Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Experts in the News for June, 2003

Acutonics® A Harmonic Approach to East Asian Medicine

25 Jun, 2003
The Acutonics® system of vibrational sound healing, whose musical tones and intervals are based on ancient mathematic calculations known as the Music of the Spheres, is the most profound and effective form of medicine that I have experienced.

Facial Soundscapes: Harmonic Renewal: A New Non-Needle Modality

19 Jun, 2003
In this article we will explore the world of sound, and a new non-needle facial protocol using tuning forks.

The Great Elixir: Sound Healing, East Asian Medicine and the Three Treasures

10 Jun, 2003
This article explores the correlation between the stress to our planet and the rise in human distress and stress-related illnesses. Specific approaches that are designed to reduce the chronic stress response and improve health are presented. These techniques can be used with acupuncture, acupressure, or through the application of tuning forks to acupuncture points. Specific emphasis is placed on the use of simple point protocols including the Three Treasures and Buddha's Triangle, the therapeutic use of Acutonics Gem Tips, is also introduced.