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From Galaxies to Cells: Bridging Science, Sound Vibration and Consciousness Through the Music of the Spheres

15 Aug, 2005
The purpose of this paper is to introduce the concept of working with a sound healing methodology that is rooted in East Asian Medicine but integrates the therapeutic use of tuning forks, which are tuned to the frequencies of the earth, moon, sun and planets, in place of or in conjuncture with acupuncture needles, acupressure, chiropractic, physical therapy, or various massage techniques.
From Galaxies to Cells: Bridging Science, Sound Vibration and Consciousness Through the Music of the Spheres

Ellen F. Franklin, PhD and Donna Carey, LAc
Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine, Volume 16, Number 3, page 283

The purpose of this paper is to introduce the concept of working with a sound healing methodology that is rooted in East Asian Medicine but integrates the therapeutic use of tuning forks, which are tuned to the frequencies of the earth, moon, sun and planets, in place of or in conjuncture with acupuncture needles, acupressure, chiropractic, physical therapy, or various massage techniques. Drawing on East Asian Medicine, archetypes, correspondences, and sympathies, the authors present a case for the use of a sound healing methodology in a clinical setting. At the core, our work recognizes the profound universal connections between the natural world, body, mind, and spirit, and the role that they each play in our journey toward wholeness—attunement or at-one-ment with all things. This paper does not attempt to prove the efficacy of East Asian Medicine. There have been many fine studies conducted by leading research institutes that speak to the value and growing acceptance of this ancient medicine, as a viable medical system. Rather, we will demonstrate how a basic understanding of East Asian Medicine combined with knowledge of human physiology, music theory, and the power of archetypes, myths, sympathies, and correspondences create a powerful vehicle for health care delivery.

Keywords: Tuning forks, sound vibration, energy, correspondences, sympathy, archetypes, the great theme, Music of the Spheres, East Asian Medicine, Acutonics, Pythagoras, Kepler.


For the past 15 years we have been involved in the creation and evolution of a system of sound or vibrational healing that begins with East Asian Medicine, but draws on cosmological studies, depth psychology, music theory, physics, metaphysics, mystical traditions, astrological medicine, and physis—the essential nature of all things. As an acupuncturist and clinical dean of an acupuncture college, several factors led to the development of a sound based methodology for the stimulation of acupuncture points. But, perhaps the most profound experience was one in which Donna actually heard the Music of the Spheres, and knew at a core level that these profound sounds must be brought into her clinical work. In this paper we will take you through an exploration of how our unique approach to working with sound has evolved, and the clinical results, which have been documented by teachers and practitioners of Acutonics®.

Everything in the universe vibrates, from the smallest particles, to the planets in our Solar system, to the billions of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. The universe is in a complex rhythmic structural pattern of vibrational activity. From galaxies to cells, at every level-cosmic, biological, and molecular-the infinite and intelligent universe is governed and regulated by an amazing complexity of cycles and rhythms that span nanoseconds to thousands and millions of years and interrelate and affect one another. At the macroscopic level-lunar and solar cycles produce light, tides, and the alternation between day and night-to the microscopic or cellular level, there are biological rhythms that govern organic life, that regulate respiration, perception, and reproduction.2 For our bodies to function there must be harmony, resonance, balance, and sympathy. As our heart beat and our lungs regulate the breath, our organs work in mutual support and resonance with each other.

Throughout recorded history, and most likely well before the advent of written records, the movements and mysteries of the sun, moon, stars, and planets have fascinated humanity. People instinctively felt that what happens in the skies above is intimately related with life on earth, and that by better understanding the heavens, they could better understand themselves and the great mystery. The ancient Sumerians and Taoists recognized that each piece of the universe is linked to the whole and that each piece exists in relation to the other as part of an interlaced network of divine harmony with humanity at the center, a receiver of energy from both heaven and earth. This concept of a musical and undivided universe is found throughout time, within many cultures and most spiritual traditions, and it forms the foundation for many healing systems, including East Asian Medicine.3 At the foundation of East Asian Medicine is a basic understanding that just as the Earth has grid lines, meridians, and waterways, so does the human body. These energy pathways begin to form shortly after conception and are called the extraordinary or cosmic meridians. There are eight confluent points, located in the hands and feet, and these points activate the eight extraordinary meridians, our pre-meridian and embryonic vessels, and link them with one another and the larger meridian matrix such as the twelve primary meridians and a myriad of interconnecting pathways that infiltrate muscle fascia, and tissue. East Asian Medicine practitioners recognize that when the body is out of balance, yin, our more feminine or watery aspect, and yang, our more masculine or electrical aspect, are not in right relationship; or when qi, our core energy is stagnant, the energy pathways in the body are unable to flow freely, and disease may arise from this blockage in the bodies energetic systems.3

By working with tuning forks, which when combined together create a musical interval, a specific vibratory energetic with its own unique healing properties, and applying these frequencies directly to acupuncture points, chakras, and points of pain we are able to access the bodies core energetic systems in a noninvasive way.

Waterways, Resonance and Music

The human body is approximately 70% water; our bones and marrow contain nearly 25% water, and sound travels four times faster in water, thus the human body becomes a natural resonator for sound.4,5 At the most basic level, we know that certain music can invoke joy, bring on sadness, reduce stress, or keep us going on the elliptical trainer, with its steady rhythmic beat. The use of music for relaxation and stress reduction has been studied extensively. But perhaps more difficult to prove is that music also helps up to connect on profound level to the heavens. If you’ve ever sung in a choir, the very nature of voices blended together lift you to new heights. In fact, it is believed that the powerful voices of the sisters singing the music of Hildegard von Bingen, at church liturgical functions, lifted people to such extraordinary heights, that the church silenced her. Hildegard was a healer, mystic, and musician, who embodied the Music of the Spheres. Her extraordinary compositions were created from 1151 to 1158. Her music and her art are reflective of divine inspiration and the idea that music is the highest form of human activity, mirroring the ineffable sounds of the heavenly choirs.6

Think for a moment about how you feel physically when your ears are assaulted by harsh or abrasive sounds, a jackhammer in the street, the screech of a fingernail on a blackboard, a car alarm that won’t quit. Do these sounds make you edgy? Or how perhaps listening to a symphonic orchestra, playing Handel’s Messiah, or choral voices singing the Hallelujah chorus, can bring about a sense of peace or joy, or invoke memories of holiday gatherings.

In her work as a clinical psychologist, teacher, music therapist, and composer working with end of life patients and their families, Silvia Nakkach incorporates the transformational nature and power of music, voice, breath, a gentle drumbeat, or rhythm to relax, calm and ease the transition. Recognizing, as do many indigenous and shamanic traditions. Recognizing, as do many indigenous and shamanic traditions that the process of dying is a journey, Nakkach incorporates ancient practices from the Eastern tradition of yoga and qi gong that support and guide the return toward “Source.” Being present without an agenda, she is able to select music that connects deeply with the spirit of the patient.7

In his research, John Beaulieu, naturopath, psychologist, teacher, noted sound healer, and early adopter of the therapeutic use of tuning forks makes the case for Nitric Oxide (NO) being the molecule that produces the physiological and psychological relaxation the body experiences while listening to music. NO also aids in the development of the auditory system and blood flow to the cochlear. Beaulieu is also working on additional research on the use of tuning forks to spike NO in different tissue. He writes, “although the science is reductionist based on moledules and sound I think that NO is a ‘marker’ that appears when we are in alignment with the Universal Energy Field. Scientists who have seen the rising and falling wave of NO have called it the ‘breath of god’.”8,9

New York based Oncologist, Mitchell Gaynor, believes that sound based therapies are one of the most powerful healing modalities, and that when we are attuned to the delicate vibrations of the universe, we are better able to resonate with our core essence or true self. Dr. Gaynor incorporates a variety of sound healing techniques, including guided mediation and crystal and Tibetan healing bowls.10

The initial and primary focus of our work is the application of tuning forks, tuned to the frequencies of the earth, moon, sun and planets to acupuncture points, trigger points, and points of pain. In the therapeutic environment we also utilize sound healing tools including Tibetan Bowls, drums, rattles, and fine classical music that evokes the archetypal and mythic qualities of the planets.

The Music of the Spheres

In Western Culture The Music of the Spheres, or the concept of the heavenly harmonies can be traced back to 6th century BC and Pythagoras, who recognized that sounds are subject to mathematical laws and proportions, and represent the very foundation of the universe. In all the accounts of Pythagoras, whether historical or mythical there are references to his belief in the power of music to heal the body and soul. Many of the metaphors for music, which date back to Pythagorean traditions, are still used in modern health care: tone, tonic, temperance, harmony, and disharmony. Although, there are no surviving documents that can be directly attributed to Pythagoras, this semi-historical or mythical figure has been written about extensively, and is credited with the discovery of the conceptual framework for musical intervals. Through the ancient writings of Plato, Aristotle, Iamblichus, and Renaissance humanist Marsilio Ficino, we are given a conceptual framework for the existence of a musical universe that is based on mathematical laws. The evolution of the great theme, as above, so below, the concept that heaven, earth, and humanity are one, while linked to Pythagoras, evolves over centuries in cultures around the world. It is from the writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, translated by Ficino, that we a see a revival of the great theme, where all things in the universe are viewed in relationship to each other. However, it wasn’t  until the 1600’s that Johannes Kepler, scientist, and mystic, unveiled the inner mysteries of the world in his masterwork, “The Harmony of the Universe,” which is a synthesis of geometry, music, astrology, astronomy, and theology. Like Pythagoras, Kepler believed that the creator is represented in the natural world, and in the individual soul, which carries the imprint of the cosmos.11-14 It is Kepler, who in the 1600’s discovered the elliptical paths of the planets, and validates the evidence of the relationship between the musical ratios and planetary motion, or velocity—the Music of the Spheres. In the twentieth century, a Swiss mathematician, Hans Cousto, converted planetary velocities into musical tone or hertz.15 It is Cousto’s musical transposition of Kepler’s planetary orbits that provided us with the initial frequencies for our planetary tuning forks, and gongs. Carey went on to create a coherent methodology for the application of these frequencies as well as new frequencies for more recently discovered planetary bodies. Many contemporary writers and scholars such as Jamie James, Angela Voss, and Joscelyn Godwin, also provide us with extensive insights into the musical universe of Pythagoras, Plato, Ficino and Kepler, and the concept of the heavenly harmonies.11,13,16

As an acupuncturist, first with a busy clinical practice, and then as Clinical Dean of an acupuncture college, responsible for fourteen community health clinics, Carey’s work has been guided by a life altering experience in which she heard The Music of the Spheres. She knew first intuitively, and then through clinical trials with specific frequencies that these sounds of the natural world had a profound impact on the results she obtained clinically. Franklin’s graduate work in human and organizational transformation, provided keys, into the complex nature of transformational change. Through our combined experience of working with sound vibration, and understanding the power of archetypes, correspondences and sympathies, we began to witness, powerful and profound shifts.

The Study of Planets: Sympathies, Correspondences, Archetypes, and Myths

What is the human body but a constellation of the same powers that formed the stars in the sky? The body of man is his home, the architect who builds it is the astral world. The carpenters are at one time Jupiter, at another Mars, at one time, Taurus, and at another Orion. Man is a Sun and Moon and a heaven filled with stars. —Paracelsus

The concept of the body as a planetary landscape is drawn from both ancient and contemporary western and eastern traditions in healing. In the Western tradition, there is a huge body of learning that utilizes correspondences and sympathies to create a system of medicine that draws on the power of the planets. In the Eastern tradition, the body is viewed as a planetary landscape, a garden that reflects the cycles of nature, seasons, and the elements, each part of an interconnected web of correspondences that operate and flow through the dynamic energies of the meridians.17

Both of these traditions use maps of the body to navigate its physical and subtle systems. The acupuncture locations on the human body are reflective of the cosmic and terrestrial maps. The points located on the surface of the body give access into the flow, intelligence, and energy of the meridians. Each surface route of a meridian reaches beyond itself, penetrating into internal branches and infinite networks that connect more deeply into the organs and muscular systems, flowing outward over the body into the matrices of subtle fields and centers, interconnecting the physical and non-physical body. By applying these planetary intervals on the points on and above the body, we call in levels of intention, correspondence, and sympathy, which promote healing across multiple dimensions, and integrate beautifully into many disciplines of healing.

The sun is the heart of our solar system. It is masculine guardian of the gateway to the worlds. It generates warmth and provides energy for us and for all growing things. The sun is our wake up call, our benefactor, looking to us with protection and unconditional love. The physiological action of the sun is heat generating, vitalizing, activating, circulating, combustive. We use it to treat extreme fatigue, depression, seasonal effective disorder, immune deficiency, dampness in the joints, edema.

When we work with sympathies, we acknowledge the affinity or correspondence between two subjects enabling the same influence to affect each subject in a similar way, or a relationship between two organs or parts of the body such that one organ impacts the other. There is a correspondent or sympathetic relationship between the kidney, ear, and fetus, hearing, listening and the original primordial qi in the physical body, our celestial blueprint impacted to us and developed in embryonic form. But sympathies provide us with something far greater, recognition that each one of us is part of a global collection of individuals that inhabit the earth. None of us can be separated from the whole—each and every single one of us—each and every single thing is an integral part of the great them-created within nature and a part of nature. This is what Jung calls individuation, a part expressing itself as its unique self but also being part of the whole. In Physics, we are a quantum phenomenon—both a particle and a wave-drops in the ocean yet a part of the great matrix-so, all things are united as a whole-what the Taoists call the Wu-Qi—and western mystics call the Music of the Spheres or the heavenly harmonies.18

In real terms sympathy is LOVE—it is the law that binds all things together—that binds molecules, galaxies, and cells together. When this law is broken there is chaos, discord, dissonance. When adhered to, it brings peace and harmony. Both are essential.


Vibration is also periodic change of state, the difference between yin and yang, positive and negative, mind and heart, heaven and earth. Everything in the universe demonstrates these changes of states-thus, we view vibration as the common denominator, the creative force itself.18


By working with planetary frequencies, we also gain access to archetypal maps in our collective psyche. These symbolic references help us to navigate through the multileveled realms of being and experience. To Joseph Campbell, philosopher, storyteller, musician, and scholar, the Music of the Spheres, or this song of the universe, was the ultimate tale. It’s via his writings, interviews, and teaching about myth, that we come to see how archetypal images provide us with a way of experiencing the inner and outer world that transcends space and time and provides us with a key to the entire universe, helping us to understand the critical role that myths and archetypes play in human evolution.19, 20

Although the concept of archetypes are universal idea that have existed form the beginning of time, it is from Jung that we gain a psychological framework for understanding their influence in the therapeutic setting:

“Archetype” is an explanatory paraphrase of the Platonic eidos . . . this term . . . tells us that so far as the collective unconscious contents are concerned we are dealing with archaic or—I would say—primordial types, that is, with universal images that have existed since the remotest times. . . The archetype is essentially an unconscious content that is altered by becoming conscious and by being perceived, and it takes its color from the individual consciousness in which it happens to appear.21

What is emphasized in this definition is the idea that the “color” of the archetype is shaped by the perception of an individual’s consciousness. Jung maintained that not only do these universal images interject themselves consistently into myth, religion, dreams, and other symbolic systems such as astrology, but our understanding of them is also shaped by an evolving subjective psyche, that is influenced by society and family. This point is significant because it implies an inherent subjectivity in the Jungian concept of archetype that is often overlooked, and gives support to an archetypal conception for planetary or cosmic influence, and their greater role in the practice of vibratory or energetic medicine.22


Our work with correspondences dates back to the ancient practice of medicine, where we link the cosmic body with the human body. So, when we talk of the sun in East Asian Medicine terms, it is very yang, or masculine. It corresponds to the heart, thymus, spine and back, our physical essence. We use the sun to boost the immune function in the body, to strengthen and energize. Its physiological action is heat generating, drying vitalizing, activating, and circulating.

In the Western medical tradition, the correspondences for Jupiter include its association to the liver. It is strongly connected to the nourishing and protective properties of blood and the expansiveness of the arterial system. In the Western psychological tradition, the archetypal qualities of Jupiter are the pursuit of personal growth, expansion, going beyond limits, faith, spirituality, philosophy, optimism, abundance, and excess.

In the Eastern or East Asian medical tradition, the liver meridian or energy system is called the “free and easy wanderer.” It is associated with the season of spring and with the element wood. It loves growth and expansion-excess. It is associated with the element wood. It loves growth and expansion-excess. It is associated with the tendons and is the visionary. The liver meridian also represents the etheric soul called the Hun, and its energetic pathway flows from the big toe, runs inside the leg, through the genitals, breasts and throat, to the eyes and the top of the head.17,23,24

Pathologies or imbalances of the liver include stagnation. When the liver energy stagnates, we have symptoms of excess, such as PMS, hypertension, agitation, and restlessness. Any of the areas that the Liver Channel energetically traverses through, both on the surface and more deeply on the inside and out, can be affected. The emotion associated with the liver is anger and depression.

In treatment, we may use the Ohm/Jupiter 4th on the liver meridian and the liver points such as Liver 3, Great Surge, the liver source point. This point provides access to the place of origins, allowing the imbalance to open up to the generous, abundant, and surging energy of the liver to help it flow free and easy and unconstrained, Jupiter expands and so can open up stagnated Qi and blood. Another treatment point on the liver meridian is Liver 14, Cycle Gate. It is the last point on the meridian, the exit point, and the Ohm/Jupiter 4th can smooth the flow of energy and emotions and help tune in to an expanded view of the self. In PMS conditions, stagnation may manifest as sore breasts, ovarian pain, or pain radiating into the low back, light sensitivity, and vertex or migraine headaches, along with psycho-spiritual components of anger and depression. The liver energetics and the liver organ also address detoxification and blood correspondences on all levels.

Planetary Tuning Fork Color Codes, Intervals and Western Correspondences

This chart is a highly abbreviated explanation of the planetary frequencies, archetypes, and correspondences, and physiological actions that we work with from both an Eastern and Western perspective. It is included to help you understand the following cases. The frequencies are Cosmic Tunings where all notes are approximate and the colored fork is combined with the gold ohm fork to create the intervals.

Table 1:
Five Element Chart: Eastern Correspondences

Elements Correspondences: Wood
Yin Organ: Liver
Yang Organ: Gall Bladder
Season: Spring
Climate: Wind
Emotion: Anger
Sense Organ: Eyes
Tissues: Sinews
Color: Green
Animal: Monkey
Archetype: Pioneer
Spirit: Ethereal Soul
Planet: Jupiter
Qi Energy: Hun

Elements Correspondences: Fire
Yin Organ: Heart
Yang Organ: Small Intestine
Season: Summer
Climate: Heat
Emotion: Joy
Sense Organ: Tongue
Tissues: Vessels
Color: Red
Animal: Tiger
Archetype: Wizard
Spirit: Higher Mind
Planet: Mars
Qi Energy: Shen

Elements Correspondences: Earth
Yin Organ: Spleen
Yang Organ: Stomach
Season: Late Summer
Climate: Damp
Emotion: Over Thinking
Sense Organ: Lips
Tissues: Flesh
Color: Yellow
Animal: Deer
Archetype: Peacemaker
Spirit: Intellect
Planet: Saturn
Qi Energy: Yi

Elements Correspondences: Metal
Yin Organ: Lung
Yang Organ: Large Intestine
Season: Autumn
Climate: Dryness
Emotion: Grief
Sense Organ: Nose
Tissues: Skin/Hair
Color: White
Animal: Crane
Archetype: Alchemist
Spirit: Corporeal Soul
Planet: Venus
Qi Energy: Po

Elements Correspondences: Water
Yin Organ: Kidney
Yang Organ: Bladder
Season: Winter
Climate: Cold
Emotion: Fear
Sense Organ: Ears
Tissues: Bones
Color: Black
Animal: Bear
Archetype: Philosopher
Spirit: Willpower
Planet: Mercury
Qi Energy: Po

In East Asian Medicine two kinds of energies, Yin and Yang, move through cycles, referred to as the five stages or phases. The five stages to relate to archetypal images of the Five Element—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each phase represents patterns and qualities that interrelate with the other phases and qualities in complex, interdependent ways. Some East Asian Medicine applications, for instance, ascribe personality types to each of the five phases. Diagnosis based on a deep understanding of the Five Phases can be very insightful, although that is beyond the scope of this paper.17,23 However, a few of the correspondences are helpful in understanding how acupuncture meridians and points are selected in the treatment of a patient.

Gold; Note: C#; Interval: Ohm Unison, Earth in the solar year, season to season, it is the fundamental tone; Action: Ground, balance, reduces stress, harmonizing; Correspondences: Physical body, sacrum, hips, liver, legs, feet; Keywords: Mother, birth, life, death, grounding, material gain, food.

Zodiac Earth
Purple; Note: F; Interval: Zodiac 3rd, Represents the earth cycle as it travels through the Zodiac—25,920 years; Action: Relieves pain, relax tightness, treats physical and emotional stress; Keywords: Expansive, meditative, relaxing, disperses, gathers, wisdom and experience.

Earth Day
Green; Note: G; Interval: Earth Day 5th, Earth spinning on its own axis in the 24-hour day; Action: Generative, boost immune function, create growth, generate qi; Keywords: Nature, sustenance, reason for being, birth, youth, midlife.

New Moon
Blue; Note: G#; Interval: New Moon 5th, The cycle of one new moon to the next; Action: Opens, releases, dispels, moves blocked energy and fluids; Keywords: Opening, feminine, spiritual, new beginnings, gently releases.

Full Moon
White; Note: A#; Interval: Full Moon 6th, The cycle of one full moon to the next; Action: Moistening, tonify yin energy, consolidate, build, brings to fruition; Correspondences: Limbic system, lymphatic, hypothalamus, cycles, fertility, body fluids; Keywords: Fullness of time, tides, illuminating, essence, nourishing, supports cycles.

Sunflower Yellow; Note: B; Interval: Solar 7th, The Star we know best; Action: Heat generating, drying, vitalizing, activating, circulating, build immune function; Correspondences: Heart, thymus, spine, back, physical essence; Keywords: Vitality, initiative, authority, confidence, divine spark.

Silver; Note: C#; Interval: Ohm/Mercury Microtone; Action: Synthesis, excites, activates, removes stagnation, alchemist, synthesis, adaptogen; Correspondences: Memory, nervous system, throat chakra, arms, hands, respiratory system; Keywords: Communication, unification, synergy, swiftness, activates, irregular, restlessness.

Pink; Note: A; Interval: Ohm/Venus 6th; Action: Centripetal movement, moistening, warming, nourishing, generative, diuretics; Correspondences: Female hormones, reproduction, venous circulation, kidneys, bladder, throat; Keywords: Love, beauty, creativity, balance, harmony, attraction.

Red; Note: D; Interval: Ohm/Mars 2nd; Action: Energy, assertion, hot, dry, energetic, positive; Correspondences: Head, adrenals, tendons, tissue, hemoglobin, immune system, male hormones; Keywords: Propel into action, assertion, survival, decisive, desire, masculine, physical initiative, courage, originality, determination, power, virility, resolve.

Marine Blue; Note: F#; Interval: Ohm/Jupiter 4th; Action: Stimulate growth, expand, breaks illusory boundaries between spirit and matter; Correspondences: Liver, glycogen production, pancreas, insulin, hips, thighs, cell growth, tumors; Keywords: Expansive, optimistic, abundance, opulence, enthusiasm, growth, learning, understanding, social consciousness, luck, fearless, wisdom, leadership, tolerance.

Copper Brown; Note: D; Interval: Ohm/Saturn 2nd; Action: Restraint, establish healthy boundaries, discipline; Correspondences: Bones, cartilage, joints, skin, teeth, knees, ears; Keywords: Stability, patience, structure, self-discipline, law, control, power, limitation, wisdom, perseverance, restriction, protection, caution, achievement, overview, time.

Sky Blue; Note: G#; Interval: Ohm/Uranus 4th; Action: Initiation, expand awareness, communication, coordination of bodily activities; Correspondences: Nervous conditions, tension, lower legs, ankles, calves, pineal and sex glands, kundalini, electrical flow in the body, spasms, and shocks; Keywords: Individualism, originality, rebellion, electricity, genius, creativity, revolution, innovation, resourcefulness, pulses, rhythmic component of body.

Sea Green; Note: G#; Interval: Ohm/Neptune 5th; Action: Dissolve out-dated patterns, attachments, false projections and illusions. Access potential for intuition, inspiration and artistic creativity. Unifies and dissolves; Correspondences: Pineal gland, edema, thalamus, emotions, spinal cord, cerebrospinal fluid, intoxicants, anesthetics, water in the body; Keywords: Mystical, illusive, transcendental, inspiring, visionary, compassionate, sacrificial, psychic and cosmic awareness, spiritualism.

Black; Note: C#; Interval: Ohm/Pluto Microtone; Action: Creative, regenerative, transformative, growth and transcendence through conflict; Correspondences: Reproductive organs, elimination of toxins and waste, cell formation; Keywords: Transmutation, integration, sexuality, illumination, transformation, liberation, potential, shadow, death and resurrection, rebirth, polarity.

Periodot; Note: D#; Interval: Ohm/Chiron 2nd; Action: Catalyst to help us access our deepest wounds to move forward with strength, compassion and wisdom to achieve our true destiny; Correspondences: Brain, right/left brain synthesis, minerals of the body, wounds, bleeding, scarring, spleen and pancreas, liver and gall bladder; Keywords: Non-traditional healing methods, alchemy, vision, destiny, self-sacrifice, animal power, integrity, strength, compassion, wisdom, knowledge, dependability, unconventionality, craftiness.

In developing treatment protocols, the practitioner is guided by an understanding of these rich and colorful correspondences and overlapping and interpenetrating themes of Western and Easter wisdom, both historic and pre-historic. As you consider what the written histories, both intellectual and esoteric, provide, keep in mind that planetary medicine and cosmic correspondence draw on unrecorded histories that also reflect in mythologies, shamanic teachings, oral traditions, and archeological statements about cosmic cycles, mysteries, and humanity’s place in the great theme.

An approach to working with each client is crafted according to the maps of all systems-learned and intuited-maps are transmitted and revealed and maps often lead us into unknown territories in the healing journey, to blank spaces that cartographers call “sleeping beauties”—and just maybe this is the place, the interval where true healing and transformation happen. As we enlarge our concept of a map and the cartographer, we step into a magical and unlimited place where worlds are no longer flat, where the mapmaker and the map are one, multidimensional, miraculous, and infinite.

Musical Intervals—The Spaces in Between

An interval is the distance or space between two tones or musical notes. Our understanding of the mathematical relationships between harmonic intervals dates back to Pythagoras. The concept of the interval is key to understanding music theory and our approach to healing with musical intervals. Although there are many types of musical scales, for the purpose of this article we will concern ourselves with just three: the major scale, chromatic scale, and cosmic scale. The major scale contains seven notes that are represented by the white keys on a piano’s keyboard. Beginning with C, the C Major Scale would be CDEFGAB. Or if you think back to the Sound of Music, when the children are learning to sing, they learn: do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do, as scales repeat, again and again. In the chromatic scale, you add in the black keys, which contain sharps and flats. Scales consist of notes, which ascend and descend in a pattern of intervals. The chromatic scale is a straight progression of half steps, in the major scale it is an irregular combination of whole and half steps, and throughout the world different scales are created  based on where you start, for example the Aeolian mode of ancient Greek music is played by beginning with A and only playing the white keys.13

We refer to our scale or tunings as cosmic, aligned with the cycles of nature, unconstrained, cooperative, and integral. These frequencies, which represent the planets, are derived from Johannes Kepler’s calculations of the orbital velocities of the planets around the sun. The velocities have been converted to musical tone or hertz, which is represented by cycles per second. The fundamental or home tone is Ohm, C#, or 136.1 hertz, representing the rotation of the earth our home, through the four seasons, 365 days. The earth has two other cycles, the rotational spin on its own axis, (the Earth Day) a 24-hour cycle, which is approximately a G and the Zodiac Cycle, which is the progression of the earth through the processional cycle of the zodiac, a 25,920 year cycle, which is close to an F. When we work with the power of the interval, we combining two notes together, starting with our fundamental or home tone which is C#, we take steps between the notes, which when combined together create a musical interval. For example to create a 5th, which is a harmonious opening sound, we would begin with the C# (Ohm) and progress to G#, this combination in our system creates the New Moon 5th. It represents the archetypal qualities of the New Moon, and is used to move blocked or stagnant energy in the body. It is especially powerful for emotional release, as the moon is the memory of nature, so it is also the memory of our own nature, half filled-always seeking fulfillment. It is especially powerful for emotional  releases, addictive tendencies, or any type of habitual patterns and cycles.3

In the Acutonics System we also work with middle, low and high frequency tuning forks, which span three to four octaves. Unless otherwise noted all intervals represented in this article are middle frequency. High frequency tuning forks are most commonly used off the body in the etheric field and the low frequency are used to deepen the work.

Meridians—Pathways of Energy

In East Asian Medicine there are twelve primary energy pathways or meridians located in the body. These pathways, discovered by ancient healers, communicate with the surface of the body at specific points. These points or gates are opened, closed, or mediated through the application of sound vibration. Just as in ancient times, gates built on rivers and channels of water, were opened or closed to divert or supply water to the landscape, acupuncture points keep the body’s landscape flourishing on all levels. Water, our most precious commodity, is needed to sustain life. Heavenly water or essence is needed for the spirit and soul to grow. Each meridian contains a source point, where the original or heavenly give qi is contained. When we apply sound vibration to the source point we gain access to the core of the Meridian.

In a therapeutic setting we focus our work on the use of source points and the confluent points of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels. These points are easy to access in the physical body, and provide a foundation for understanding the depth and power of East Asian philosophy and healing. This constellation of points are highly transformational, and provide access and support to not just the physical manifestation of imbalances, but also to the complex emotional and spiritual aspects of an illness or physical disharmony.3

By focusing on source points and reclaiming the poetic name of acupuncture points we gain insights to the power of these energetic gateways. Point names provide an image that gives cues into the points’ function on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. These names are drawn from the culture of Chinese Medicine, which dates back 5000 years. Unfortunately, today it is rare that students learn the names of points in acupuncture school, loosing many of the powerful Shamanic and Taoist traditions of the medicine. By working with sound vibration, and musical intervals on these points we are also able to fine tune the energetic that goes into a point, thus we open the meridians and vessels of the body in a way that helps the patient expand beyond the individual into the greater cosmic connection each of us has with the earth, moon, and planets.3

For example, Kidney 3, Great Ravine, the Source Point of the Kidney is located in the depression behind the inner anklebone. This is the source point of the Kidney Meridian, which provides a high level of access into the energy or qi of the Kidney. This point is used to treat symptoms that may manifest as low back-pain, adrenal overload, or fear. In East Asian Medicine the Kidney is our battery and the source of vitality in the entire body. Great Ravine helps people to stay grounded while doing fearful procedures, or experiencing deep emotional, physical or spiritual shifts.

Another example is Lung 1, Central Treasury, which is located six inches lateral to the midline in the first inter-costal space in the depression between the pectoralis chest muscle and the shoulder bone. This is the collecting point for all the energy of the lungs. It is the beginning of a new meridian cycle and allows for regulation of the energy in the chest. This point is used to treat asthma, and to provide general support to the lungs.

Liver 3, Great Surge located approximately two inches below the webbing of the big toe in the depression between the tendons is the Source Point of the Liver Meridian. This point is used to release pent up energy that causes anxiety, anger, irritability, fidgetiness, tension headaches, and PMS symptoms. This point is often used in combination with Large Intestine 4, Union Valley, which is located in the depression between the index finger and the thumb about half an inch above the webbing. This is the command point for the face, mouth, and head and is used to treat sinus congestion, allergies, headaches, and toothaches. It is also used for neck pain. The combination of Liver 3 and Large Intestine 4 is known as the Four Gates of Heaven, tuning forks are placed contralaterally to open up the flow of blocked energy in the body.

These are just a few examples of the power of point names, which provide meaning, and illumination, that help guide us in both our assessment and treatment strategy. As we explore our use of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, you will see even more significance to the naming of points.

Extraordinary Vessels

The extraordinary vessels are vast oceans, seas, and seeds of energy within the body, that derive their energy from the Kidney, our original qi. The kidneys also relate to yin, water, and to memory—personal, collective, and cosmic—to winter, the root, death, and rebirth, the ear and the medium of sound itself. The vessels also relate to bone on all levels; our bones contain marrow, rich in heavenly essence (jing), the bones of the past, of generations, and the original bone oracles that were the basis of the I Ching and trigrams.

In many shamanic cultures, the soul and spirit is said to reside in the bones. As oceans and seas, the extraordinary vessels conduct sound more rapidly, transporting the harmonies of heaven to earth, resonating through time and space, to connect to the place of creative origins, back to the one. These vessels help us to remember the deeper realities and levels of correspondent intelligence, the sound bridges between the macrocosmic and the microcosmic from galaxies to cells.

The Vessels connect to and integrate with the twelve Primary Meridians. They regulate, provide qi and blood and serve as a reservoir forming intricate relationships to the meridians. Before birth, forming from a single cell, the Conception Vessel (REN) and the Governing Vessel (DU) take form. In embryology these vessels are the endoderm and ectoderm, respectively. Together they are called the Microcosmic Orbit and they provide a key to understanding the power of our work with the Extraordinary Vessels. The Governing Vessel runs up the back of the spine to the top of the head, and the Conception Vessel runs from the top of the head down the front of the body. Together they represent yin and yang, inner and outer, heaven and earth, and like all the extraordinary vessels are closely linked to kidney energy, the ear and hearing.

Understanding the extraordinary vessels and their applications will take a practitioner beyond the superficial and into the depths where true soul and spiritual healing happens. In this place we recover out immortal selves. Through sound vibration and intention these points become portals that take us deep within the body, to connect with source and the more ancient traditions of Taoism. Thus helping us to understanding our personal, energy, and destiny, as well as our cosmic, infinite, and transpersonal destiny.22,25

Huato Jiaji Points & The Immortal Bone

The Huato Jiaji points are located on either side of the spine between the vertebrae. Each vertebra is associated with an organ or other energetic nexus within the body, so these points can be used to balance, tonify, and renew the entire system. The vertebrae are rich in marrow. They have a strong connection with the kidney, which rules bone, and essence (marrow), opens up to the ear and so is connected with hearing and orientation in space and time, memory of time, history, and cellular memory. The kidney is shaped like a fetus and has a deep and eternal connection with our original embryonic energy and with the more universal forces of the water element.

The Taoists called the sacrum the Immortal Bone and the Baliao the Eight Immortal Caves. The sacrum connects the spinal marrow to the small brain (brainstem), and the upper brain to the marrow within the brain. Working in the sacrum generates qi and connects it to the Original Force.

When we concentrate on the points along the spine and work with both the bones and the nerves we can greatly enhance the flow of qi and open up the spinal energy. This can expand the spaces between the vertebral discs and create energy cushions to protect the bones and nerves. This in turn can harmonize, nourish, and provide life force for the entire system.3,22,23

Case Studies

The following case studies provide a foundation to explore a new approach to health care that bring us into harmony with the natural rhythms, functions, and cycles of nature and the universe. Cases have been chronicled by Acutonics teachers and practitioners and provide examples of the power, and long lasting effects that can be obtained when we work with these universal harmonies, archetypes, and healing themes. With more than fifteen years of case documentaries and research, we know that the Acutonics System of Healing has profound results, and that it is indeed a field of medicine.

In East Asian Philosophy and Medicine, patterns and correspondences of things that may appear non-related causally are part of the larger puzzle, of inter-connective, organic, energetic, and psychological systems. It is the understanding of the nature of these patterns that lead to the identification of the root or true origin of the imbalance. Treatment then involves the movement towards rebalancing from the root all of the systems, physical, emotional, and subtle, all of the interdependent pieces of the garden towards the greater harmonic ecology of the body.

Table II
The Confluent Opening and Balance Points
Extraordinary Vessels and Their Indications

Extraordinary Vessel: Yin Wei Yin Linking
Opening Point: Pericardium 6 (P6) Inner Gate
Balance Point: Spleen 4 (SP 4) - Grandparent's/Grandchild

Extraordinary Vessel: Chong Penetrating
Opening Point: Spleen 4 (SP 4) - Grandfather's/Grandson
Balance Point: Pericardium 6 (P 6) Inner Gate

Anatomical Indication: Chest, heart, stomach
Energetic Indication: Intergenerational patterns, heart chakra issues
Extraordinary Vessel: Du Governing
Opening Point: Small Intestine 3 (SI 3) Back Ravine
Balance Point: Urinary Bladder 62 (UB 62) Extending Vessel

Extraordinary Vessel: Yang Qiao Yang Motility
Opening Point: Urinary Bladder 62 (UB 62) Extending Vessel
Balance Point: Small Intestine 3 (SI 3)
Anatomical Indication: Neck, back, shoulder, inner canthus
Energetic Indication: Kundalini rising, energy integration, blown out sacrum
Extraordinary Vessel: Yang Wei Yang Linking
Opening Point: San Jiao 5 (SJ 5) Outer Gate
Balance Point: Gall Bladder 41 (GB 41) Near to Tears

Extraordinary Vessel: Dai Mai Griddle Vessel
Opening Point: Gall Bladder 41 (GB 41) Near to Tears
Balance Point: San Jiao 5 (SJ 5) Outer Gate
Anatomical Indication: Cheek, outer canthus, posterior ear
Energetic Indication: Lingering emotional pathogen, energy trapping, fence-sitting
Extraordinary Vessel: Ren Conception
Opening Point: Lung 7 (LU 7) Broken Sequence
Balance Point: Kidney 6 (KID 6) Shining Sea

Extraordinary Vessel: Yin Qiao Yin Motility
Opening Point: Kidney 6 (KID 6) Shining Sea
Balance Point: Lung 7 (LU 7) Broken Sequence
Anatomical Indication: Throat, chest, lung
Energetic Indication: Throat chakra issues, spiritual disconnection, nurturance, Kundalini rising

While our approach is rooted in East Asian Medicine, our practitioners come from many diverse backgrounds, integrating Acutonics into their clinical work as acupuncturists, chiropractors, nurses, physicians, psychotherapists, massage and bodywork practitioners, veterinarians, music therapists, yoga teachers, and energy healers. The documentation of cases, help us to understand the extraordinary results we see again and again, and to gather and form the scientific and quantum basis for Harmonic Medicine.

These case studies include specific treatment approaches, protocols are defined, and many unique combinations are employed. Acutonics, in its simplest form is being used in the home, for basic self-care, and in combination with many other integrative health care modalities, including private clinics, spas, and hospitals to reduce nausea, stress, fear, and pain and to help support and bring to homeostasis people going through traditional western therapy, and to provide hospice care to the dying.

New models and more sensitive research equipment are required to measure the quantum impact of this work which ameliorates symptoms, improves health and well being of our patients, and appears to result in global shifts in consciousness, that impact not just body and mind but the soul. Much of our research is based on capturing people’s unique stories, recording case documentaries, and developing a consistent nomenclature for the recording of treatment protocols and results.

Peripheral Neuropathy

In her work as an acupuncturist, and Clinical Dean, Carey had responsibility for 14 community clinics, providing care for patients with chronic pain, HIV/AIDS, and elderly populations. One of the most profound impacts that was witnessed was the treatment of AIDS related neuropathy, by working with two primary acupuncture points, Stomach 36, Three Mile Li and Spleen 6, Three Leg Yin. These points are major meridian intersection points in the body that carry large amounts of qi and blood, yang and yin. Using the regenerative power of the sun fork, combined with the Low Ohm (the Solar 7th Interval), immediate relief from burning and tingling sensations was experienced by some, while others reported various deg...

Another case, which has been followed for twelve years, concerns a 74 year old woman, who has a family history of peripheral neuropathy. Currently she receives treatment once per month and reports symptom free intervals for at least two weeks, since the tuning forks have been introduced into her treatment protocol. Many different treatment modalities were tried and documented, but they all fell short of the results proved by the tuning forks.

In this instance, the woman is very yin deficient, and the solar 7th interval proved too warming and induced insomnia when no previous history of sleep disorder had been documented. Therefore the treatment was modified to substitute the New Moon 5th Interval, a gentle opening interval that nourishes the yin. The treatment begins by gently warming the feet with a heat lamp, Mugwort oil was then massaged into the feet, and the tuning forks were applied to each foot. Just the New Moon 5th interval, is used, both for gentle massage, and application to specific points, Stomach 41, Kidney 1, and the Bai Feng (the points on the toes between the webbing) and Liver 3, for approximately 7 minutes per foot. This generated the most long lasting relief of her symptom complex.

Elbow and Wrist Pain and Plantar Fasciitis

A woman presented with symptoms of wrist pain, radiating up to her elbow on the right side. This was manifested after daily work at the computer for eight hours per day. The wrist pain is a fixed pain at Large Intestine 5, Yang Ravine, radiating through Large Intestine 10, Arm Three Li, around Small Intestine 8, Small Sea, and two inches further up the arm. (These points start at the wrist and go to about two inches above the elbow). After palpation it was discovered that there was soreness on her inner scapular area on the right side as well. Western diagnosis was tendonitis of the arm secondary to a repetitive motion over use syndrome.

The patient was also over weight and had left heel pain consistent with the western diagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis. She expressed a strong desire to work on weight loss, which would be more likely if her Plantar Fasciitis was resolved.

Diagnosis: Liver/spleen Qi stagnation, kidney yin deficiency, and blood deficiency with stasis.

Extraordinary Vessel Treatment
The Yang Wei Mai was selected, by placing the New Moon fork placed on San Jiao/Triple Heater 5 Outer Gate, and the Ohm on GB 41, Near To Tears. The Yang Wei, releases neck and shoulder pain. This was followed by using the Zodiac 3rd, placing the Ohm on GB 41, Near To Tears, and the Zodiac of San Jiao/Triple Heater 5, Outer Gate, to sedate or release the pain. The Low Ohm and Low Zodiac were then used to access these points on a deeper level. Pluto was then used on San Jiao/Triple Heater 5, Outer Gate, and Ohm on GB 41, Near To Tears, to go to the hidden and more mysterious aspects and to more deeply empower the yin. Next Chiron was applied to San Jiao/Triple Heater 5, Outer Gate, and Ohm to GB 41, Near To Tears, to remove old pain patterns and emotional wounding revolving around the weight issues and previous life wounding. At this point Uranus was placed on San Jiao/Triple Heater 5, Outer Gate, and Ohm on 41, Near To Tears, to create that divine spark in the center of her being. The intention was to shift old thought patterns and structural beliefs, and to ignite interest in weight loss.

The New Moon 5th was used on the Dai Vessel (New Moon on GB 41, Near To Tears, and Ohm on San Jiao/Triple Heater 5, Outer Gate). The Dai Mai treats pain in any joint, in this case, the elbow, wrist, and heel. New Moon is used on GB 41, Near To Tears, to open and release pain. The Ohm is applied on San Jiao/Triple Heater 5, Outer Gate, to ground. Pluto was placed on GB 41, Near To Tears, and Ohm on San Jiao/Triple Heater 5, Outer Gate. This goes deeply into the meridian. Next, Uranus was used on GB 41, Near To Tears, and Ohm on San Jiao/Triple Heater 5, Outer Gate. Uranus was used to help create a sudden change in perspective, to shake things loose, and support the goal of weight loss.

Heel Pain Direct Works: Ah Shi points (points of pain) were treated on and to the side of the left heel.

The protocol used was as follows: Ohm Unison; New Moon 5th; Zodiac 3rd; Low Zodiac 3rd.

Follow-Up Treatments: The elbow and the wrist were vastly improved after one treatment. After two treatments, the patient reported that the elbow pain was gone as well as the wrist pain. The heel pain was 40% better. After 4 treatments the heel pain was 95% better.

Results/Conclusions: The client reports that her spirit is calmer and she is able to work longer on the computer new that her wrist and elbow pain is gone. She is coming weekly for treatments, and is ready to focus on weight loss, as well as expressing a greater desire for integration of her body, mind and spirit.

Carpal Tunnel Treatment Approach

A 28 year-old female who has worked in a bicycle repair store for five years developed Carpal Tunnel in her right arm from years of repetitive movement. She had been taking 800mg of Ibuprofen twice a day for the two weeks prior to coming for treatment in an effort to keep the pain down she wore a wrist splint given to her by her primary physician. These measures helped measures helped minimally but she wanted to be pain free, and keep her job.

KD appeared happy and healthy, with a clear complexion and bright eyes. Her pulses were strong and her tongue was pink and moist. She was in good shape and rides her bike daily. Her diet is typical of many Americans. She relied a bit too much on cold sandwiches and ice water or cold soda at lunch, and cold cereal at breakfast. She was advised to add more warm and cooked foods while she was healing, as the body prefers warmth to cold and to drink water at room temperature rather than iced, especially with meals.

Treatment: Since the liver rules the tendons and sinews of the body, it was important to help regulate the liver qi by using Liver 3, Great Surge, and also Liver 14, Cycle Gate. Local points were used to reduce swelling in the area and open the channels running through the wrist and arm.

With KD in the supine position, the Four Gates of Heaven were needled (Large Intestine 4, Union Valley and Liver 3, Great Surge), to free up the constrained liver qi and open all the channels of the body to relieve pain. (Tuning forks could also be used on these points by placing the gold Ohm fork on Large Intestine 4 and the purple Zodiac fork on Liver 3). The Ohm Unison forks were used on Kidney 1, Gushing Spring, and Kidney 3, Great Ravine to ground, center, and open the client to her healing experience. This was followed by the New Moon/Ohm on the area of pain, placing the Ohm fork on San Jiao/Triple Heater 5, Outer Gate, and New Moon fork on Pericardium 6, Inner Gate, to deeply open the tissues and feed them with yin energy. The Mars/Venus 5th forks where then applied to the same two points, placing the Mars fork on San Jiao/Triple Heater 5, and the Venus fork on Pericardium 6, to feed the muscles with the healing energies of Mars, and the tissues with the yin energies of Venus. Mars and Mercury was also applied to these two points, by placing the Mars fork on San Jiao/Triple Heater 5, and Mercury on Pericardium 6, Mercury addresses the electrical nerve tissues, neurological systems, shoulder, neck and arm pain, and Mars governs the muscles and inflammatory processes.

GB 34, Yang Mound Spring, is the master point of the tendons and sinews in Chinese Medicine so the New Moon 5th, Mars/Venus 5th, and Mars/Mercury forks were applied to these points. In addition, Jupiter and the Full Moon tuning forks were applied on Liver 14 to release any liver constraint and feed yin energy to the liver. In all instances the tuning forks were applied three times, and allowed to vibrate for there full duration, which is approximately 25 seconds.

Follow Up Treatment: The client had one additional treatment, seven days later, and reported that she had been free of pain since the first treatment. She continued to wear her wrist splint while at work, changed her diet to warm foods and water at room temperature and noticed an increase in her energy level throughout the day.

Results/Conclusions: The client remained pain free for one year. She returned for treatment when she noticed a small amount of pain returning. The same treatment protocol was repeated and she was instructed in the use of the Mars/Venus 5th tuning forks for self-treatment at home.

Acutonics & Children

Some of the most rewarding work with Acutonics is the results we see while working with young children. Many children have been treated with Acutonics and we find that they are consistently curious, receptive and enthusiastic about the forks. They love to listen to them, feel them on their bodies, and respond very well to this non-invasive approach to vibrational therapy. These case studies provide some background on how we have effectively worked with young children. There is tremendous promise for future research in the area of behavior disorders, ADHD, Autism, and Asthma for which formal research studies are just being designed.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; Anxiety

A 6 year-old boy with a history of OCD and severe anxiety, with a  possible diagnosis of bipolar disorder has been treated affectively with Acutonics. He is sensitive to all stimuli—noise, clothing labels, textures, etc. He has frequent outburst and has trouble sleeping. His Mother says that fear is his primary emotion in most situations. He also has extreme reactions to any change.

Diagnosis: Disharmony of Water element, leading to excessive fear; the Water element is not able to properly nourish the Wood element according to the generative cycle, contributing to a Wood imbalance (allowing Wood to rise up causing outbursts). Wood in turn, is unable to properly nourish Fire (Water is also unable to control Fire) causing Shen or Spirit disturbances, possible mania (temper outburst can manifest in the manic phase of bipolar disorder and fear of being out of control (his reactions to change).

First Treatment:
Ohm octave on Kidney 1, Gushing Spring, to ground. The Four Gates (Liver 3 and Large Intestine 4) with Zodiac 3rd to smooth his Qi. Mars/Venus 5th on Kidney 3, Great Ravine, to nourish Kidney yin and yang. It was especially important to build a relationship of trust with the child. Because of this child’s sensitivity, especially to noise, the first treatment was very simple.

Follow Up Treatments: Subsequent treatments included the same protocol as the first treatment with the addition of the Huato Jiaji points with the Mars/Venus 5th and chakra balancing with the Mars/Venus high frequency forks. Unexpectedly, the child was fascinated by the planetary gongs and loved to “help” play them, which bathed him in the harmonics and energy of the gongs. The drum, which is very grounding was also introduced and placed directly on his spine.

Results/Conclusions: This child has improved dramatically. He is much more tolerant of sounds, noise, and textual stimuli, and better able to manage his anger. Before beginning treatments, this boy was unable to tolerate the most minor changes in his schedule and his routines. He has recently been through his parents’ separation, a move to a new house and spending time with both parents in their new homes on a regular basis. His coping skills are much improved. Also, and most importantly, fear is not his primary response to life.

Lung Congestion/Child

A quiet and reserved four-year old boy, accompanied by his mother and 1-year old sister, came in with congestion in his lungs. He was running a fever previous to the appointment. He appeared flushed with signs of dehydration, and mucus that was not being expectorated. The day he came in, he had a dry cough with chest constriction. His mother was concerned because every time there was an illness going around he would get it and it would settle into his lungs. This condition seemed to have increased since the birth of his sister. The mother, who is also a client, demonstrates an excess Earth element, which seems to overpower her children with excessive worry or concern.

Diagnosis: Compromised Metal Element overshadowed by the mother (Earth) Weakened Immune system, damp Heat in the lungs.

Treatment/Rationale: Ground and Balance. The session started with the child reading one of his favorite books while Tibetan singing bowls were played and the Ohm Unison Tuning forks were held near his ears. Then Ohm Unison was applied to Kidney 1, Gushing Spring, to ground, center and relax. Ohm Unison on Pericardium 6, Inner Gate, to calm Shen, opens the chest, and begins to clear heat.

Extraordinary Vessel Treatment
New Moon 5th on Ren Vessel (Lung 7, Broken Sequence, and Kidney 6, Shining Sea) to open the chest and release emotional constriction. New Moon 5th on Chong Vessel (Spleen 4, Grandparents Grandchild, and Pericardium 6, Inner Gate) to access and heal intergenerational patterning and open stagnation in the chest.

Build Lung Qi and Clear Congestion: New Moon 5th on Lung 1, Central Treasury, to open the qi and release constrictions and emotions followed by Full Moon 6th to help build the energy of the lungs.

Tonify and Strengthen Immune System: New Moon 5th followed by Mars/Ohm 2nd on DU 14, Great Hammer, to clear Lung heat and then tonify and support Defensive Qi. Solar 7th on Stomach 36, Leg Three Li, to build and enhance the immune system.

Results: By the end of the session, the child’s breathing was more clear and relaxed and he was much more interactive.

Children will invariably walk into a treatment room and identify the exact tuning forks that need to be used in their session. This child was very curious about the forks and asked to listen to three forks in a specific order (not the order they were arranged in), Ohm/Mercury microtone, Ohm/Pluto microtone, and the Ohm/Chiron 2nd. He proceeded to listen to the forks in that order. His choice of forks were a clear reflection of the underlying condition that his symptoms were expressing. Mercury (the messenger) with winged feet; rules the lungs and communication, traverses to the underworld, Pluto (Hades), uncovers what is in the shadow and bring the wound to the surface with Chiron (the wounded healer).

Asperger’s Disorder

A 10 year-old boy who was recently diagnosed with Asperger’s Disorder has been successfully treated with Acutonics. The child received language therapy at the age of two years, nine months due to delays in expressive language and articulation. He was diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder before the age of six, and a learning disability in first grade. He also received occupational therapy for visual-motor integration and fine-motor skills. In April 2004, he was diagnosed with Acute Reaction to Stress, Predominant Disturbance of Emotions, and Anxiety related performance. His parents had separated two years earlier and are in the process of a divorce. He and his mother have moved into an apartment. His father has not been contributing financially, which has made life even more difficult for them. He has been having frequent anxiety attacks, usually doesn’t show affection, and prefers to play by himself. He states that playgrounds and cafeterias are too noisy. He had been seeing a tutor on a weekly basis for a year. He has trouble focusing and understanding his schoolwork. He frequently complains of nausea. Storms are very frightening for him. There is a family history of panic disorder and learning disabilities.

Diagnosis: The child meets the criteria to be diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, specifically Asperger’s Disorder.

Treatment/Rationale: Primary objective is to calm anxiety so that he can function easier in all aspects of life.

Extraordinary Vessel Treatment
In the first session because of his acute sensitivity only the Ohm Unison Tuning Forks were used in the following sequence, Ren Mai (Lung 7, Broken Sequence, and Kidney 6, Shining Sea), Du Mai (Small Intestine 3, Back Ravine, and Urinary Bladder 62, Extending Vessel), these two Extraordinary Vessels make up what is called the microcosmic orbit. Then the Ohm Unison was applied to REN 17, Chest Center, and to Large Intestine 4, Union Valley, and Liver 3, Great Surge (Four Gates of Heaven). A still point was induced using Ohm on DU 16, Wind Mansion, and DU 4, Life Gate. And the first treatment concluded.

Follow-up Treatments: Two sessions were done on consecutive days. The second session was the same as the first. In the third session, the intention was to open up his heart chakra. The two extraordinary vessels selected were Yin Wei Mai (P 6, Inner Gate, and Spleen 4, Grandparent’s/Grandchild) and Chong Mai (same points, reversing the opening and balancing points). Beginning with Ohm unison, and then following with Mars/Venus 5ths. This treatment strategy was used for several additional sessions.

For his sixth session, the Ohm/Jupiter 4th Interval was added in the Cosmic Capstone configuration (DU 20, Hundred Convergences, Pericardium 8, Palace of Toil, and REN 17, Chest Center. Since these points help to tap into higher levels of information. The Du Mai, (Small Intestine 3, Back Ravine, and Urinary Bladder 62, Extending Vessel) and Ren Mai (Lung 7, Broken Sequence, and Kidney 6, Shining Sea) were also used with Ohm unison followed by the Ohm/Jupiter Interval. (Jupiter was the Opening Point and Ohm was the Balancing Point).

Results/Conclusions: Immediately following the second session, the child went to see his tutor, who inquired about what was different in the child’s life as he was able to stay focused and it was easier for him to do his work. His mother responded that the only thing different was that he had two Acutonics sessions. The tutor recommended that he continue receiving them as she could observe a difference. On the way home from the third session, the child told his mother that he loved her so much! When they stopped at the traffic light, he wanted to give her a hug. Continuing to enjoy his sessions the child turned down a trip to the zoo and said he would rather receive an Acutonics session. After the sixth session, the child went to work with his tutor, who was with another student when he arrived, so she gave him a white board to draw on, while he waited for a short time. When she came out to get him, he hadn’t drawn a picture but rather had come up with several three-digit math division problems. He solved them correctly, made them into fractions and found the common denominator. It was well above the level of work he had been doing. This child continues to receive regular Acutonics treatments, he continues to show affection, and enjoys playtime with others.

Women’s health is another area that has been heavily documented by our practitioners and teachers. Here is one example of how we treat stress and panic attacks.

Stress and Panic Attacks

The patient is a 54 year-old woman with chief complaints of stress and anxiety resulting in what her physicians have diagnosed as, panic attacks. She experiences chest tightness, jaw tightness, anxiety, and episodes of intense stifling heat from the waist up. Evaluation by a cardiologist found no evidence of cardiac disease. Her stress level increased when her husband experienced a health crisis, which necessitated his hospitalization and surgery. She is the primary care giver for her father in law, who has Alzheimer’s disease and who lives with her and her husband. She feels unable to get any restful sleep because of concerns that her father-in-law will fall or have some other kind of accident in the night. Besides caring for her father in-law, she travels across the country periodically to check in on her ailing mother, who is in an assisted living facility.

The patient’s health history includes multiple surgeries and medications related to a series of gynecological problems and sinus problems. She began to avail herself of more alternative health care options starting about 10 years ago, and since then has relied mostly on herbs and dietary supplements and naturopathic and chiropractic care. She is extremely sensitive to energy and does not tolerate acupuncture well, even with very few needles. She is quite affected by electromagnetic energy and can only spend brief periods on a cell phone or at a computer before she begins to feel ungrounded and physically uncomfortable. The physical symptoms she experiences include a “buzzy” feeling in her head and a sense of physical agitation.

The client is extremely capable, resourceful, and reliable but finds her self spread pretty thin. She seems so busy taking care of everyone else, that there is little time for self-care. She has dark circles under eyes and her energy feels extremely scattered. Her pulse is wiry and thin and her tongue is pale with red sides and tip, a dark center, and no coat.

Diagnosis: Stress resulting in liver Qi stagnation with rising liver yang, Kidney Qi and yin deficiency causing gynecological imbalances and failing to ground liver yang, Ren and Chong imbalances.

Treatment/Rationale: This patient was so sensitive that even placing tuning forks on points was too intense so all the forks were used over the points in the subtle energy field. The patient was grounded with the Ohm unison over Kidney 1, Gushing Spring.

Extraordinary Vessels
The Ren Mai (Lung 7, Broken Sequence, and Kidney 6, Shining Sea) was chosen to nourish the yin and help balance the gynecological problems at their root. The Low New Moon 5th was used to open and gain deep access to the channel, followed by the Low Venus/Ohm 6th to support the kidneys and to address gynecological issues and the Low Full Moon 6th to deeply nourish the yin.

The Chong Mai (Spleen 4, Grandparent’s Grandchild, and Pericardium 6, Inner Gate) was chosen to relieve stagnation in the chest, to quell the anxiety, and release intergenerational issues. The channel was opened with the Low New Moon 5th followed by the Low Jupiter/Ohm 4th to expand and release stagnant energy, and the Low Full Moon 6th to promote full release of intergenerational attachments.

To circulate the liver Qi, the Four Gates were used (Large Intestine 4, Union Valley, and Liver 3, Great Surge). The Low Ohm was placed over Large Intestine 4 and the Low Jupiter over Liver 3, contralaterally and bilaterally, to create the circulating energetics of the figure eight.

Kidney 3, Great Ravine, was used to nourish the kidney yin. The Low Venus/Ohm 6th was used to support the kidney, especially its yin aspect, followed by the Low Full Moon 6th to more fully nourish the yin.

To open the heart and quell anxiety, Heart 7, Spirit Gate, and Kidney 6, Shining Sea, were treated with the high frequency New Moon 5th followed by the high frequency Neptune/Ohm 5th.

Chakras: Because of the energy and heat rising, the chakras were stimulated in the field from the top down with the Ohm Octave 2.

Planetary Essential Oil Blends: Planetary essential oil blends were chosen based on the patient’s particular imbalances. The Venus and Moon blends were used for tonifying the yin and cooling and the Earth blend for grounding. These oils were used to punctuate certain parts of the treatment. They were placed on the Brow and Crown chakras and introduced into the subtle energy fields near the nose.

To calm her anxiety and balance her energy, Tibetan bowls were placed around the treatment table and sounded to produce a sound bath.

Planetary Chimes: A Low Ohm hand chime were played for grounding and the Chiron hand chime was played to help promote healing of her physical and emotional wounds.

Planetary Gongs: The Venus, Full Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune gongs were used to tonify the patient’s yin, smooth and release her liver Qi, and to cool and promote fluids. The Mercury gong was used to amalgamate the energies of the other gongs. Finally, the patient was again grounded with the Ohm Unison over Kidney 1, Gushing Spring.

Follow-Up Treatments: After the initial treatment, the patient reported feeling more grounded and having fewer and less intense episodes of heat and chest tightness. Her sleep had improved. The second treatment repeated the first with the addition of the Low Full Moon 6th and Low Venus Ohm 6th intervals over REN 4, Origin Pass, for increased kidney yin tonification. The Saturn gong was also added to help solidify the grounding energy. The patient was instructed in how to use mantra to ground, balance, and calm her spirit, and so that she could maintain more even energy. The following three treatments were the same as the second with the addition of the Chiron gong for deep healing.

Results/Conclusions: The patient reported significant improvement in her sleep patterns and energy. Over the course of six treatments, the heat sensations and chest and jaw tightness totally resolved. She reported feeling more grounded and was using mantra and meditation to help her to maintain calmer and more stable energy.


Working with the frequencies of the planets helps us to cultivate the Tao, our original spirit, and learn to access heaven. In doing so, we create harmony with the different levels of energy in our Universe, and we become more aware of the vastness and power of the forces that influence us both on the physical and non-physical plains of existence. Key among these forces is a recognition that the planets, stars, sun, and moon, don’t just impact the Earth, but they impact each one of us, and what happens to our Earth can’t help but be reflected in us.  When we understand the planets, attributes, correspondences, and archetypes, and their role in the greater galactic healing schematic, we come to an authentic truth that honors ancient wisdom, East Asian Medicine, astrological medicine, Energy Medicine, and contemporary science. Bridging rational and intuitive knowledge, art and science, we are able to explore much larger connections and principles and weave them into a unified whole.

Acknowledgements: Special thanks to our teachers and practitioners who have provided case documentaries of their work, Donna Carey, Anita Shelton, Gail Byrnes, Carolyn Green, Carmen Cicotti, Dahvid Weiss, Frances Dachelet and Jude Ponton, for inclusion in this article, and in our new book, and to our co-authors and collaborators, Paul Ponton, LAc, Jude Ponton, DC, LAc, MichelAngelo, MA, on the forthcoming book, Acutonics® From Galaxies to Cells: Planetary Science, Harmony & Medicine.

Correspondence: Donna Carey, LAc, and Ellen F. Franklin, PhD • Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine, LLC • 157 Pacheco Rd, Box 8 • Llano, NM 87543 • email:,

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