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Acutonics Elective: Equine Acutonics Foundations Course – Online

Date & Time: Saturday, October 16, 2021 - Sunday, October 31, 2021 | 9:00am - 1:00pm
Location: UK, Salisbury - Online
Course: Acutonics® Elective: Introducing Foundations in Equine Acutonics
Instructor: Alaina Draper

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Alaina Draper

Alaina Draper
UK, Salisbury

Alaina Draper is a Certified Acutonics® Practitioner, dedicated primarily to equine practice and researching evolutionary harmonic physics through her hands-on work with horses.

She is developing the Equine Acutonics curriculum to encourage more of the community to treat horses and experience first hand their vast potential to facilitate personal transformation, as a human and a therapist.  She holds an MA History of Yoga and Meditation from SOAS and is a Sivananda trained Yoga Instructor. For more information or to register for this class contact Alaina at: