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Jupiter In Pisces - The Bargain Bin

28 Jul, 2022
It’s not as though we didn’t have enough to look forward to. We cooperated, we hit that pause button, we told ourselves “not yet” for the greater good. When your life gets put on pause, and you’re lucky enough to have the internet and free services like YouTube, the world meets you on the screen, hopefully to let you know when the astrology will let you hit the Play button. Or when it will hit itself.
Jupiter In Pisces - The Bargain Bin

Lessons from an entirely too-short Jupiter transit

As a baby astrologer, I started to look at days last year in 2021. Jupiter was in Aquarius with Saturn (December 19, 2020 to May 13, 2021 and then again July 28,2021 to December 28, 2021) and the long, drawn out withdrawal of our world from COVID appeared planetarily galvanized. Jupiter in Aquarius is not particularly strong or weak - certainly nothing could be worse than the prior Jupiter in Capricorn transit of 2020 which presided over the initial COVID times - but Jupiter, the following year 2022, we could all look forward to being at home and happy in Pisces, leading to what I remember one astrologer on YouTube describing as Jupiter, the planet of benevolence, opportunity, abundance, and luck being “happy, on a beach, sipping Mai Tais.”

With Jupiter transiting into Aries after only four months in Pisces (December 28, 2021, until May 10, 2022) and after having 2 months of Jupiter in Pisces last year as part of the Aquarius transit, the vacation is starting to feel typically - too short, too expensive, and pitted against our own sense of peace. That is - the need to relax and the persuasion to do everything possible on a shrinking timeline is showing us the err of our planning; and that the honeymoon phase - after booking and before traveling - might actually be the real vacation.

During this honeymoon phase, the way I saw it, this year’s Jupiter in Pisces transit was going to be perfect for my business. By the way, I’m a Sagittarius Sun, Pisces Rising. Both of these are ruled by Jupiter - so Jupiter is completely my frequency. My own Jupiter placement is in Libra, conjunct Saturn however, so while Jupiter yields many of the patterns of my own life with its transits, I have gotten used to a pace of life akin to driving with the parking brake on. Jupiter’s full transit takes 12 earth years to complete, and going back to 2010, the year I founded my business and had some lucrative breakthrough projects, I was eager to feel that ease and growth again. But we’ve had 4 months of Jupiter in Pisces, total. It will retrograde back to Pisces out of Aries, and we will get another 2 measly months, before we say goodbye for another 11 years. Still, any vaycay is better than no vaycay. Just ask Ellen.

The four months in 2022 of Jupiter in Pisces brought us leads and new clients, even in the weeks leading up to the transit. It was evidence that the manifestation of these kinds of relationships had worked. With Jupiter in Aries, the team has been busy clearing that incoming work. Now with Jupiter going Retrograde, we have the chance to digest anything we have learned around this work and these relationships. From the business angle, this may look like client surveys or interviews, or digging into some low-hanging fruit that had been found as part of the previous work, or even investing time to learn skills. With Jupiter in Aries, answering the calls and going the distance that showed up from Jupiter in Pisces would ultimately be keeping up with Jupiter’s energy, even if it didn’t feel strong, or dreamy, or sky’s-the-limit. Here’s the thing - though, we’re going to get another round.

The Bargain Bin

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to welcome Jupiter back into Pisces. The Retrograde will begin at the end of the month (July 28, 2022), returning Jupiter to Pisces on October 28 (finally!) where it will transit until December 28. As it comes back, we will have the benefit of a giant Jupiter in Aries summer, which while not fun, will completely factor into what Round 2 will deliver in the way of bric-a-brac to fill our collective shelves. I am asking the following questions: How much of what Jupiter in Pisces delivered the first time was actually what we needed? Did what showed up during the phase 1 Pisces transit create any new pain or problems? Did we completely express gratitude for what had arrived and how it played out? And, finally: If I could do it over, fix something, involve a new perspective towards my own abundance in manifesting during Jupiter in Pisces, what would it be?

Because Jupiter is coming back into Pisces, we all have another couple of days of manifestation vaycay. And you can do it over, if you want to. Not completely, of course, but now that you know what you know about what you asked for and got, what would you shift?

If it’s the last couple days of vacation, and you’re preparing to travel and not do this again for awhile (like 11 years) you’ve undoubtedly had a lot of vacation, but maybe you didn’t know how much you would like snorkeling, or how reaching out to touch the highest peak on the continent would make you feel. You have two more free days, and they are yours in this moment to take your whole self on any kind of experience you want - fun, curious, even transformative. What do you decide?

As if the deal needed sweetening, all of these experiences are at the end-of-season sale. Jupiter won’t be back for 11 years, and it’s clearing the shelves. Not everyone wanted what they got, and the “more” scheduled for delivery is still sitting on the shelves. And, not everyone is coming back for more. For some, the cracks and chips on their abundance is too much. Some are saying “no thank you!” and starting fresh. And some really got what they asked for, bless their hearts.

Even if time is running short and the budget is cynched, go explore your options. Greet your heart in its space and ask who you can best be of service to yourself, and make an order of the small changes and shop freely in the marketplace for the wonders you didn’t know you needed when you arrived. And ask Jupiter's benevolence to guide you, and to keep you close, as it transits with you back to normal life.

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