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Nicole L. Broadus

Nicole L. Broadus
Divine Goddess Acutonics, LLC - Montclair, VA

Nicole is the founder of Divine Goddess Acutonics, LLC and is a Certified Acutonics Practitioner. While her practice is based in Northern Virginia, she also offers distance treatments over Zoom, serving clients worldwide. She first discovered Acutonics while attending an energy medicine retreat in North Carolina and was instantly enthralled by it. Soon after, she took her first Acutonics class with Valentina Morani in 2019. During the pandemic, Nicole diligently worked towards completing the required training classes and clinic hours to obtain her certification. She successfully completed her thesis study exploring the efficacy of Acutonics in the treatment of long COVID under the mentorship of Katie Mink, LAc, Senior Faculty, in 2022 and obtained her Acutonics Practitioner certification shortly thereafter.

In addition, Nicole is a certified Usui Reiki master and has taken numerous intuitive and energy medicine classes in different modalities over the past 15 years including energy medicine with Cyndi Dale, intuitive energy healing with Dana Childs, and Intuitive Angel readings with Beth “B” Carleton. She incorporates this training into her practice to assist clients more deeply and accurately in their healing journey.