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Acutonics® Tuning Forks in the Classroom

28 Feb, 2016

Karen Saura has been a public school teacher in the San Francisco Bay area since 2001. She is currently teaching middle school science. Karen also tutors and works as a substitute teacher from kindergarten to twelfth grade, including students in Juvenile Hall. She has been integrating tuning forks into the classroom since 2012, with amazing results.

Wine Production at the Mothership: Enhancing Flavor with Acutonics® Tuning Forks

19 Feb, 2016

Many of you who have visited the Mothership have seen first hand that we are engaged year round in sustainable farming and small-scale wine production. These efforts are under the direction of Donna Carey, our chief alchemist, who in this blog post, shares some of her approaches for incorporating the use of tuning forks into the different stages of fermentation resulting in an exceptional tasting wine.

Eating Healthy In Winter: Vegetable feasts from our growing dome enhanced through Sound Therapy

25 Jan, 2016

My life this season has been about shoveling. Snow, snow, and more snow; as we shovel paths, roofs, cars, and entrances to buildings. We are fortunate to have a tractor outfitted with plow and chains, although that does not help with the paths to the growing dome, root cellar, and between our many buildings. It is challenging to keep the property plowed, sanded, and de-iced.

Fire and Ice: Pluto’s Frozen Heart

21 Jul, 2015

In this month’s Acutonics newsletter senior faculty members Paul and Jude Ponton share their perspective on summer, the Fire Element, and the heart as a gateway to our authentic spirit or Shen. Their contribution prompted me to think about Pluto and the recent New Horizons discovery of a frozen plain in the heart of Pluto’s heart.

Acutonics New Website Launch

10 Jun, 2015

For nearly a year Sande McDaniel and Ellen Franklin have been working with Xynergy on the creation of this new website and a presence on social media. At the beginning we knew this was a major undertaking but the entire process has been beautifully guided by our team at Xynergy. We hope you enjoy this new site, and find it much easier to read and explore.

Springs Abundance Reflections on Sedna

10 Jun, 2015

Spring has definitely come to our high mountains of Northern New Mexico, cucumbers are abundant in the growing dome, tomato vines are filled with new buds, and our fig tree has hundreds of baby figs. There are many new blossoms on the Meyer lemon tree, and the flower beds surrounding our home and office are bursting with vibrant color.  

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