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Unwinding Trauma – A Journey to Renewed Hope

6 Nov, 2019
Unwinding Trauma – A Journey to Renewed Hope

Ellen F. Franklin, PhD

As I sit down to write this month’s blog post I have just returned from England where I offered a new elective to the students of senior faculty member Joanie Solaini, entitled Unwinding Trauma with Acutonics®, the Eight Extraordinary Vessels and Fibonacci. In the course of my research and exploration while developing this class I decided to revisit how we work with the vibratory energy of Fibonacci. The numbers in the Fibonacci sequence increase in size only as a result of building on numbers that already exist in the series. Additional numbers come from self-generation, growing from within by a process of self-accumulation. Tracing its roots back to 0 – each step can claim an inheritance from zero – from Wu Qi. You might consider that Fibonacci provides us with access to the infinite potential contained within us – that we each have the capacity to unwind the trauma that limits our growth and potential to expand into rich areas of our lives. Although Fibonacci never quite gets to the Golden Ratio it comes so very close – and it aids us in gaining access to our true essence and transcendent nature.

All of us our injured to some degree, whether the result of early childhood trauma, being in a natural disaster, or simply bearing witness to trauma. For some regardless of the severity of the trauma, immediate or enduring effects are met with resilience, we rise above the circumstances with a strong desire to help others. For others, trauma experiences may manifest as a low level feeling that you have not been able to reach your potential or to be seen and heard. However, a growing number of people may have prolonged reactions that move from acute symptoms to severe, prolonged, or enduring mental health consequences. These might manifest as posttraumatic stress and other anxiety disorders, substance abuse and a range of mood disorders. There are often physical symptoms such as arthritis, headaches, chronic pain and a wide range of sleep disorders.

One of the things to recognize as health care practitioners is that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Secondary Traumatic Stress may be triggered by experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event and it can develop at any age. It is also far more common than we might think. The National Center for PTSD reports that about seven or eight out of every 100 people will have PTSD at some point during their lives. Additionally, around 8 million adults may have PTSD in a given year. An international research study surveyed people in 24 countries, with nearly 69,000 respondents over 70% reported a traumatic event, and more than 30% stated that they had been exposed to five or more traumatic events. These included witnessing death or serious injury, unexpected death of a loved one, being mugged, being in a life-threatening automobile accident, experiencing a life-threatening illness or injury. Exposure to interpersonal violence had the strongest associations with subsequent traumatic events.

Regardless of our relationship to specific traumatic events each of us feel on a deep cellular level the daily abuse to the planet we live on and call home as fires rage in California, and Japan recovers from a devastating Typhon. We also witness abuse of power not just in the US but throughout the world, where greed and corruption are the most common form of currency. This leaves an imprint that results in collective trauma, perhaps low level depression or dysthymia. Where are the walls within and without? Have we experienced a loss of structure or too much structure? Walls have always been built to protect us from other – to keep us separate – when from a Taoist perspective we are all infinitely connected to something far greater than ourselves. How do we move beyond the prison walls – move beyond our self-limiting counter-productive behaviors to address personal, global and collective trauma?

What energy would you like to direct to yourself, your clients, communities, and the planet Earth? When you open your tool kit and reach deep, what do you find? Certainly, there is a role for Pluto and Chiron. Chiron is an excellent tool to initiate the healing process and aids in healing wounds of the past. While Pluto helps to unearth and gain an understanding of the wounds, Chiron provide a bridge that takes us into a healthier future.

In the course, I just taught we discussed each of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels and their unique relationships to different types of emotional issues and trauma. We then explored treatment plans that identified two vessels and the planetary tools most appropriate to address what is presenting as the key issues. Student treatment plans were diverse, but many incorporated the Moons, Pluto, Chiron, Mercury and Venus, not to mention a bit of Saturn for new architecture and Jupiter for hope. In the second day of class we learned about Fibonacci and how these tools can be integrated into our treatments to unwind trauma in specific areas of the body, particularly powerful was their use in the sacrum. Additional treatment exploration incorporated the use of specific planetary frequencies on two vessels, which serve as an invitation to the vessel to unwind what no longer serves it, and then followed with the Fibonacci progression to remind the body that it has the potential to move forward into rich areas of our lives and work. The treatment breakouts in class were very powerful, students spoke of feeling lighter, a sense of being washed clean, a feeling of deep release.

For those of you who have studied with us here in New Mexico you know we love to get out in nature as a part of our classes. This class was no exception. On the first day of class we did a healing for the Earth alongside the River Nadder in Barford St. Martin. Incorporated into our healing ritual were many beautiful sound tools lovingly created by Joanie as well as Acutonics hand chimes. On the second day of class we journeyed out into the garden to find examples of Fibonacci in nature. We were so fortunate to have the weather cooperate for both of our outdoor excursions.

As 2019 winds down we wish you a renewed sense of hope, and the infinite capacity we all have to release what no longer serves us and to be of service to one another and to the planet we call home.

Upcoming Classes and Events

We have set our 2020 teaching schedule and if these classes are of interest to you, we encourage you to sign up soon, as with all classes taught here at the Mothership space will be limited. This is also a great opportunity to study with senior faculty member Katie Mink, LAc. Katie will be co-teaching Harmonic Pathology with Donna and is co-teaching Case Studies Clinical Documentaries with Ellen for our September 2020 classes. Please contact to register.

May 20th – 26th, 2019
Acutonics Level IV: Advanced Harmonic Applications and Acutonics Level IX: Sedna Superconductor.
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Sept. 23rd-24th, 2020
Acutonics Level V: Ethics in Clinical Practice

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In addition to the above classes, Ellen will be presenting a new program, Transform Eco-anxiety and Despair with Sound-Based Therapeutics for Emotional Health and Wellbeing, at the 22nd International Energy Psychology Conference, May 14th-17th, 2020 in Baltimore, MD at the Hyatt Regency Inner Harbor. Registration will open in January 2020. Stay tuned for more information about the conference.