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Three Treasures Gem Tip Set

Three Treasures Gem Tip Set

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Integrate sound and color therapy with The Acutonics® Three Treasures Gem Tip Set. Representing the three intrinsic and inseparable forces that embody Heaven, Earth, and Humanity; the magnetism of the Qi, the creative polarity of the Jing, and the spiritual container that is the Shen. These three sacred and integral gifts form the basis for life and the promise of health, wellbeing, and longevity. When Qi, Jing, and Shen are in harmony, individuals live life at peak capacity, with body, mind, and spirit fully engaged. These tools are excellent for use with facial protocols, on the chakras, and on specific points where the energetic of the gemstone enhances the vibratory frequency of the tuning fork.

Optically Pure Quartz: A concentrated influential force that helps us to access a sense of at-one-ment or attunement. It is designed for use in combination with the other gems to activate, energize, and amplify their influence. This gem is used to release stress, to disperse toxins, and to relax body, mind, and spirit, to stimulate telepathic abilities and to encourage and maintain the smooth flow of Qi.

Red Garnet Qi-Energy-Humanity: The luminous garnet is a stone of health, which can clear negative energy from the chakras. It promotes unconditional love and devotion, bridges differences, and unites the blood of humanity as one heart. It supports the lungs, is used on the spine, and to regulates the heart on all levels: emotional, physical, and spiritual, supports blood flow, eases depression and melancholy.

Yellow Citrine Jing-Essence-Earth: Citrine is associated with stability, reliability, confidence, and grounding. This stone does not hold or accumulate negative energy. It is called the stone of abundance supporting manifestation on the physical plane. This gem is a generator used to enhance our creative energy and spirit at the core. Excellent for balancing yin and yang energy it activates and energizes providing a sense of clarity, it brightens our life and helps us to access our higher self.

Purple Amethyst Shen-Spirit-Heaven: A meditation stone that calms the mind, and provides access to a transcendental state, the breath of life and peace. Use to protect and transform psychic attacks and to transform negative energy into something positive and loving. Amethyst is used to calm the Shen, promote balance within the head and brain, relieve over-thinking, headaches, reduce insomnia, and connect with the higher mind.

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