Tuning Fork Activation

Use of an Activator is key to obtaining obtimal vibration from your tuning forks.

To activate the tuning forks hold your tuning forks on the flat section just below the prongs and above the stem. Place your thumb on the flat side (over the Acutonics logo), and place your forefinger on the other side.  The stem will rest in the palm behind the third and forth fingers. Relax your fingers and wrist, and strike the color-coded weighted end of the fork. Some people like to hit it flat, others prefer to hit it at a slight angle against the Acutonics Acuvator (as shown in these pictures). The ribbed edge of only one of the rounded weights needs to make contact with the Acuvator. The fork does not need to be hit hard, but the more solid the hit, the longer the vibration will be sustained. Be patient with yourself and practice activating the tuning forks a few times, it will quickly come naturally to you.

Don’t over hit the tuning forks. It just takes a light tap to activate them. If you hear the forks clang you’ve definitely hit them too hard.

After you activate the tuning forks take a moment to listen to their beautiful sound.

Listening to the forks while you are learning to use them is also helpful to determine if you are hitting them evenly. Most people have a dominant hand and it can take a bit of practice to get a solid strike of the tuning forks with both hands.


"When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my world went into a crazy spin. I was suddenly thrust into a foreign land of doctors, drugs, and medical treatments. Elle a recent breast cancer survivor herself, offered to help me with Acutonics sound healing treatments. Not knowing what to expect, I dragged myself in after my first round of chemotherapy. Elle went to work treating parts of my internal body like my liver to not only help with the side effects of the drugs, but to balance and ground me as well."

- Sandy, Boulder