted in a multitude of ways, along the lines of any form of communication, be it telepathy, technology, AI, however, as Buddha quoted, “What You Think You Become”, so make your thoughts good ones. Sedna in Gemini is also a potent time for co-creation with like-hearted souls!

Here are a few ideas for treatment strategies for Sedna in Gemini:

Du Mai
Sedna/Earth Day - P5 (open)
Sedna/Mercury - M2nd (clearing)
Mercury/Hygiea – m3rd (cleaning up and releasing our thoughts not wanted)
Sedna/Hygiea – P4 (access the Quantum and Muti-dimensions, cleaning up Sedna)
Mercury/Sedna – m7th Inversion (access to imagination through our thoughts)
Mercury/Sedna - m7th Fieldwork

Yang Qaio Mai
Sedna/Earth Day - P5 (open)
Sedna/Mercury - M2nd (clearing)
Mercury/Hygiea – m3rd (cleaning up and releasing our thoughts not wanted)

Points to Consider:
DU 23, Upper Star
Sedna/Mercury – M2nd
Sedna/Hygiea – P4

Yin Tang
Same Sequence as DU 23

Important themes for a Wow of a September, Venus stations direct in Leo, Jupiter turns Retrograde in Taurus, a Virgo New Moon on the 14th, Mercury in Virgo turns direct, our annual Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in the Southern on September 22nd, culminating the end of the month with the Full Moon in Aries/Libra on the 29th.

October’s 3 main themes are with Mars conjunct the South Node in Libra, asking us to move forwards with rightful action with regards to cleaning up our relationships.  Our Evolutionary Planet Pluto turning Direct in Capricorn on 10/10, allowing us to move forwards from dealing with our shadow work around our own use of power, our authenticity and bringing to surface and exposing any systems that are not in our highest and best good. The Super Grand Finale of the Cosmic Symphony ends our late summer extravaganza with a potent Annular New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra.  During this Solar Eclipse, our Sun forms a ring of fire around the Moon.

This is an opportune time to work with balancing our Yin and Yang energies. Consider working with the Low Moon and Mid Sun fork together creating the movement and resistance of the intervallic Major 2nd while working with the Microcosmic Orbit.  Also consider using an ancient Taoist practice of running the Sun energy with the Ren Mai and the Moon energy with the Du Mai, opposite of what we would think and nourishing the Yin with the Sun and the Yang with the Moon!

With all that is happening during this time of rapid change and transition, may we be reminded of what our spiritual purpose here is on our beloved Mother Earth and choose to remain grounded, with love and gratitude in our hearts, working towards wholeness for ourselves individually, collectively and for humanity;  humans in unity for the highest and best good for our planet, our Universe and all that is. 

Important Astrological Dates August – Mid October

8/8th - Lion’s Gate Portal w/Sun in Leo’s alignment with Sirius, Orion’s Belt and Earth
8/13th - Sun conjunct Venus
8/15th  - Sun square Uranus (Leo-Taurus)
8/16th - New Moon 2:38 AM (Leo)
8/22nd - Mars opp Neptune (Virgo-Pisces)
8/23rd - Mercury Rx 12:59 PM (Virgo)
8/27th - Sun opposite Saturn (Virgo-Pisces)
8/28th - Uranus Rx 7:38 PM (Taurus)
8/30th - Full Moon 6:35 PM (Pisces-Virgo)

9/3rd - Venus D+ (Leo)
9/4th - Jupiter Rx (Taurus); Mercury trine Jupiter (Virgo-Taurus);
9/6th - Sun con Mercury (Virgo)
9/14th - New Moon 6:39 PM (Virgo)
9/15th - Mercury D+ (Virgo); Sun trine Uranus (Virgo-Taurus)
9/19th - Sun opposite Neptune (Virgo-Pisces);
9/20th - Sun trine Pluto (Virgo-Capricorn)
9/22nd - Equinox 11:49 AM PST
9/29th - Full Moon 2:57 AM (Aries-Libra)

10/4th - Mars conjunct South Node (Libra)
10/8th - Mars square Pluto (Libra-Capricorn)
10/9th - Venus opposite Saturn (Virgo-Pisces)
10/10th - Pluto D+ (Capricorn); Sun opposite Chiron (Libra-Aries)
10/14th - New Moon/Solar Eclipse (Libra); Mercury opposite Chiron (Libra)
10/18-19th - Sun-Mercury conjunct South Node (Libra), opposite North Node (Aries)
10/21st - Sun square Pluto (Libra-Capricorn); Venus trine Jupiter (Virgo-Taurus)

Lynn Wedekind, MEd, Senior Licensed Acutonics Faculty and Certified Acutonics® Practitioner is a sound practitioner, professional musician, composer, vocalist, wellness specialist and ceremonialist, committed to bring healing heart by heart, while working to create harmony and peace on the planet. Lynn can be reached at 360-353-4488, –, Upcoming study opportunities include Acutonics Baja Mexico clinic Hours Fall Camp, receive 30 hours of observed clinic time between September 13th-17th. Ready to get started with your training, Acutonics Level I & II Intensive, a 9-day retreat style class December 5th-13th, 2023.