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The Healing Power of Acutonics at the End of Life

18 Feb, 2016
This article by hospice chaplain Lauren Cetlin, RN, MA, AHN-BC, on the use of Acutonics® tuning forks to treat people as they approach the end of life. She shares some of her clinical experiences and suggests general guidelines and protocols for using tuning forks to ease the transition to death. It seems fitting to think about these issues as we approach the winter solstice, the most yin time of year, the dark and cold time that is most like death.
The Healing Power of Acutonics at the End of Life

Chaplain Lauren Cetlin, RN, MA, AHN-BC
Oriental Medicine Journal, Metal/Fall 2015

Being practitioners we have a better opportunity to understand, because what is taught may be true at the level of teaching, but not necessarily at the level of experience.” — Dr. Claude Larre

Hospice nursing, chaplaincy, and Acutonics® education and experience are the foundation for my work. The personal nuances present during each patient interaction along with Divine inspiration are the guidance. The purposes of this article are to share some of my clinical experiences treating people as they approach the end of life and to suggest general guidelines and protocols for using tuning forks to ease the transition to death.

Clinical Case Studies

My formal healing education began in the 1970s when I was a nursing student at New York University. Besides the traditional nursing classes, I learned about energetics, reciprocity, holography, open systems, synchrony, and therapeutic touch. Thus began my career as a holistic nurse. I was 24 years old, had just earned a Master’s Degree in nursing from New York University, and was working as a head nurse on an open oncology ward in Brooklyn, NY, for people in their last weeks or months of life. At that time, in 1978, when I would provide therapeutic touch to hospice patients, it was behind drawn curtains. “Alternative” therapies were not accepted treatments.

My work and life’s mission is to compassionately care and support people at the end of life, their families, their friends, and their caregivers. Over the years I have learned a number of integrative therapies that provide comfort and relieve physical, emotional, and spiritual symptoms associated with illness, dying, and grieving. These therapies have included Therapeutic Touch, meditation, aromatherapy, yoga, Thai yoga therapy, Reiki, integrative imagery, Method of the Wheel© life review system, and Acutonics®.

I took Acutonics Level I in 2007 in California with senior Acutonics teachers Katie Mink and Laurie Herron. I was working as a hospice home care nurse and a Buddhist student chaplain at Pathways Hospice in Sunnyvale, California. Listening to Katie’s advice, I purchased the Chiron Set of tuning forks. She said they would be useful for hospice work even though Chiron is not traditionally introduced until Level III training.

The following day I went to visit June, an 80-year-old widow who had been living in her home in Palo Alto, California, by herself for five years since her husband had died. When June was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer with metastasis to other organs, she was admitted to hospice care services. Her daughter, Rose, who lived close by with her husband and two teen-aged children, moved in with her mother to care for her.

The first day I met June and every subsequent visit June would tell me she was ready to die and was at peace and complete with her life. I became her partner in supporting her to live comfortably and die peacefully. Both June and Rose were open to any healing therapies that might provide comfort. I had been providing Reiki healing sessions for the preceding two months and had told June and Rose that I was going to attend Acutonics classes.  They were looking forward to the addition of the new integrative therapy.

Having just completed Acutonics Level I training, I was working with the mid-range tuning forks from the Earth Moon Set, which includes Ohm Unison, Zodiac, New Moon, Full Moon, and the Solar 7th (Sun Fork and Low Ohm). I also had the Chiron Set and was able to provide June with the following Acutonics session:

I began with Ohm Unison on KID 1 (Yong quan) to ground, followed by Ohm Unison on the Huato Jiaji for relaxation and general toning. I followed with the New Moon 5th and Full Moon 6th on REN 17 (Shan zhong), the Palace of the Heart, to synchronize heart and lung rhythms and open her to that which awaited her. New Moon is an invitation that can take us into the darkness. Full Moon helps bring things to completion. I placed each of the forks by June’s ears before placing them on her body. After letting June listen to the sound of Chiron, I placed Ohm/Chiron 2nd on REN 17 (Shan zhong) and then on DU 2 (Yao shu) and DU 16 (Feng fu) as a craniosacral spread to facilitate a rising of Kundalini energy. I ended with Ohm Unison on KID 1 (Yong quan) to ground.

I continued with similar sessions once or twice a week for a few weeks. June became weaker and eventually bedbound. When pain became an issue, aside from communicating with the medical doctor for orders to adjust her pain medication, I used the Zodiac 3rd at the site of her pain. Zodiac Earth is
the fork that is known as the “first aid” fork, the aspirin of Acutonics, a potent pain reliever.

June said she felt less pain and was more comfortable after each session. Both June and Rose spoke about their spiritual distress in June’s not being able to transition from her body. As I became comfortable with the tuning forks, I began to listen to intuition (Divine Guidance) as to which tuning forks to use and where to place them. I added Eight Extraordinary Vessel treatments to the sessions, Ren Mai, the Conception Vessel, for its ability to help June give birth from herself, and Chong Mai to assist June to let go of that which no longer served her. I used New Moon 5th, Full Moon 6th, Solar 7th, and Middle Ohm/Chiron 2nd to gently soothe June’s way toward birthing her soul.

I would occasionally provide Rose with a short session for relief of caregiver stress and anticipatory grief. I would let her listen to the sounds of the forks. When I placed Ohm Unison by her ears, she would utter a sigh of relief and peace.

I used the Zodiac 3rd and Earth Day 5th on LIV 14 (Qi men) and LU 1 (Zhong fu) in order to send sound through the 365 points in the body as a cleanse. I selected the Zodiac tuning fork for its ability to facilitate a meditative stillness and the Earth Day to bring a sense of openness and energy.

June’s physical decline continued to be a slow process. During her last week of life she was unable to eat or drink and was unresponsive. I visited daily to provide symptom control, which included Reiki and Acutonics. One morning I was awakened with a Divine message – DON’T GROUND, a
crucial lesson about working with people on the journey toward leaving their bodies.

When I saw June that day I started by using Ohm Unison only once on KID 1 (Yong quan), in order to bring her into her body and gather her resources to accept the healing that the forks could bring.  The session consisted of Full Moon 6th and middle Ohm/Chiron 2nd on REN 17 (Shan zhong) by her
heart chakra. I let her listen to Chiron. I swept from her feet to above her head with High Ohm/High Chiron 2nd. Then I ended the session WITHOUT GROUNDING.

Rose called an hour later to say her mother died peacefully. I drove back to her home to pronounce her freed and healed. In accordance with the doctor’s order, I signed her certificate of death. Since my experiences with June, I have had the privilege of tuning many people during their last days of life. The tuning forks allow people to relax, let go of resistance and fear, and open themselves to change.

The lesson DON’T GROUND was the reminder to listen to Guidance because there are exceptions to the rules. Until a patient is actively dying I do ground at the beginning and end of a session. I evaluate where the person is on his or her life journey, assess his or her fears, and err on the side of doing
less so that the person feels safe. I have learned to avoid opening people prematurely to arenas for which they are not yet prepared. As I stand in the  presence of another person, I have learned to always allow for God’s Guidance as I work.

After living in California for three years I returned to the east coast where I studied with Maren Good in New Jersey, attained a full range of planetary tuning forks, and completed all required coursework in preparation for becoming a Certified Acutonics® practitioner. I also completed chaplaincy training and began working as a chaplain for Constellation Hospice. I often provide Acutonics for spiritual comfort and relief from spiritual stress.

Carol was an 84-year-old woman with newly diagnosed lung cancer who lived by herself in a small home. She had been in recovery from alcohol addiction for 20 years, but she continued to smoke cigarettes until a few days before her death. Her seven children had a combination of anger and love for her, and each had his or her own ideas about how to care for their mother. As Carol’s chaplain, my focus was her spiritual comfort. The social worker and nurse communicated with her family. I visited once a week and provided Acutonics during many of those visits. The sessions were short and informal, usually while she was sitting on the edge of her bed or in a chair outside. Because she was terrified of dying, the spiritual support of listening, talking, Acutonics, prayer, silent presence, etc., was geared toward relieving her fears and providing safety. Four months after we met, her brother died, adding significantly to Carol’s spiritual distress. During the six months that Carol was a hospice patient, she worked toward coming to peace with herself and her life. When Carol was 19, she had been offered a full scholarship to college, as she was a talented writer and dreamt of a career as a writer. She fell in love and was given a choice, marriage or college. She chose marriage, which eventually ended in divorce and a life-long regret for not attaining her dream of being a writer.

When I would provide Acutonics, I felt resistance, a blockage by her heart, a kind of unbreechable wall. As Carol shared her life story with me, I targeted the Acutonics sessions toward releasing past traumas and fear, and instilling mothering and courage. I began each session by having her listen to Ohm Unison for its calming effect, followed by New Moon 5th and Full Moon 6th on REN 17 (Shan zhong). As Carol was unable to tolerate long sessions, I would provide some of the following at each visit:

New Moon 5th and Full Moon 6th intervals, beginning with the lowest range and progressing to the high frequency in order to set and then loosen stuck energy on all Mountain of Balance points (KID 25 (Shen cang), KID 24 (Ling xu), and KID 23 (Shen feng)) and on DU 20 (Bai hui) to connect Carol’s spirit with God. I used the Chong Mai Vessel to release intergenerational imprinting and Ren Mai Vessel to release Carol’s fears of death and stepping into new frequencies. I used Mid Ohm/Sedna on the balance points and Mid Ohm/Pluto, Mid Ohm/Chiron, and Mid Ohm/Nibiru on the opening points. In a sweeping action toward Carol’s body, I used Ceres/Demeter to provide mothering and Vesta/Hestia to provide comfort and acceptance. During my last visit, two days before Carol died, the Acutonics session consisted of Mid Sedna/Mid Chiron on DU 20 (Bai hui) and Mid Sedna on DU 20 (Bai hui) with High Chiron sweeping upwards and ending with High Ohm and High Chiron used in a sweep from beneath her feet upwards past the crown of her head in order to support her spirit’s transition from the body.

Carol’s daughter, Paula, from Oregon moved in with Carol when Carol needed full time assistance. Paula was a recovering drug addict. When Carol became too ill to talk much she asked me to support Paula. Paula shared with me her story of sexual abuse by her mother. She told me that a few years prior she had attempted to make amends with her mother and discuss the abuse. Carol adamantly refused to discuss it. I realized that this was probably the answer to the resistance, the unbreechable wall I had been experiencing. I provided a couple of Acutonics sessions for Paula using the same forks and Extraordinary Vessels as her mother, as she too needed mothering. I used the Chong Mai Vessel to release intergenerational imprinting and the Ren Mai for relief of issues from sexual abuse. I used Mid Sedna on the balance points and Mid Pluto, then Mid Chiron, then Mid Nibiru on the opening points. New Moon 5th and Full Moon 6th were used on KID 23 (Shen feng) and LI 18 (neck Fu tu) to step out of fear, speak the truth, and let go of things from the past. I cocooned1 Paula with Ceres/Demeter and Pallas/Athena. I began and ended each session with Ohm Unison on KID 1 (Yong quan).

After Carol died, Paula told me that although her mother would not talk about the abuse, she felt her mother did apologize nonverbally during those few weeks that she spent with her. Paula attributed the healing to the Acutonics and spiritual support.

1Maren Good uses the term “cocooning” to describe a swirling, encircling movement with the forks from above the patient’s head to below her feet to provide mothering, strength, and safety.

Liane, a Constellation Hospice nurse, asked me to visit her patient Margaret who was deaf and would hum. Hospice staff would communicate with her by writing on a white board. She indicated that she was not in pain. Her hospice team thought the humming might be an indication of spiritual distress.

Liane thought that she might like the feel of the tuning forks, that they might bring her comfort. Margaret had been living in a skilled nursing facility for a few months. Her wish was to die at home. Her niece arranged for a paid caregiver; and, with hospice support, she moved back to her home. When I visited Margaret, her death was not imminent. The first time I visited, Margaret was asleep when I arrived. I explained Acutonics to Netta, Margaret’s paid caregiver. I considered leaving and returning at another time when Margaret was awake; but, in listening to Guidance, I “heard” that I was to provide a session while she slept. I did not ground with the forks. I began with all high frequency forks mostly in a scooping action away from her body or in a figure eight. I used a progression of Ohm/Pluto, Ohm/Chiron, and Ohm/Nibiru. I then uncovered her feet and placed the palms of my hands on the bottom of each foot in order to send Reiki energy through her body and to provide grounding. I placed the mid Sedna tuning fork on the crown of her head approximately at DU 20 (Bai hui) and directed the high Chiron over the Sedna tuning fork, into the crown. I ended with a cocooning of High Full Moon 6th. During the session I experienced our connection with one another on a nonphysical plane.

I asked Netta to let Margaret’s nurse Liane know when she visited the next day if the humming had decreased. I received an email the following morning that Margaret had just died. I called and spoke with Netta a few hours later. Netta said Margaret was uncomfortable a few hours after I left. A nurse visited and adjusted her medications. Margaret seemed comfortable and slept through the night. When she woke up Netta gave her a little to eat and then began to bathe her in bed, when she suddenly and peacefully stopped breathing. The fact that Margaret slept through the Acutonics session
free of the conscious mind allowed the healing of the sound frequencies and vibrations to enter her unconscious.

Dana, a 42-year-old woman diagnosed with a slow growing brain tumor twenty-two years earlier, was admitted to Constellation Hospice six months before I met her. She and her 17-year-old son were living with her parents.

Dana, the youngest of six sisters, had constant severe head pain with occasional seizures despite very high doses of intravenous pain relieving narcotics administered continuously via a portable pump. In addition to her physical pain, Dana had been experiencing spiritual pain that presented with a fear of falling asleep because she was afraid she would die. Several months earlier, her 27-year-old niece, who had been living with Dana’s parents, died of Retts disease; and a month later another niece, 33 years old, died suddenly of a massive heart attack. Dana’s son dropped out of high school that same year – all significant sources of spiritual distress for Dana and her family.

Dana’s hospice nurse asked me to visit Dana to provide Reiki for relief from the headaches, to prevent seizures, and to soothe her spiritual distress and fears about falling asleep and dying.

Dana was reluctant to allow new people to care for her, and her parents were very protective. For the first few visits, I arrived with the hospice nurse in order to build trust. The first visit I took six tuning forks into the house with me – just in case there was the opportunity for me to discuss Acutonics as a healing option. When Dana said she was in too much pain for Reiki, I received a Divine communication: “Take out the tuning forks now.” I told Dana, her mother, and the nurse a little bit about Acutonics and that the tuning forks might reduce Dana’s pain and have a relaxing effect. I let Dana’s mother listen to Ohm Unison – she exhaled with a sigh of relief and said the sound was relaxing and comforting. The nurse listened to the sound of Ohm Unison, smiled, and said it was a peaceful sound. Dana then allowed me to bring the forks near her ears. She said she liked them and allowed me to use them. I let her listen to each fork before placing it on her body – Middle Mercury, Saturn, Chiron, and Sun, each paired with Mid Ohm. I placed them on her upper back and REN 17 (Shan zhong) by her heart chakra. She closed her eyes and said she liked it. Over the next two sessions I continued in the same manner, visiting when the nurse was there. Dana gradually allowed me to place my hands near her head to provide 5-minute Acutonics/Reiki sessions.

Once I sensed that I had gained Dana’s trust, I began to visit when the nurse was not present. On the fourth visit I brought in all my tuning forks, which I keep in a rolling sewing machine case. Prior to that visit I had not wanted to take in the whole cart, thinking it would be overwhelming. That was the first of a few full Acutonics sessions that Dana allowed. Following is the protocol I developed for Dana. It is a combination of what I had planned to do and what I was Divinely directed to do. Because Dana’s death was not imminent, the focus for the Acutonics treatments was to relieve fear and headaches and to prevent seizures. The sessions were geared toward bringing Dana comfort, relaxation, and balance of her body, mind, and spirit – a gathering inward and containing. As Dana got closer to transitioning from her body, the focus of the sessions shifted toward supporting the release and transition of her soul from her body. People who have hospice services have a life expectancy of six months or less and have a wide span of physical, mental, and spiritual symptoms. Hospice philosophy and mission is to support people to live to their optimal potential. Acutonics fulfills that mission.

Following is a protocol I developed for Dana:
Ohm Unison on KID 1 (Yong quan) for grounding, calming, and relief of headache pain. Du Mai to nourish the brain and expel internal or external wind in order to relieve headaches and seizures.
Yang Qiao Mai vessel, which extends into the brain, used to expel exterior wind to relieve headaches.Mid New Moon 5th as a gentle invitation to open to that which awaited her.
Mid Ohm/Mercury Microtone for treating disorders of  the brain and central nervous system.
Mid Ohm/Chiron 2nd to release that which no longer served her and to accept her destiny.
Mid Ohm/Mercury Microtone on the Ajna chakra to ease headaches and prevent seizures.
Zodiac 3rd - Low, Middle, then High locally on the head to relieve pain.
Hand chimes Mars and Venus to balance her field.
Ohm Unison KID 1 (Yong quan) to ground.

The next time I visited Dana, she was asleep. Her mother, Millie, and I had a chance to talk. Millie reported that Dana told her she liked the sessions and that they were helping. Millie said that since the full Acutonics session, Dana was sleeping better and was less anxious.

I continued to visit once a week. Sometimes Dana declined an integrative healing session. Usually she preferred short sessions while she sat in her lounge chair in the living room. Occasionally she wanted a full session in her bedroom lying down. During one of those longer sessions Dana felt safe enough to talk about her feelings of dying. She explored with me her fears about what death might be like and whether there is an afterlife. When Dana would bring up the discussion of death with her parents, they would tell her not to dwell on that and to concentrate on living and getting better. Dana appreciated the chance to have an open conversation about death.

During one visit Dana said she had not been sleeping well for a few nights and was feeling anxious. After initially declining Acutonics, she went with me into her bedroom for a session. She listened to Ohm Unison and fell asleep within minutes as I placed the forks on her body. I provided a session similar to the protocol above, but replacing Ohm with Sedna on Du Mai and Yang Qiao Mai in order to access the deepest of realms while her unconscious mind was accessible as she slept. When I left Dana’s home, she was still asleep. When I visited the following week, Dana’s mother said Dana had been less anxious and had slept better all week.

Dana became weaker over the following two months. She spent most of her time asleep in her lounge chair in the living room. The Acutonics/Reiki sessions were short. She continued to say she was afraid to die and that the sound of Ohm Unison brought her peace. I used Mid Sedna/Mid Chiron on REN 17 (Shan zhong), High Sedna/High Chiron above her head, Mid New Moon 5th on REN 17 (Shan zhong), and High Zodiac 3rd around her head to ease the pain in her head. After using the forks I would hold her head. Within minutes the pounding in her head would taper off and become still.

On visits when she slept the entire time, I would use forks in the field around her body. I always used High Chiron and a variety of others as I listened to Divine Guidance (see list below of Forks for Transitioning). I would then end the session by gently holding her head. As Dana’s conscious mind slept, I connected and worked with her soul. Dana’s soul, free from her conscious mind’s fearful thoughts, was preparing to transition from her body. Two weeks before her death,

Dana’s hospice nurses wanted Dana to be moved to an inpatient hospice. They thought that Dana required more care than her parents were able to provide. Dana adamantly refused, and her parents supported her decision.

My last visit with Dana was a few days before her death. I asked if she wanted to get in her wheelchair and go with me to see the ocean (it was a block from her house). She said she just wanted to stay in her chair, where she felt safe. She drifted off to sleep. I provided a few minutes of Reiki as I held her
head. The pounding in her head subsided quickly. The energy around her body was contracted and minimal. Her mother, who was sitting on the couch next to Dana, told me that her five other daughters spent summers at sleep-away camp, joined after school sports teams, and had many friends. Dana
always came home right after school. She always wanted to be in close proximity to her mother or father. And so it was – Dana died suddenly one evening with her parents by her side. Her father said he had helped Dana walk to the bathroom. When she returned to her lounge chair, she closed her eyes and died as her soul released from her body.

Many of the hospice patients I visit have dementia and live in skilled nursing facilities. The Acutonics sessions are usually short and geared toward providing spiritual comfort. Some wonderful, unexpected things have transpired during these sessions such as: The pianist liked to hear the sounds of the forks and hummed along. The seamstress liked to hold the forks and move them as if she were sewing. The orchestra conductor liked to hold the forks and move them as if he were conducting.

I was orienting Roger, a newly hired chaplain, to the procedures of visiting Constellation Hospice patients in facilities. This was my first time meeting with Anne, who had a diagnosis of end stage heart disease and dementia. Her cousin was present during the visit. While sitting in a chair in her room, Anne shared some of her life story. I brought out the eight tuning forks I had with me – High and Mid Chiron, Solar 7th, Ohm Unison, Mid Sedna, and Mid New Moon. I let Anne, her cousin, and Roger listen to the sounds. In the following sequence I placed the Ohm/Chiron, New Moon 5th, and Solar 7th on REN 17 (Shan zhong) by the heart chakra. Anne sighed and said she liked how they felt. When her cousin had to leave, I walked her out of the room while Roger stayed with Anne. Her cousin corrected some of what Anne had told me and shared with me more of her life story. She thanked me for my support and said the sounds of the tuning forks were relaxing. The next day I was notified that Anne had died peacefully in her sleep. Her death had not been imminent, and her sudden transition from her body was surprising. The sounds and vibrations of the forks doing their exquisite work might have eased her from her body.

As I have worked with and provided Acutonics for people at the end of their lives, I have been perplexed as to why some people, when death is imminent, seem to resist transitioning from their bodies for days or weeks and others, whose death did not seem imminent, died suddenly. The answer was revealed after spiritually supporting the following two women.

Beth and Ginny
I met and provided Acutonics for Beth. A week later I met and provided Acutonics for Ginny. Both women were living in a skilled nursing facility, and both had a diagnosis of end stage Alzheimer’s disease. Beth appeared to be emotionally and spiritually uncomfortable, but her death did not appear to be imminent. Ginny seemed quite comfortable, and her death appeared to be imminent.

Beth was 92 years old, and her husband had died three years earlier. When I met Beth, she was in bed, alert, with eyes opened. She continually called out, “Help me; help me; help me;…” pausing briefly to make eye contact and, despite her advanced stage of Alzheimer’s disease, to answer my questions with a few appropriate words.

I provided five minutes of Acutonics, being careful not to place forks on her pacemaker. I used Mid New Moon 5th and Mid Sedna/Mid Chiron right side upper chest, Mid Chiron on the crown of her head, and High Chiron above her head, with High Sedna/High Chiron and High Chiron/High Nibiru swept from feet to above head. With the intention not to ground, I ended the session with a minute of Reiki on the soles of her feet. She died that night peacefully in her sleep. Once the frequencies of her body, mind, and spirit were fine-tuned, her soul was able to transition easily from the physical to the non-physical realm.

Ginny was a bedbound 92-year-old Catholic woman with end stage dementia and multiple physical illnesses. Her husband of 70 years was living in the same facility on the dementia unit.  They had devoted their lives to the care of the needy and teaching Bible studies in their home. Ginny’s life had been sustained by a feeding-tube for two years. She became increasingly debilitated, with a life expectancy of less than six months, and was admitted to hospice for end of life support. When I met Ginny she was nonverbal, contracted, bedbound, and lying on her side, but alert with eyes slightly open. She opened her eyes wide in recognition of the Catholic prayers I said for her. I provided five minutes of Acutonics, using Mid and High Chiron by her chest and left shoulder and around her body, and New Moon 5th and Mid Sedna/Mid NM on REN 17 (Shan zhong).

That night she vomited blood. All feedings were stopped immediately except for a small amount of water through the feeding-tube. The following day Ginny’s nephew, Dan, told me that his aunt had been ill for the past ten years. Her wish had been for medical intervention to prolong her life. She had had three or four medical crises during those years and survived, one of which included three weeks of life support on a respirator. When the decision was made to shut the respirator, Ginny survived for another three years. After the feedings were stopped, Ginny’s death was expected within days. I visited three days later. Her husband was brought to her bedside. They stared into each other’s eyes; and, despite his advanced Alzheimer’s disease, he joined with me in praying the Lord’s Prayer for his wife. Ginny lived another ten days. I visited twice more during that time, providing prayers, Reiki, and Acutonics (as above).

Beth wanted to be released. Death came quickly. She only needed a bit of fine-tuned “help” finding her way out of her body. Ginny wanted to remain in the physical realm. Death came slowly. Acutonics eased each woman’s transition in accord with how they lived their lives.

Protocols, Tuning Forks, and Points to Use with People Actively Dying
General Guidelines for End of Life Work with Tuning Forks
Acutonics treatments are sacred work.
Err on the side of doing less.
Explore your feelings about your own mortality.
Complete your own Advanced Directive.
As someone comes close to transitioning, DON’T GROUND.
Provide a safe environment.
The sounds are very potent when someone is asleep or unconscious.
Listen to inner Guidance.
Allow Guidance to emerge.
Be aware of your reciprocal relationship with your client.
Ground yourself.
Be compassionate.
Be grateful.
Be in awe.
Bring all your gifts and tools.
Bring the music of your heart.

Treatment Protocols
As people approach death, the invisible veil that keeps them in the physical realm begins to soften, and people are often able to see their deceased family and friends. People report seeing loved ones and may reach their hands up as if to take hold of someone’s hand; or it may seem as if they are looking through you at someone who is not there.

During the last weeks or days of life, energy contracts inward as the individual gathers resources to release life. In the days preceding death, the energy field around the body that is usually 12-18 inches shrinks until it becomes barely palpable. The last day or two (occasionally longer) of life may be likened to a pregnant woman’s labor. All physical, emotional, and spiritual resources focus on birthing the soul out of the body. The labor of bringing a soul into the physical world and the labor of bringing a soul out of the world are hard work. Breathing usually becomes erratic – fast, slow, long periods of no breath. The dying labor process is usually painful. Acutonics, Reiki, Western narcotic medications, and other symptom control measures do
allow people to die comfortably. Body functions begin to shut down. The sense of hearing is the last sense to cease before the heart stops beating.

This time of dying labor is holy and sacred. It is a privilege to be at the bedside of someone who is dying.

Acutonics work is extremely potent during this sacred time when someone is between the physical and etheric worlds. The sounds, vibrations, and frequencies of the planets coursing through and around the body work freely when resistance from the conscious mind ceases and the person is physically unresponsive.

Begin with Mid Ohm and Mid Sedna by the person’s ears. Do not ground on KID 1 (Yong quan) – Exceptions to this might be if the person appears agitated; in this case grounding at the beginning of the session can provide a sense of safety.

Sedna allows one to let go of mortality and connect with the immortal soul.

Nibiru is the planet of the crossing.

Sedna/Nibiru releases old patterns to allow for the new ethereal patterns to emerge.

The Four Gates LI 4 (He gu) and LIV 3 (Tai chong)) release that which is no longer needed and allow one to leave through the gate.

Stomach 29 (Gau lai) helps access our Divine origins.

Extraordinary Vessels (choose two)
Ren Mai: The Conception Vessel
The Ren Mai controls all the yin functions of the body. It turns inward and allows conception to occur and nourishes new birth. A clear Ren Mai meridian may allow a soul to pass gently out of its physical body in order to be born into the etheric world, a world without boundaries.

Chong Mai: The Penetrating Vessel
The Chong Mai is the bridge between heaven and earth. It allows the release of old patterns that no longer serve, thus allowing the release of the soul from the body that no longer serves it.

Yin Qiao Mai:
The Yin Qiao Mai allows one to ascend and attach to the will of heaven. Yin Qiao helps one to open up and see clearly, soothes fears of dissolving one’s ego, and allows one to connect with the Divine.

Yin Wei Mai:
The Yin Wei Mai opens the heart to emotional and spiritual wholeness, thus allowing one to open-heartedly connect with the Divine.

Yang Wei Mai:
The Yang Wei Mai allows one to let that which is dead die and to birth something new.

Fork Frequencies
Layering of the octaves can be helpful in supporting, balancing, and allowing for Divine Healing. Use low frequency to seat the vibrations and planetary frequencies into the body to provide safety and integration, especially if the labor of dying is prolonged (if the person has been unresponsive and actively dying for more than two days). The Middle and High frequencies are used to gently invite and support the death of the mortal body and the birth of the immortal soul.

Be flexible with pairing; for example, on the Chong Mai use New Moon to open and Sedna to balance in order to soften the transition and Nibiru to open and Sedna to balance for the courage to transition.

Forks for Transitioning
Zodiac – use locally for pain relief.
New Moon – dispersing, dispelling, spiritual, soft, and opening effects.
Sun – pulls us toward the Divine Source, toward our destiny.
Mercury – use when someone needs a push or needs help in facilitating a better connection.
Jupiter – allows the soul and mind to expand and develop a higher consciousness beyond the physical realm.
Uranus – allows one to push through and reorient to a greater reality.
Neptune – dissolves boundaries so the soul can dominate matter.
Pluto – uncovers the root, integrates the shadow to fully realize one’s true self, and assists with transformation on all levels.
Chiron – releases one from old wounds, clears the old wounds, and connects one to the immortal soul and with the Divine. Use for dealing with a terminal illness.
Nibiru – opens one to the metaphysical and goes to the core to assist one’s soul to transition from the body and choose to evolve into its Divine mission.

  • Low Ohm and Low Nibiru sounded together can bring emotions to the surface once they have been uncoveredby Chiron, thus allowing transformation.
  • Mid Ohm/Mid Nibiru moves feelings to a crossing point.
  • High Ohm/High Nibiru can connect us to our godly nature.

Sedna – opens us to paradigm shifts and soul shifting in a non-linear manner.

Parallel 5ths
Pluto – Neptune 5th – opens to deep emotions and allows for the midwifery of the soul.
Mercury – New Moon 5th – opens to hearing and receiving spiritual messages.
Mercury – Neptune 5th – opens to mystical messages.
Mercury – Uranus 5th – opens to see the interconnectivity of all things.
New Moon – Chiron 5th – opens and accesses old wounds.

Essential Oils for Use at End of Life
Dilute jasmine, vetiver, sandalwood, cinnamon, palma rosa, chamomile, neroli, lavender, clary sage, frankincense, geranium, or helichrysum in a carrier oil before putting on the body. A vibrating tuning fork on or in the region of the oil can enhance the effect of the essential oil by driving its vibration deeper into the body. This is also true of stones and crystals.

"The more faithfully you listen to the voice within you, the better you will hear what is sounding outside. And only he who listens can speak.” Dag Hammarskjold

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