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Ecological Consciousness: Transforming Trauma to Hope and Wellbeing

1 Oct, 2017

This morning, we woke to snow in the mountains and the golden light of fall blankets the Earth here at the Mothership. Donna has been diligently at work converting the growing dome from summer to winter plants and we are still enjoying some of the bounty from the outside gardens as well as the last tomatoes, cucumbers, chilies and spinach from the growing dome. We’ve not had a frost yet, but given the temperature drop today, it is likely that we will have one soon. Our classes for the year have wrapped up with a great group of students from around the globe moving toward their Acutonics Certification.

Daily Creative Practice as a Gateway to Unity

1 Sep, 2017

This past month at the Mothership we have been engaged in a variety of creative pursuits, from making art to trying out inventive new recipes with some of our abundant fresh produce. I’ve hammered steel to create sound sculptures, and Donna, Joanie Solaini and Max have been welding metal bars together and cutting steel for a new art installation that will represent Hexagram 8 of the I-Ching: Bi, to unite or hold together with our own inner truth, unity, union, community, intimacy and closeness. This hexagram also relates to uniting the disparate parts within us. Bi is an expression of community and the bond between people. In this hexagram, we have Water above and Earth Below, envision the way in which water nourishes the Earth and the Earth provides sustenance. This is also a reminder of the importance of loving and caring in any union. In our lives, nothing is more destructive than successive conflict and more auspicious than building harmonious relationships between people, recognizing that we are all one.

Living with an Aligned Heart – Celebrate the Sun

1 Aug, 2017

On July 23rd we entered into the sign of Leo, which is ruled by the Sun. The Sun is the heart of the solar system a guardian of the gateway to other worlds generating warmth and providing energy for us and for all growing things. The Sun is both our wake-up call and our benefactor, looking over us with fatherly protection, unconditional love and generosity. Theologian Matthew Fox writing about generosity reminds us that true generosity is when we give from the very depths of our heart and soul, without a sought-after or guaranteed return. When we are able to recognize the unique gifts that each living organism brings forth and to openly share our divine spark without demands, this is true abundance, generosity endowed with true divinity. How blessed we are to reside in a vast, magnificently beautiful, and infinitely generous universe that demonstrates myriad levels of interconnectivity.

Collaboration, Nurturance and Community

1 Jul, 2017

The theme for this months’ newsletter shines brightly as I reflect on the Acutonics® community, this months contributions, and the world at large. On June 22nd at the time of the summer solstice we entered into the sign of Cancer ruled by the Moon. The Moon guides our journey as we work to embody the best characteristics of the ancient healers, the purity of the stream, the sacredness of the healing experience, and the critical importance of being connected to the cycles of life and the natural world. While many of us and those we serve are struggling with heightened anxiety, a loss of hope, and genuine concerns about the environment and survival just stop for a moment and reflect on the huge accomplishments occurring through the efforts of people who are unwilling to accept the status quo. In his book Blessed Unrest  (published in 2007) Paul Hawken wrote about the largely untold story of the millions of people around the world who through imagination, the courage of their convictions, and resilience, are engaged in work to redefine their relationships to one another and to the environment. Ten years later, these issues are still front and center, but grassroots movements continue to grow working to address deep global issues of health, social justice, and planetary healing.

Heart Based Communication

1 Jun, 2017

In this newsletter Paul and Jude Ponton’s contribution explores techniques for shifting our conscious awareness so that it is in resonance with the spirit and field of the heart. Our featured teacher Susan Goldstone guided by lessons from early in life strives to live an authentic heart based life, connected to Source. Kay Broyles, our profiled student has been interested in healing since she was a young child, inspired by stories of medical missionaries and fascinated by faith healings of spiritual healers such as Kathryn Kuhlman, Olga Worrall, and Edgar Casey. At 70 Kay is actively engaged in her community teaching people about living a chemically free life and working as a tireless volunteer in her hometown of Muenster, Texas. Each of these contributions is reflective of people who have made choices in their lives to live from a place of integrity and light, engaging in open, heart-based communication. The response to the terrorist event in Manchester, England by the local community has been extraordinarily heart based, respectful, and thoughtful — not giving in to fear. It is so easy for these tragic events to provoke fear and distrust of our neighbors, or they can bring people together with open hearts to seek unity, inspire one another and work to promote peace. 

Venus: A Source of Strength, Creativity and New Life

1 May, 2017

It's a rainy day here in Llano, New Mexico welcome moisture in the high desert mountains. The growing dome is thriving with new tomato plants, cucumbers and chili peppers. The fig and lemon trees are covered with new fruit. With the help of Max and our friend Sarah Hayes over 400 onions have been planted in the outside gardens. Pastureland is greening and spring flowers are pushing through the soil. The presence of Venus is felt in the beautiful new life emerging from the soil to the numerous creative installations on our land.

This blog post was in part inspired by our recent trip to Mexico as well as the contribution in this newsletter from Paul and Jude Ponton on the use of Source Points, and of course our beloved Venus who is also featured in this months newsletter. Source Points, Paul and Jude propose can be used to promote growth and transformation and to bring all aspects of our nature into vibrational harmony. A source point also takes us to our original qi and essence, which relate to the Kidneys, which are ruled by Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus and Libra (We entered into the sign of Taurus on April 20th). Source points also help us to dive into the waters of our original qi, the subterranean waters of the cenote, which provided life and sustainability to the Maya.

Gratitude and Grace - Honoring the Earth

1 Apr, 2017

On March 17th we had the pleasure of celebrating the 20th Birthday of Acutonics as well as St. Patrick’s Day. Donna prepared a fabulous lunch. Shealan Anderson (who was here with us as a student intern) Sande McDaniel, Alicia Villamarin and Donna and I stopped to enjoy the warm sunny afternoon and shared a picnic lunch on the deck. Looking out over the snow-capped mountains, there were so many memories of past gatherings here on the land, laughter and sorrow, gratitude and so much grace. Whether you have been a part of Acutonics since its founding twenty years ago, or are a relatively new student, teacher or practitioner, what shines through daily is your dedication to making a difference for the planet. You are not just focused on the delivery of integrative health care but genuinely committed to supporting body, mind and spirit with grace as you foster hope, peace, light and harmony within your own communities. Thank you.

A Vision of Hope: Acutonics Celebrates 20th Birthday March 17, 2017

1 Mar, 2017

March 17 is the 20th anniversary of the founding of our company in Seattle, WA. Birthdays for me are a time of reflection as I look back at where we’ve been and set intentions for the future. This year I’ve had the help of more than thirty people who have taken the time to share their reflections on how Acutonics has impacted their lives, work, health, family and communities. All of these essays along with a lengthy interview of Donna and I will be featured in the Spring/Wood Issue of Oriental Medicine Journal, which will be published toward the end of April. If you would like to preorder a copy of this beautiful publication please email Reading these essays has rekindled my passion and belief that we all make a difference as we provide hope to others in times of chaos, fear, pain and trauma and that our vision of being guided through love and compassion resonates throughout our community, impacting people around the globe. I want to share just a few quotes that stand as a tribute to the power of Acutonics as we step into our 21st year. 

February 2017 Message from the Mothership

1 Feb, 2017

Each month my goal for this blog is to provide an update on events at the Mothership and in our community. As I write, I find that these blogs always take on a life of their own, and this month is no exception, as I reflect on grief, trauma and perseverance. Even at the most difficult times in our lives, through this powerful work, vibratory energy and sound, we persist, despite the circumstances. January was particularly challenging with the loss of our beloved canine companion Shen Yun, and the transition of power in Washington. There has been tremendous grief and sadness, yet amidst this we also see the extraordinary work of our practitioners and teachers around the globe. This month I write about Certified Acutonics® Practitioner Rita Martin, a stroke survivor who is now helping other stroke and traumatic brain injury survivors to rebuild their lives. We are also honored that as we approach the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the founding of our company in Seattle, March 17, 1997, that East Asian Medicine Journal is dedicating their Spring/Wood issue to this momentous event, and many people from our community have chosen to submit contributions. As I read them, my spirits lift in recognition of how this work has so deeply impacted others. Despite adversity we continue as a community to grow stronger in our commitments to give back, be of service to others and be heard.

January 2017 Message from the Mothership

1 Jan, 2017

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017. Every year is filled with promise and numerous opportunities to promote harmony, balance and living a more integrated life. In our classes, and from the founding of our company, we have always spoken about the need to focus with clear intention on how we live our lives so that we are able to be fully present for those we are called to serve in whatever capacity we are able to be of most value.

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