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January 2017 Message from the Mothership

1 Jan, 2017

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017. Every year is filled with promise and numerous opportunities to promote harmony, balance and living a more integrated life. In our classes, and from the founding of our company, we have always spoken about the need to focus with clear intention on how we live our lives so that we are able to be fully present for those we are called to serve in whatever capacity we are able to be of most value.

Belonging by Donna Carey, LAc, Co-Creator Acutonics®

1 Jan, 2017

I want to begin this New Year Message from the Mothership with a focus on belonging.  2017 has been both illuminating and galvanizing for many movements but the one that has struck me most profoundly in terms of social and political history is the #metoo phenomenon, which has grown into an extraordinary opportunity for people to give voice to horrific life experiences and call for right action and social justice, and to not be afraid to speaking up. The Earth also cries out #metoo, and there is no court to take on this rape case, harassment, and disregard for planetary life one whose fate is intimately entwined with ours. And for me personally, the #metoo movement is also about all victims without voice, refugee populations, orphans, fostered children, abused animals, all sentient beings whose voices must be heard and seek belonging.

Acutonics Holiday Blessings A Look Back at 2016

26 Dec, 2016

We extend blessings of peace, harmony, light and love for this holiday season and the coming year.

Message from the Mothership December 2016

1 Dec, 2016

We are extraordinarily grateful for the love and support flowing in from our global community of teachers, practitioners, students, and the clients you serve.  We are proud of your work and what we are building together on a global scale. 

The Promise of Wholes

1 Dec, 2016

This poem the Promise of Wholes by Donna Carey will appear in a new poetry collection Days of Endless Capture that will be available the first quarter 2017. We are taking advance orders now.

News From the Mothership November 2016

16 Nov, 2016

Fall at the Mothership is always a time of transitions and maintenance and this year is no exception. Although the weather has remained warm during the day evenings are cool and we’ve had a few frosts. The beautiful golden colors in the mountains have come and gone and in the garden our focus for October was on planting our fall crop of garlic, growing dome maintenance, and transitioning the dome from summer crops such as tomatoes, chili peppers, spinach and cucumbers to winter hardy vegetables, herbs and greens. The abundance of tomatoes has led to a full freezer of hardy soups, red sauces, and flash frozen tomatoes that will definitely carry us through winter. We now have lettuce, baby kale, chard, cilantro, carrots, beets, and parsley growing in the dome. Additionally, our Meyer Lemon tree has a large crop turning from green to yellow. We expect to harvest them over the next few weeks. All sorts of interesting salsa and veggie recipes call for these sweet lemons.

News from the Mothership - October 2016

29 Sep, 2016

Fall has definitely arrived, with sunny cool days, and cold nights, we've already had a frost and our mountains landscape has turned to a beautiful golden color. The outside gardens have been hit by frost, so just beets and carrots, the hardy vegetables remain. Donna is working diligently to convert the dome to winter hardy crops such as lettuce, arugula, chard and many types of kale.

From the Mothership September 2016

30 Aug, 2016

As summer winds down here at the Mothership we already feel the shift in the weather patterns that are a harbinger of Fall. Hail last week pummeled our outside gardens, and there were actually plows out in the mountains.

Dr. Alicia Villamarin and Project WU

30 Aug, 2016

If we were to pick anyone who exemplifies the type of person Acutonics embodies (or attracts, or “produces”), we’d have to put Dr. Alicia Villamarin at the top of the list. 

An Interview with Erin Taylor: Energy Facilitator and Acutonics Practitioner

25 Jul, 2016

Erin Taylor grew up around music. Her mother played the piano. Her sister grew up to compose classical music. And Taylor played music by ear and sang. Though she didn’t just sing—a friend of the family was a music producer, and he’d sometimes record Taylor and her brother and sister. She’s been immersed in sound, then, for as far back as she can remember. So of course Acutonics would find her.

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