Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Kimberly Jackson, MAc

Kimberly Jackson, MAc
New York, NY

“My long-time interest in and passion for healing work led me to the study of Acutonics®, sound healing, indigenous healing methods, hands-on-energy work, and Chinese Medicine. I’m particularly drawn to the physical, emotional and spiritual manifestations of inherited trauma, intergenerational imprinting and post-traumatic stress. One of the primary focuses of my work is to help patients navigate the waters of deep transformation. I have a deep and heartfelt passion for this medicine, and believe in a collaborative practitioner-patient relationship.”

Kimberly is a certified Acutonics® pracitioner and has a Masters in Acupuncture from Pacific College of East Asian Medicine, with a specialty in Classical Chinese Medicine. The rigorous program included substantial coursework in Western biomedicine and a year of clinical internship. Kimberly has also completed several year-long courses of post-graduate study in Classical Chinese Medicine with Daoist Master Jeffrey Yuen.   

Before enrolling in PCOM, Kimberly maintained a private healing practice in Costa Rica, with a focus on Acutonics® sound healing. Kimberly often integrates essential oils and Tibetan bowls and bells into her treatments, whether they are acupuncture or Acutonics® based. Her experience allows Kimberly to approach illness, healing and wellness from a wide perspective.

Kimberly graduated from Smith College with degrees in French Literature and Economics. Her previous professional experience includes educational marketing in NYC and production work for an international press agency. Kimberly’s extensive time abroad gives her a deep understanding of and interest in cross-cultural issues. Her time living in other countries allowed a unique opportunity to study indigenous healing in different countries.

Kimberly’s treatments are deeply rooted in the belief that healing can occur on many different levels. Kimberly attunes to the quiet moments in the treatment room, the moments between sound and silence, between words and needles. The moments where profound healing take root.