Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Basic Simple Structures: The First Acutonics Session - Online

Date & Time: Tuesday, August 8, 2023 - Wednesday, September 6, 2023 | 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Location: Online
Course: Acutonics®: Sound Healing Clinic Hours Fulfillment Options
Cost: $275
Registration Info: Website:; Email:; Call: (817) 918-3939
Class Reference #: 13253
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INAUGURAL DATES: Meets 1X/week - August 8th - September 6th, 2023

PRE-REQUISITE: Acutonics Level I

After Acutonics Level I many students ask themselves, “Now that I have all the information and training from Level I (and Level II), how do I apply all that information and develop a session? What is usually contained in a typical Acutonics session? What order do I do all these things?”

In Basic Simple Structures, information contained in Level I Acutonics class is structured and applied to your own volunteer case. This is a step by step approach to applying Acutonics I to a real world client while earning clinic hours for Module I Certification or just your own confidence level. Basic Simple Structures is a hybrid class that involves meeting once per week on zoom and student homework each week following the class meeting over 5 weeks. The 5th meeting is done as a private zoom meeting with the teacher as you treat your volunteer with the plan developed during class meetings. You get observed by the teacher and get feedback at that last meeting.

Students may choose one of two options for a Basic Simple Structures class:

  • Option A:Register for a scheduled class that has 1-2 other students (maximum of 3 students per class)
    • 11 clinic hours earned
    • $275
    • This option allows you to learn even more through the sharing of cases by the other students as well as your own.
    • Weekly meetings run approximately 90-120 minutes max.
  • Option B:Register for personal, individualized meetings
    • 8.5 clinic hours earned
    • $212.50.
    • This allows you to meet without regard to the schedule of other participants.
    • Weekly meetings run 1 hour max.


  • Student-obtained volunteer:a friend, family member, or co-worker to be a volunteer subject and have that volunteer sign a provided consent form.The volunteer will need to be available twice: to be interviewed and to be treated. The volunteer must be available for an in-person (or distance) treatment session that will be viewed on zoom by the teacher.If using Distance Acutonics, both student and volunteer will be on zoom for observation at their own locations simultaneously during the session.
  • Completion of Acutonics Level I with any Licensed Acutonics teacher
  • Minimum of Acutonics Level I tools to provide final session: Mid octave: 2 ohms, zodiac, earth day, new moon, full moon.
    Optional: Mid mars/venus, solar 7th set. Level II tools are welcome for those graduates.
  • Time to do homework in-between class meetings
  • Final treatment meeting: Ability to have your device with adequate view for teacher observation. Laptops or desktops are recommended. Phones held in ring lights may also work.