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7 Gems for 7 Chakras

7 Gems for 7 Chakras

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Integrate sound and color therapy with The Acutonics® 7 Gems for 7 Chakras. These tools are excellent for use on the chakras, and on specific points where the energetic of the gemstone enhances the vibratory frequency of the tuning fork.

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Red Garnet - 1st Chakra/Root
Location: Base of Spine
Acupuncture Point Correspondence: DU 1/REN 1
Physiologic/Energetic Connections: Adrenal, spinal column, bones, teeth, nails, blood, cellular construction and architecture, colon, rectum
Qualities/Functions: Survival, goal achievement, vitality, groundedness, security, stability, stillness, courage
Harmonic Keynote: Evolution
Elemental Association: Earth
Gemstone: Red Garnet

Carnelian - 2nd Chakra/Sacral or Spleen
Location: Below Navel
Acupuncture Point Correspondence: REN 3/REN 4
Physiologic/Energetic Connections: Reproductive organs, low back, kidney, urinary bladder
Qualities/Functions: primordial feelings, emotional identity, self-gratification, awe, enthusiasm, openness to others, procreation
Harmonic Keynote: Fertility
Elemental Association: Water
Gemstone: Carnelian

Yellow Citrine - 3rd Chakra/Solar Plexis
Location: Above the navel, below the chest
Acupuncture Point Correspondence: REN 12
Physiologic/Energetic Connections: Pancreas, Liver, Gallbladder, Stomach, Spleen, low back, muscles, autonomic nervous system
Qualities/Functions: Personal power, social identity, influence, ego, self-control, energy radiance, vitality, inner strength, inner harmony, will
Harmonic Keynote: Empowerment
Elemental Association: Fire
Gemstone: Citrine

Rose Quartz or Jade - 4th Chakra/ Heart
Location: Center of the Chest
Acupuncture Point Correspondence: REN 17
Physiologic/Energetic Connections: Heart, thymus, blood circulation, immune response, lungs, rib cage, skin, upper back
Qualities/Functions: Unconditional love, harmony, forgiveness, compassion, warmth, understanding, sharing, devotion, selflessness, personal transformation
Harmonic Keynote: Compassion
Elemental Association: Air
Gemstone: Jade, Rose Quartz

Blue Topaz - 5th Chakra/Throat
Location: Throat area
Acupuncture Point Correspondence: REN 22
Physiologic/Energetic Connections: Thyroid, jaw, neck, throat, voice, airways, upper lungs, arms
Qualities/Functions: Creative self-expression, communication, inspiration, wisdom, integrity, truth, freedom, independence, co-creation
Harmonic Keynote: Communication
Elemental Association: Ether
Gemstone: Blue Topaz

Amethyst - 6th Chakra/Third Eye
Location: Middle of the forehead
Acupuncture Point Correspondence: Yintang
Physiologic/Energetic Connections: Pituitary gland, endocrine system, nervous system
Qualities/Functions: inner vision, intuition, insight, clairvoyance, perception, imagination, insight, projection of will, concentration
Harmonic Keynote: Perception
Elemental Association: Light
Gemstone: Amethyst

Optically Pure Quartz - 7th Chakra/Crown
Location: Top of the head
Acupuncture Point Correspondence: DU 20
Physiologic/Energetic Connections: Pineal gland, cerebrum, central nervous system
Qualities/Functions: Integration, unity with the divine, wisdom, purpose, understanding, cosmic consciousness, enlightenment, spiritual connection, bliss
Harmonic Keynote: Divine Connection
Elemental Association: Thought
Gemstone: Optically Pure Quartz