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Returning Art and Spirit to Medicine

1 Aug, 2018

Returning Art and Spirit to Medicine is a deeply held mission of the Acutonics Institute. Engagement in expressions of creativity ignites the spirit and promotes integrative and innovative new directions in health care, while encouraging a health-care system that is rooted in promoting harmony between body and spirit psyche and soul. This is truly the work that this month’s profiled newly certified Acutonics Practitioner Patrice Repar is engaged in every day. Creator of the Arts-in-Medicine: Healing and Humanities program at the University of New Mexico, Patrice has a deep understanding of the extraordinary power of creative expression and human connections to empower transformative change.

Cultivation of an Abundant Compassionate Heart

1 Jul, 2018

In July we are touched by the energy of both the Moon and the Sun. Representing a perfect balance between yin and yang, male and female, fire and water, coherence and wholeness. A true alchemical process of balancing opposing forces richly represented through their archetypal qualities and rich correspondences.

Rediscover the Sacredness in Everyday Life

1 Jun, 2018

This month we celebrate Mercury, identified by Thomas Moore as a key player in our care for and understanding of the soul an aid to rediscover the sacredness in everyday life: “Care of the soul is not solving the puzzle of life; quite the opposite, it is an appreciation of the paradoxical mysteries that blend light and darkness into the grandeur of what human life and culture can be.” If Mercury is present in our lives with wit and humor, there is a good chance that we will be successful in cultivating the magic, wonder, and creativity of life, which is the gift of the soul.

Earth Day, Every Day – A Message from the Mothership

1 May, 2018

Each year on April 22 we honor the founding of the modern day environmental movement in April of 1970, which to this day, nearly 50 years later, provides a voice to both heighten and raise consciousness that the Earth and all living organisms are in trouble. Despite these efforts, we still have climate change deniers a plenty. 

Awaken to the Abundance of Spring

1 Apr, 2018

Fierce winds, snow and rain do not feel like harbingers of spring but here in Northern New Mexico we’ve grown accustomed to mother nature’s might. Ever so grateful for every drop of moisture as we leave a very dry winter behind. The most dramatic change has been in the growing dome where the fig tree has definitely decided that spring is here. Ducks and many birds have returned to the pond. Donna is hard at work doing a complete redesign of the outside vegetable gardens, with goals to simplify, while also making it easier to deal with critters and weeds. 

Water the Seed of All Creation

1 Mar, 2018

After a very mild almost snowless winter a blast of cold weather, high winds and snow roared in like a lion. The moisture always welcome in the high desert of Northern New Mexico, made us grateful for the warmth of the growing dome and the beautiful greens that sustain us in winter. 

A Door Into All Possibilities

1 Feb, 2018

A walk through the woods on our land brought me to a hidden grotto, a memory palace opening a door into all possibilities. This serves as a fitting reminder as we celebrate the Lunar New Year, welcome the Year of the Dog in the Chinese Zodiac and explore themes associated with Uranus the awakener. There is so much potential for our future. Each of these events plays a role in the seismic shifts currently underway in the political landscape, a potent reminder of the possibilities before us in 2018.

Thoughts on Inner Field I: The Joining

1 Feb, 2018

The initial inspiration for the sculpture Inner Field I: The Joining that was created last year at the Mothership was to recycle excess crossbars, feet, and extending rods from old gong stands into what would represent a hexagram of the I Ching as thrown randomly from yarrow sticks (steel). Other supporting materials would add dimensionality and conceptualize the original ideogram and gua.  

Harmony, Peace and Magic Moments this Holiday Season

1 Dec, 2017

We extend our best wishes to each of you for this holiday season. Whatever spiritual path you follow December has come to represent a time for family, friends and community. It is also a time when we look for opportunities to share something special with others, whether it's a physical gift, a gift of time or simply engaging fully with our hearts to share stories and create meaningful moments.

Sex, Death, Secrets, Equal Share of the Riches — Living with Pluto

1 Nov, 2017

On October 23rd, we entered the sign of Scorpio ruled by Pluto. Pluto themes include issues of shame related to sexual assault and harassment, death of old paradigms, hidden secrets and victimization. But the energy of Pluto also aids in getting to the heart of an issue to break down or break through limiting patterns. There is enormous potential for regeneration, transformation and growth that takes place on both a personal and transpersonal level, as with secrets revealed recently on a collective level. 

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